Shade Turret Halo Infinite

At this time, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is available for everyone to enjoy for free. It is an excellent method to get your Halo fix before the full game releases on December 8th. The players are able to jump into the multiplayer for the classic Halo experience and fight opponents in iconic modes like Oddball and Slayer.

Also, the players are able to purchase the battle pass and grind their way through 100 levels to obtain exclusive premium content. However, the only way to level up your battle pass is by completing specific challenges. One of the harder weekly challenges in Halo Infinite is the “Throwing Shade” challenge which requires the players to kill enemy Spartans with a Shade Turret in PvP.

About Shade Turret Halo Infinite

This section is Shade Turret Halo Infinite guide and details everything you need to know about the Shade Turret. This Shade Turret is one of vehicles that can be piloted in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Shade Turret Halo Infinite

The Shade Turret is a stationary turret which trades immobility for a powerful plasma cannon. It has no cooldown.

    • Carrying Capacity: 1 pilot
    • Durability: Moderate
    • Color Schemes: Purple (Standard variant) and Red-brown (Sword variant)
    • Firing Modes: Twin Plasma Cannon. This is the only firing mode of Shade Turret, which gives high damage to vehicles and opponent players.
    • Special Abilities: Energy Shielding. The Shade Turret is resistant to small arms fire because of energy shielding which appears when the vehicle is in-use.

This model of Shade Turret was used by the Swords of Sanghelios and Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant during the Battle of Nusra, Battle of Kamchatka, and the Battle of Sunaion in 2558. Shade Turret was featured in Halo 5: Guardians.

Shade Turret Variation

Here are Shade Turret variations:

    • Sword Shade Turret
      Sword Shade Turret
      The first variant of Shade Turret is Sword Shade Turret. This Sword Shade Turret is used by the Swords of Sanghelios.
    • Anti-Air Shade Turret
      Anti-Air Shade Turret
      The second variant of the Shade Turret is Anti-Air Shade Turret. This Anti-Air Shade Turret is a variant of the Shade modified for use as an anti-air emplacement. It has an ability to fire explosive plasma bolts.

Where to Find a Shade Turret?

Currently, Shade Turret is only available on one map: Deadlock. This map features two Shade Turrets near spawn points. The players are able to identify the Shade Turrets by their reddish exterior and elevated positions.

The players have to use one of these Shade Turrets to kill an opponent in an online game to complete the challenge. As a player, you have to wait for Deadlock to appear when you queue for a match and sit in the Shade Turret until an opponent crosses your path. The good news is that the Shade Turrets will be able to give significant damage. Thus, killing an opponent should not be too difficult.

We think that patience is a key for this challenge. Eventually, Deadlock will appear, and you are going to have an opportunity to kill an opponent Spartan with a Shade Turret. Please consider to eliminate a few opponents before entering the shade turret to avoid being a sitting duck.

Using Shade Turret To Kill Enemy In Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta offers the players many daily and weekly challenges to complete. Completing those challenges are going to give you rewards including level up the Battle Pass. Among those weekly challenges, one of the most interesting and challenging is the one where the players have to use Shade Turret to kill an opponent. Well, now we are going to explain how to use the Shade Turret to kill enemies in Halo Infinite.

You have to know that the Shade Turret is a red turret with some orange shields to protect you. As we explained in the previous paragraph, you are only able to find a Shade Turret on the Deadlock Map. Shade Turret is effective to take down an opponent. It will throw Plasma fire towards the opponent.

To get the Shade Turret, you have to make a hole in one of the turrets you discover. For this case, you are able to make a hole in your base or in the base of your opponent. Please wait inside it to take down an opponent. The plasma fire is effective to damage the shield of your opponent. Now, you are able to try to kill some opponents, before you come out of the turret. If you are forced to hop out of the turret, then you are also able to try killing some of them before you come out.

That is all you need to know about how to use the Shade Turret to kill opponents in Halo Infinite multiplayer mode. If you want to know other vehicles in Halo Infinite multiplayer, just read the following text.

Other Vehicles in Halo Infinite

In addition, here we will also share other vehicles in Halo Infinite.

Here are some other vehicles in Halo Infinite:

    • Rockethog
      Rockethog makes its return in Halo Infinite. With a little precision, then you are able to bring down the opponents very quickly.
    • Scorpion
      Scorpion is the iconic Halo tank. It has some dozen tons of armor and a heavy cannon. Thus, it is capable of surviving rocket hits and changing anything lighter than another tank into melted slag. For clear reasons, usually it is only available in Big Team Battle modes on larger maps.
    • Warthog
      Probably, Warthog is the most iconic vehicle in all of the Halo franchise. This is a lightly armored vehicle with a machine gun and passenger seat. It is very good for scouting, stealing a flag from the opponent, taking on infantry, or mowing down the Grunts. It does not excel at any particular task, however it is solid enough at everything, making it a good option for practically anything.
    • Mongoose
      Another staple of the Halo franchise, the Mongoose vehicle makes its return in Halo Infinite. It is as squishy as, but it is going to get you places quickly.

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