What Happened to Locke in Halo Infinite

The popular game developed by 343 Industries known as Halo Infinite has been released across all platforms. By looking at the reactions from the players, it seems like they are satisfied with the new story and the new antagonist. The question is, what about the other characters from the previous titles of the same Halo series? Is there any clue about them?

One of the characters that everyone wants to know about is named Spartan Locke. Spartan Locke is the name of the main characters in a title that is hated by many, Halo 5: Guardians. Before revealing more about his current existence, it is better for you to know more about him.

What Happened to Locke in Halo Infinite

Apparently, Spartan Locke was born in the colony of Jericho VII. When he was still young, he witnessed the scene when his planet was bombarded by Covenant forces. After surviving from the death, he was sent to an orphanage where the other ones who also had lost their family due to ongoing Human Covenant war located. While most of his friends that have grown up with him since childhood wanted to join the UNSC, he was different and had no interest. At the time, he believed that the government also played a big part in making his family leave the world forever. Unlike his childhood friends who joined the UNSC, he decided to go out on his own and became an assassin for hire.

Not that long after deciding to become an assassin, Spartan Locke was set to become one of their top field operatives due his hard work. In the end, he was chosen for Spartan IV training. The following years, he was seen leading the Fireteam Osiris, the same team in the title named Halo 5, in a lot of hard and complicated military missions.

In the past (in Halo 5: Guardians), Spartan Locke was marketed as the Spartan that would go against the Master Chief and there was a chance of this character to be the main character of the series itself. Unfortunately, everything was only a dream as this character turned out to be a pretty boring guy that has no motivation.

Even though Spartan Locke is kind of no jam, there are still people who love him and who want to know his current whereabout in the new title called Halo Infinite, especially because it seems like a lot of other Spartan characters have been killed by Jega ‘Rdomnai and the Spartan Killers of The Hand of Atriox.

At the end of the previous Halo series, Halo 5: Guardians, Spartan Locke, along with Fireteam Osiris, have recovered Master Chief and said that he is not actually a traitor. The sad news is that they are already in a situation that is worse than before. A traitor named Cortana makes a comeback and she announces a war on the universe with her Al friends.

So, where is Spartan Locke now in Halo Infinite? In the game known as Halo Infinite, there is no Spartan Locke as a visible character with dialogues or cinematics. While the research should be done deeper, it is guaranteed that Spartan Locke has no place in the main history missions of the game.

Actually, there is a direct reference to Spartan Locke in a UNSC audio log. In this one, Dr. Halsey suggests Master Chief to send Spartan Locke in order to get rid of Cortana. However, the Master Chief refuses the suggestion.

That is the only thing related to Spartan Locke that can be found by fans up until now. However, there might be even more reference to this character in the future as more time passes since the launch and the players get to spend more hours on the game.

A team of Wepc saw very few signs of Spartan Locke in Halo Infinite. There is a chance of the leader of Fireteam Osiris to be alive. By making a small research, an information about a UNSC audio log where Dr. Halsey asks Master Chief if she should send Spartan Locke on the mission to delete Cortona instead can be found easily.

It is reported that the campaign of Halo 5: Guardians gives Spartan Locke and Fireteam Osiris a hard time in a bit of a predicament. In fact, Al across the galaxy have been taken over by Cortana and are without a rest hunting down the ship they are on called the Infinity. Every crew decided to save their life by fleeing using randomized slipspace jumps to erase Cortana off their scent.

After this case, the story about Spartan Locke is blurry and unclear. According to the novel entitled Halo: Bad Blood, a teammate of Orisis named Buck regroups with the Infinity after he becomes a leader of a mission with his original Alpha-Nine team. If you feel familiar with the name of the team, it is actually the same one from Halo 3: ODST. When he sees Spartan Locke in the bar of the ship, he is told that the missions he has passed with Osiris team are Classified and that is the only thing to go on right now.

In 2020, there may have been a leak about the fate of Spartan Locke in Halo Infinite. A Brute Chieftan was seen wearing the helmet of Spartan Locke in a promotional image for a Mega Bloks’ set as a shoulder pad. It could be just a little reference that a designer from a Mega Bloks wanted to include and it is also possible that the helmet has nothing to do with Spartan Locke at all as this item is actually similar to the ones owned by the other Spartans. However, if there is indeed a correlation and it is a sign that Spartan Locke comes to Halo Infinite, it will not be surprising. As Halo Infinite is still considered new as it was just released, the players have to dig more in the world of the game to find him.