What Does Master Chief Look Like Without His Helmet (Under the Mask) in Halo Infinite

Halo fans are wondering what Master Chief looks like when he removes his helmet. In fact, most players know what Master Chief looks like when wearing armor, but they cannot see his real face without a helmet, plus there have been no leaks about what Master Chief really looks like.

No worries! We have taken a little research to identify the real face of Master Chief based on a number of sources both videos and blogs. So, let’s identify what Master Chief looks like without a helmet in our post below!

What Does Master Chief Look Like Without His Helmet (Under the Mask) in Halo Infinite

Identifying the Real Face of Master Chief

The developer of Halo, Bungie, frequently stated that it was intentional to help the fans to identify with Master Chief better. The lead writer Frank O’Connor stated that revealing Master Chief’s face is not as important as revealing the outcome of the events of the universe around him.

However, it seems to stop the Halo developer from teasing the fans with a near glimpse. If you have played the original Halo: Combat Evolved, you might have noticed that Master Chief removed his helmet at the end of the game.

However, the camera slowly drifts away as Chief takes off his helmet. So, the players will not be able to see the real face of Master Chief closely.  As a result, the players cannot see anything when Chief removes his helmet, he was fully suited up by the time of his awards ceremony on Earth in the sequel. Sgt. Johnson even ribs the main hero about it.

Basically, the real face of Master Chief has been leaked on the 2003 sci-fi novel from William C. Dietz called Halo: The Flood. The Novel told us that Master Chief was predicted around seven feet tall with her pale skin and short brown hair.

Then, you may wonder whether the developer of Halo will reveal the real face of Master Chief or not. Well, what we should do is to wait in cryosleep to get the best answers for it. In this case, we emphasize that knowing his real face is not important, as you may be disappointed when you get the fact that his real face is not what you expect.

How to See the Real Face of Master Chief?

For anyone who wants to see the real face of Master Chief, they will need to play through Halo 4 on Legendary difficulty. However, beating the game on the highest difficulty will lead to a bonus cutscene which hints at what could occur in the future games.

At the end of the Halo 4 clip, Master Chief comes back to the UNSC ranks once some games’ worthy of galaxy hopping. In the clip, you will see that Master Chief straps into a machine and removes his armor piece by piece. However, the camera once again cuts away as he is removing his helmet.

Certainly, this clip is the same except for the very end showing a close-up of Master Chief’s eyes and upper nose. Some sources inform that Master Chief’s eyes are colorless and sunken with a deep scar on the right side of his face.

Additionally, those who are willing to go beyond the game will be able to locate numerous descriptions and images of Master Chief before he was conscripted into the Spartan program.

It is known that Master Chief was raised in the colony world of Eridanus II. In some descriptions, Master Chief’s hair is brown and he has freckles as he still is at a young age. According to some sources, he was also taller than his classmates when he was 6 years old, making him stand out to Dr. Catherine Halsey when she chose youths to be trained as soldiers.

When he was in the spartan process, he dramatically changed his physical appearance. So a lot of descriptors from his early days do not fit with the man who took on the Covenant in the Halo series.

In fact, at the end of Halo 4, the clip didn’t actually show Master Chief’s face without a helmet. A lot of fans guess that revealing the real face of Master Chief will require a very dramatic moment to upend five games of tradition, even his exit from the franchise.

But, Halo fans have shown that they are not willing to accept Master Chief  without his helmet. The point is, Master Chief with a helmet will be more favored by the players than without a helmet, right?

What Is the Appearance of the Master Chief?

What Is the Appearance of the Master Chief

Of course, if you have played Halo since its release, you may already know well what Master Chief looks like with his armor. Therefore, it will not be hard to find what Master Chief looks like, as there are a lot of sources that share the appearance of Master Chief.

In the game of Halo, the appearance of spartan is such an primary point. So, that’s totally wrong when you decide to identify the appearance of the Master Chief. As you can see in the game, Master Chief is a very tall spartan predicted to have six feet and seven inches height.

You can see his height when walking past Spartan Sarah Palmer. Sure, you can see that Master Chief is so tall in comparison to her. Aside from Master Chief’s height, you may also be surprised that he weighs 1000 pounds while he wears armor.

Another interesting fact about him is that he has brown hair, but Spartans are not allowed to grow out their hair. Some sources also leak that he has pale skin, because he always wears his Mjolnir armor. From his head, you can also guess that his body is as pale as his head.

Talking about his eyes, it was revealed that his eyes are bright blue which gaze out from beneath his Mjolnir helmet. It is also known that his age was over 40 years old, but you can see that he is still young, which makes the players guess that he is still at the age of 20.

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