Halo Infinite Cross Core Customization Mod

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The Explanation of Halo Infinite Cross Core Customization Mod  

Apparently, Halo Infinite modders have already determined cross-customization of armor cores is already possible, however it is still unavailable to the players right now. When starting up Halo Infinite’s multiplayer for the first time, lots of players looked towards the armor hall to view what customization choices were available. What they discovered was good news and bad news. It has an extensive amount of customization options, with most of them locked behind a battle pass.

Then, the bad news turned to worse because the players realized that mixing and matching armor from different armor cores was very impossible. This means that armor from the Mark VII armor core was not able to be mixed with armor from the Mark V core, really limiting creative customization.

Recently, Halo Infinite modders know that the game can easily support cross-customization of armor cores. Reddit user hantar7788 posted the screenshots of armor sets made with cross-customization of armor cores, saying that the modders unlocked the customization with minimal effort. It means that not only was the lack of cross-customization limiting, but also that there was no reason for the limiting in the first place.

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Other users in the thread claimed that there were some reasons for the limiting of Halo Infinite customization. Some users said that it may have to do with lore elements or immersion. Others users said that the different armor cores may be teasing a class system in the future, where each core will play differently. But, the most stated conclusion by the users was that the lack of cross-customization created it easier to monetize customization. Limiting armor so that it just works on a specific core, means that, if the players want full customization of each core, they need to purchase each piece for it. Because pieces vary between cores, purchasing one piece of armor nets players nothing for their other cores.

The irony of the limiting monetization is that 343 Industries could have probably earned more money and kept the players happier by fully unlocking Halo Infinite’s armor customization. If the players were able to mix and match armor wherever they wanted, they would purchase more pieces knowing those pieces could be utilized universally. With the system right now, nothing incentivizes players to purchase pieces across different armor sets, forcing the players to select their favorite set and ignore others, or spend a lot of money for unlocking everything.

With the modders confirming better customization choices are not only easy to unlock but also supported, only time will tell whether 343 decides to give the players the full customization they want.

So, Halo Infinite does not allow players to customize their spartans across different cores. For your information, Armor cores are the basic structure on which all customizations have to be set. There are some different cores in Halo Infinite, including famous ones like the Mark V [B] that come with their own set of customizable items. There has been no shortage of the customization items which have been available to the players of Halo Infinite with several becoming instant hits with the players, like the helmets with the cat ears. But, there is a big caveat to what seems like endless customization. Although some options are available to the players, cross core customization is not allowed in the game of Halo Infinite. It means that the players will not be able to fit the items meant for one armor core on another core. However, the modders may have discovered a way to do that if community speculation and rumors are to be believed.

Community asks Why Cross Customization is Not Allowed in Halo Infinite

Several days ago, a post was made in the community subreddit for Halo Infinite. It contained the images of Spartans which had cross customizations done on them. As per the Reddit poster, that images have been collected from a modder. Although not being an official release, but the work done on Halo Infinite armor cores looks very polished. While the modding has discovered some admirers, it has reopened a debate which has been getting a lot of attention from the Halo Infinite community.

While the work probably has been done by the modders, it surely points to the fact that cross customization is possible in the game of Halo Infinite. Lots of members of the community have been asking for this great feature as a standard out-of-the-box component as well. While one will be able to point out that 343 Industries has done it to keep the lore intact, the argument falls with the addition of items which are already outside the lore. With money that seems to be the end goal of locking cores, the community is split regarding this decision.

If the players of Halo Infinite are able to cross customize their spartans, the opportunities of them spending on the new customization items could take a hit. But, the work done by the modders has left a sour taste in the mouth of many users. Halo Infinite players have criticized 343 Industries on several occasions and the latest development would not have done any favors for the studio.

Multiplayer Customization of Halo Infinite

In this latest update, you are going to obtain your armour, consisting of the shoulders, helmet, visor, gloves, knee pads, and such attachments of the helmet. You are able to add such emblems of the armour. This Halo Infinite game has Destiny 2-style shaders or coatings. There will be lots of colours available in those customization settings. You will be able to select your preferred AI with different voices and slot them into the helmet, like the Master Chief in Cortana. Aside from that, you will be able to customize Sparta armour too.