This is Why the iPhone is So Popular in the World Although So Expensive (Overpriced)

Smartphones become something important now. It is not only for communicating with other people, but it also can be used for working, taking pictures, listening to music, reading books and many other uses. However, you may be aware that among other smartphones, the iPhone is one of the popular one. Why is the iPhone so popular even though it is very expensive? Let’s see the answer here.

The Unique Design

As you are able to see that the design of the iPhone is different from other smartphones. In the front section of the iPhone, there is a single physical button which displays the main menu of the device. Then, the rest section is a large touch screen which permits you to be able to access all of the functions in the iPhone.

The Unique Design iphone

This stunning design has become one of the reasons why this brand is successful. Even it leads other manufacturers to design  phones with the same interfaces. Even in 2011, Apple made a lawsuit against Samsung for allegedly copying the design of the iPhone with its Galaxy S 4G phone.

The Multimedia Features Which Offered by iPhone

The Multimedia Features Which Offered by iPhone

The iPhone has features which can satisfy the users. By using iTunes, you are allowed to synchronize audio and video content from your computer with the device so that you are able to enjoy media on the go. iPod is the most popular portable media player in the world and there are a lot of people who are comfortable with the interface of iPod who also already use iTunes to manage their media libraries. So, for people who have an iPod, they may not think twice to buy an iPhone when they need a new mobile phone since they are satisfied with the iPod that they have.

The Power Used in iPhone

iPhone 4 uses a dual-core A4 processor which runs at up to 1 GHz. It has integrated 3-D graphics acceleration capabilities. Also, the iPhone 4 has 512 MB of RAM. The iPhone has better power than portable gaming systems such as the Sony PSP which has a 333 MHz processor. So, because of this reason, some people may prefer to buy an iPhone than PSP or Nintendo DS.

The App Store

In the iTunes App Store, Apple offers more than 350,000 applications for the iPhone. The applications have the capabilities which are far beyond what you may expect from a mobile phone. The apps include games, chatting apps, documents viewer apps and many more. Actually, smartphones running operating systems such as Windows Mobile had the ability to install and run programs before the release of the iPhone. However, installing programs required technical knowledge and was often hard for new users to do. And, iPhone is present as the first phone which can integrate the software with the device in a way that a user could understand.

The Marketing of the Company

Of course, the main reason why people buy iPhone is because of the quality of the device as we explained above. However, another factor which makes this brand popular is also the company’s marketing. As you are able to see that ads of Apple always show people who are cool, trendy, and laid-back. Besides, it also shows how easy everything is with the products that they offer. So, you also want this kind of good thing, don’t you?

In addition, the company also gives free products to TV and movie production companies to use during shoots and it makes them more represented on screen than they are in real life. For educational purposes, even Apple offers discounts so that Universities, the staff and the students can use them.

Being Used by A Lot Of Public Figure

We can say that it is a cool factor. There are a lot of public figures such as celebrities, actors, athletes, musicians, Youtubers, politicians who use iPhone. Even often, we see they are holding their iPhone when the paparazzi takes their photos. So, other people including their fans know the smartphone which is used by their idols. In this case, the fans may want to have the same smartphones as their idols so they will go to buy it. Even though it is expensive, however it is still affordable. They can save their money everyday just for buying an iPhone so that they can have the same thing as their idols.

Having Awesome Camera

iphone Having Awesome Camera

For the social media world, the iPhone is a visual media powerhouse. The pictures and videos which are generated by the iPhone are superior on Instagram and Snapchat. In this social media era, no wonder why people compete for having pretty photos and videos on their feeds. They want to show others that the things that they capture are beautiful or interesting and they want to show it by using an awesome camera. And the iPhone has the thing that they need.

The Integration of iPhone with the Apple Ecosystem

We are able to say that it is one of the best features of the iPhone. It can integrate with the Apple ecosystems. The tightly controlled ecosystem also permits you to get better software optimization and ease of use. If you rely on Apple’s products for personal use, you may be able to enjoy a relatively hassle-free experience when it comes to cooperation between the devices.

As quoted from Phone Arena site, the restrictiveness of Apple’s environment spreads beyond the user. Programs like Apple’s iMessage are able to make separation between iPhone users and their peers that use Android. It is not rare that people still use an iPhone to remain on team ‘blue text bubble’ and avoid being left out of the group’s online communication.

With every Apple product that is bought by users, they will get more entrenched into the Apple ecosystem. Even if another brand offers a better product, the users of Apple are less likely to change their device since if they do that, they will lose the integration with their other products. So, they will keep using the iPhone.