Halo Infinite Commando Rifle: Get Kill Faster

The Commando Rifle from the game called Halo Infinite is known as one of the better UNSC theme firearms compared to all the new weapons. After the release of the multiplayer mode of the game a few days ago, a lot of people have put some interest in this game. Unfortunately, not everything is clear due to the amount of the new things to try in the game. Some players are confused with the way the challenges have been implemented and some of them have reported the issues as several things do not work as intended. Not only that, the amount of new weapons can also cause a hard time.

The good news is that you are here. If you are not familiar with Halo Infinite Commando Rifle, this post has information about the weapon featured for you, including about how to complete its challenge. Do not stop and keep reading until the end.

Halo Infinite Commando Rifle-Get Kill Faster

The weapon called Commando Rifle is still considered new in Halo Infinite. VK47 Commando is its in-universe name. This weapon is apparently designed by the UNSC in the fight against the new threat of the Banished. When it comes to the usage, it is the mix of the standard Assault Rifle and the Battle Rifle. While this one is still in the right hands, it is fully automatic and has a slower rate of fire and has higher recoil compared to the Assault Rifle. The weapon only has a total of 20 rounds and it is sure that the player like you wants to make shots count.

Due to the fact that the Commando Rifle fits between the UNSC rifles that already exist, it is better as a medium range weapon, mostly due to its three times tactical scope and fire rate. The power of the Battle Rifle has the ability to make the weapon turn into dwarf at a longer range. If it is up close, it can be worse compared to the Assault Rifle. However, it does not mean that it is useless at close range because if you are able to tame its strong recoil, you will be able to do a lot of damage really fast. Not only that, it also means that it is useful at long range. The only thing that you have to do is to hope that the opponent does not own a sniper or Battle Rifle.

The Commando Rifle seems to be available on most (if not all) maps in the game. It is usually up in the vertical areas with the medium range overlooks. For instance, it is placed on Recharge in two of the areas that are exposed.  The areas should overlook the B spot on the Strongholds mode. It is why it is the perfect option in case you want to change your pistol with. With it, you will be able to get the versatility of dealing with the close, mid, or long ranges.

How do you get a kill? The Commando Rifle is the name of the weapon that requires you to kill an opponent if you want to complete a challenge. It is among the easier due to the fact that it is a pretty straightforward one and some shots that are well placed will knock down the opponent. Aside from that, the weapon is also known as one of the weapons that can be accessed easily in the game due to its prevalence on many maps, where it usually has two spawn points or more.

Commando Rifle or VK47 Commando is not the only weapon in Halo Infinite. In addition to that, there are some other more, including:

    • M41 SPNKR: This one is the rocket launcher and the most classic weapon in the game.
    • Skewer: This one has the ability to take out the vehicle owned by the opponent with a well placed shot.
    • S7 Sniper Rifle: This one is a traditional USMC sniper that is loved by many.
    • BR75 Battle Rifle: This one is the newest version of the Halo Battle Rifle with the ability to kill in four bursts if you manage to hit each shot on the first three bursts and then land a headshot on the last one.
    • Energy Sword: This one is the most iconic weapon in the Halo series.
    • Heatwave: This one is an energy weapon with two firing modes.
    • Gravity Hammer: This one is able to smash people and vehicles.
    • Shock Rifle: This one is a slow methodical kind of burst sniper rifle.
    • VK78 Commando: This one is an automatic gun with a 2x optic.
    • CQS48 Bulldog: This one is a combat shotgun.
    • Hydra: This one is a missile launcher with the ability to fire tiny explosive projectiles in a straight line.
    • Needler: This one is not that strong as in the previous titles.
    • MA40 AR: This one is a traditional Halo assault rifle.
    • Cinder Shot: This one is an explosive ordinance weapon with  the ability to fire small explosive projectiles.
    • Pulse Carbine: This one is a covenant one that first bursts of energy ammunition at the opponents.
    • Sentinel Beam: This one is a Forerunner constant fire beam that has been around in the series for a long time.
    • MK50 Sidekick Pistol: This one is the classic halo version of Halo Infinite.
    • Ravager: This one is a burst one and it only fires deadly plasma that is able to kill opponents in only some well placed shots.
    • Disruptor: This one is a handgun with the ability to damage both opponents and vehicles.
    • Stalker Rifle: This one is a medium to long range weapon that will be given as a reward for your accuracy with kills.
    • Mangler: This one is a revolver with the ability to fire 8 rounds before needing to reload.
    • Plasma Pistol: This one is able to be used to disable vehicles and take out the shields of the opponent.

That’s all the weapons in Halo Infinite so far. The list might be longer as the full version of the game is yet to be released.