When Does Season 1 of Halo Infinite End

Halo Infinite multiplayer was released early and it came with Season 1. As it was released earlier than expected, you might be worried that there will be less time to get work on unlocking the contents of the battle pass. So, where does Season 1 of Halo Infinite end?

In the past, the developer of Halo Infinite called 343 Industries said that the seasons will last around three months. As the game was released on December 8, 2021, it means the Season 1 of the game would end around March. However, the first season is apparently going to be longer than it is supposed to. It will end in May 2022, the time when the Season 2 of the game will also start.

When Does Season 1 of Halo Infinite End

After realizing the multiplayer on November 15, 2021, the official Twitter account of Halo Infinite @Halo shared a total of two tweets. Here are these two tweets that they shared:

Season 1: Heroes of Reach officially begins today. All of your Battle Pass progression, Spartan customization, and shop purchases will carry over from the beta to the full release of #HaloInfinite.

Season 1 will last until May 2022. Along the way #HaloInfinite will have multiple in-game events with their own rewards and activities! The first is Fracture: Tenrai, featuring a limited time Event Pass, playlist, and Samurai-themed rewards starting next week.

When asked about the extension of the Season 1, the Head of Creative for Halo Infinite named Joseph Staten said that they made the decision to extend Season 1 to give themselves more time to ensure Season 2 meets their high quality bar and so they can finish development for Season 2 in a healthy and sustainable way for their team.

It is worth noting that the content meant to come with Season 1 of Halo Infinite will not be stretched out over a more extended period. For those who are wondering about the additional content, special events, and unlockable exclusives, they will be added instead. For instance, there is a free collection of the 20th anniversary themed cosmetics.

Since the Season 1 of Halo Infinite is set to end in May 2022, you still have plenty of time to unlock all the contents of the battle pass. If you are really behind and have not downloaded the Halo Infinite multiplayer yet, there is still a chance for you to do it. How do you download it?

Before anything, make sure that your device has around 26 GB of space so that it can install the game. After making sure about it, it is time for you to follow one of these following methods:

Method to download on Xbox:

For everyone with an Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X, you will be able to access the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta without having to get the Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, or pre-order the game since it is free to play. In order to download it, the first thing that you need to do is to hit the Y button on your controller from the Xbox dashboard. By doing so, the search bar will be shown. Upon seeing it, enter “Halo Infinite” and two options should be seen. Instead of clicking the Halo Infinite campaign option, please click Halo Infinite. It should be easy for you to differentiate it since the cover images are different. When you are on the store page, it is time for you to download the game.
Method to download via the Xbox PC app:

When you open the app called Xbox PC, you may see an advert for Halo Infinite multiplayer. If it is nowhere to be seen, enter Halo Infinite in the search bar and press Enter. There should be two options. The first one is Halo Infinite (campaign) and the second one is Halo Infinite. Please choose the latter and click the Get button. For those with the Xbox Game Pass for PC or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you are also able to press the install button on the right side of the screen.

Method to download via Xbox Cloud Gaming:

For the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, Halo Infinite multiplayer is also available to play on the likes of PC, Android and iOS devices. If you want to access it, first of all, you have to go to the app named Xbox Game Pass on your mobile device. Then, open it up. The next thing that you have to do is to tap on the cloud section. Find Halo Infinite in the Recently added or Jump back in section or search one using the search bar. If you use the search bar to find it, you should see two results, which are Halo Infinite (plays on Console and Cloud) and Halo Infinite (plays on PC). Remember that the one that you have to choose is the first one. After that, press the play button. By following the step, you should be able to download the Halo Infinite multiplayer on any platform that you choose.

For your information, Halo Infinite multiplayer supports cross play and cross progression, giving you a chance to play on all three platforms and making it possible for you to carry your save data wherever you go. Besides, you are also able to play with and against the gamers on Xbox and with or against those who are playing on the mobile devices.

Method to download on Steam:

Just like on the things above, there is no need for you to pre-order anything to be able to access the Halo Infinite multiplayer on Steam as it is free to play. To be able to access it, firstly, open Steam. When it opens, go to the Store tab. The game can be found in the featured or new and trending section so please check out these sections. In case you cannot find it, look for one using the search bar. When the Halo Infinite shows up, click it and you will be taken to the store page. On that page, click the Play Game button next to the Free to Play box.

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