About ADT Cellular Failure Red Triangle

ADT security will indicate any troubles when something wrong occurs on its system. One of the troubles that commonly occurs on its system is low battery trouble. When low battery trouble occurs on an ADT system, it will begin beeping or chirping as an indicator to recharge the system backup battery.

Sometimes, there will be a ‘Red Triangle’ sign that appears on the ADT’s system. However, a lot of users are still confused with its sign, as the ‘Red Triangle’ sign rarely occurs on their ADT system when the battery is low. If you are also wondering about it, let’s dive into our post below!

About ADT Cellular Failure Red Triangle

What Does Red Triangle on the ADT System Mean?

On ADT’s system, the Red Triangle sign rarely appears, but some users complain that there is a red triangle on their alarm system screen. They think that the battery is low and should be changed. Is it true that you should change the battery system when a ‘Red Triangle’ sign appears?

According to the service manual, the Red Triangle sign refers to the warning for the low battery. What you should do is to replace it and reprogram the unit. Both your peripheral devices and your system use messages and beeps to indicate a low battery status.

If your alarm system is running low battery, most of ADT’s systems will show notifications like Lowbatt or Bat. If your peripheral device is low, most of ADT’s systems will show a similar message with the particular zone with the low battery status indicated clearly.

Peripheral devices like door, smoke and motion detectors and window sensors either can function as wireless devices that run independently and on battery power only or can use AC power to function and also require a battery only when losing the power.

Finally, you will have to replace their batteries, regardless of whether your peripheral device uses AC power or battery power to operate. In this case, you will find the right battery for your peripheral device on ADT’s Battery Identification page.

How to Remove the Red Triangle Sign on ADT’s Alarm System?

In some cases, the Red Triangle sign refers to low battery trouble. Sometimes, its trouble will cause beeping alarms. However, you can silence the beeping alarms by pressing the ‘Off’ button or ‘#’ button on your keypad. But, if it is not working, you may need to perform some extra ways that refer to your security system manual for specific instructions.

If you need to silence low battery beeping, you may need to refer to the MyADT Help Center page on how to silence beeping.

Other Troubles on Your DSC ADT Alarm System

Aside from the red triangle sign, you will also find a yellow triangle sign on your ACS ADT alarm system. The yellow triangle refers to a trouble light. If you find a yellow triangle on your alarm screen, it means your system has an issue that you have to resolve.

A trouble light here can mean one of eight problems. If you find out what the problem is, you just simply hit ‘2 on your keypad’. Once you press it on your keypad, your zone lights will light up, meaning it communicates any trouble areas.

Moreover, you can also press ‘#’ to silence the trouble sound. The yellow triangle sign will refer to any troubles on your ADT’s system. Here are they:

    • AC Power Loss

When your alarm system loses its power, you will know it as the keypad will not make a beeping sound. Instead it will be lit up. It would be better for you to check the outlet where you plugged in your system.

    • Phone Connection

When there is something wrong on your telephone line, it will also cause the yellow triangle to appear on your screen.

    • Communication Fault

When a yellow triangle sign appears on your alarm system, it will indicate the central station and the panel are not communicating properly. To solve this issue, you may need to call and perform a test at 1-800-000-238-2727.

    • Zone is open

When a yellow triangle appears on your alarm system, there will be an issue with a zone. To see which zone is currently experiencing an issue, you may need to press 5 on the keypad.

    • Zone Tamper

When a yellow triangle appears on your alarm system screen, it may be caused by one of your zones that has been meddled with. To figure out which zones you should address, you may need to press 5 on your keypad.

    • Time and Date

When a yellow triangle appears on your alarm system screen, it may refer to your system clock messed up. To solve this issue, you may just need to update to the correct time and date.

To solve all problems above, you may have to call ADT Customer Service to resolve the issue 1-800-238-2727. As you can see, you may be able to fix those issues without any help. However, if you need ADT Customer Service, you can call them at 1-800-238-2727. If the Customer Support did not answer your question, or you need extra help, don’t hesitate to contact them at 1-800-871-2119.

How to Avoid Setting False Alarms on ADT’s System?

Sometimes, many people do not want to encounter trouble and avoid using their security system for their home, as they are afraid of setting it off accidentally. However, if you use your system regularly, it will be part of your daily routine that will help prevent any mistakes and avoid false alarms.

There are at least two smart ways to avoid your false alarm setting. Here are they:

    • Away: You have to always arm your security system when you leave your house to activate the interior zones such as your motion detectors.
    • Stay: You may need to arm your security system for stay if you have larger, active pets who can climb on the furniture. So, your motion detector will not pick up their activity and cause false alarms.

When you come home, you should enter your 4 digit code to disarm your alarm setting. Make sure to arm the system again, but you should set it in Stay mode now. It will provide an added layer of protection for you and your family while you are at home.

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