Halo Infinite Nail Polish Overview

Microsoft has unveiled an unusual collaboration between Xbox and a thing that might not everyone can expect. What is that? Can you guess it and what makes it so unique and special? If you are curious about this unusual collaboration, continue reading as you will be given an overview.

The one that teams up with Xbox for this collaboration is a nail polish brand called OPI. Did you guess it right? If yes, then you must be a genius or a lucky one because it is kind of random and is a thing that is hard to be guessed correctly.

Halo Infinite Nail Polish Overview

Basically, these two work together to launch a new palette for Spring 2022 that is inspired by gaming. Their aim is to allow everyone to play and express their creativity through nail art. There are a total of 12 hues that will be included in the collection.  As expected by many, every available color has something to do with the topic that is related to Xbox. For those who are curious about the variations, these include:

    • Quest for Quartz (rose quartz): This one is described as a shimmery rose quartz that will put you in the winner circle.
    • Pixel Dust (shimmery mauve pink): This one is described as a shimmery mauve pink that will pixelate your world.
    • Racing for Pinks (crème rose): This one is described as a crème rose that will rev your engine.
    • Suzi is My Avatar (pink nude): This one is described as a creamy pink-nude that will give you virtual power.
    • Trading Paint (crème apricot): This one is described as a crème apricot you will race to the finish for.
    • Heart and Con-soul (crimson): This one is described as a shimmery crimson red that takes nails to the next level.
    • The Pass is Always Greener (pastel green): This one is described as a creamy pastel green to meet your matcha.
    • Sage Simulation (sage green): This one is described as a shimmery sage green simulation to get lost in.
    • You Had Me at Halo (shimmery blue and actually clever): This one is described as a shimmery galactic blue that will give you sparkly stats.
    • Can’t CTRL Me (robin egg blue): This one is described as a shimmery robin’s egg blue that cannot be CTRL’d.
    • Achievement Unlocked: This one is described as a lilac optimized to unlock a world of color.
    • N00berry: This one is described as a deep crème purple to berry boost your nails.

Each of the things mentioned above has a unique name. Some of them are lighthearted while some others are cringe. For your information, all the colors above are available in GelColor, Infinite Shine, and Nail Lacquer formulas. What makes this collection interesting is that the select shades such as Racing for Pinks, Suzi is My Avatar, Trading Paint, Can’t CTRL Me, and N00berry are also available to purchase.

According to the announcement, the full collection will be available at retail in the United States at ULTA Beauty when the partnership is announced. After that, it will be available globally starting next month (February). Once again, everything will be able to be purchased starting from February 1, 2022 at the additional retailers where OPI products are sold. If you have no idea what are these places, these include the official website of OPI at OPI.com, Amazon, CVS, Target, Beauty Brands, the official website of Beauty Brands at BeautyBrands.com, Chatters, Dillard’s, Hudson’s Bay, Regis, Sally Beauty, the official website of Sally Beauty SallyBeauty.com, Amazon Beauty via Amazon.com, and so on.

Purchasing these colors means you are qualified to get the codes that are able to be redeemed for an exclusive Ford GT livery in Horizon 5. Not only that, you will also be able to get an armor coating in the game known as Halo Infinite.

How much does the collection cost? According to some sources, the Nail Lacquers will cost $10.50. As for the Infinite Shine options, they will be available for $13. Both GelColor and Powder Perfection hues are considered as the exclusive ones to salons and the other professional beauty establishments.

The thing does not stop here. For those who are dreaming of having a controller that matches well with your nails, you and the other people have a chance to win a custom and limited Xbox Wireless Controllers that are inspired by the new hues. The new hues that we are talking about are the ones that are perfect for everything. They include Achievement Unlocked, Racing for Pinks, and Can’t CTRL Me. If you are interested in the offer and want to try your luck, you can follow the official Instagram and TikTok account of OPI to be able to find the details on how to win the event.

For detailed information about this collaboration, you are suggested to open the official announcement shared by Microsoft on the official website of Xbox. Here is the link that will take you to the announcement released by Microsoft tap here. Aside from that, it is also better for you to visit the official website of OPI at OPI.com. If you have any questions, it might be a good idea for you to reach them out through their social media accounts.

The collaboration between Xbox and OPI receives mixed reactions. Some people love it and are excited for the day to purchase them to come while some others are against the idea. A Twitter account @Higgy Bear posted a tweet on January 4th, 2022 saying that when it comes to buying nails, it is harder to become a nail polisher than in doing all the challenges for a weekly reward. Another user @PackHunter117 said that more money for Infinite was spent on brand deals and GMO than the game itself and marketing.

One of the things that is being talked about by everyone is the limit of one code per account. Not only that, the lack of the other armor colors is also an issue. It is impossible to get a color that matches your nails if you are not fond of purple.

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