How to Use Siri on iPhone 12 Without “Hey Siri”

Siri is definitely one of the most favorite features offered by Apple. Before using one of the features that were released in Siri in iOS 14, you will have to make sure that Siri is enabled on your iPhone 12. First of all, you will need to open Settings and then choose Siri & Search.

There are three options to activate Siri on iPhone 12 models. The first one is long pressing the right side button, the second one is with a voice command such as “Hey Siri”, and the last one is by using a Bluetooth headset such as AirPods.

If you do not feel like you want to say some command such as “Hey Siri”, fortunately, . iPhone 12 is included as the requirements to talk to Siri without having to use the Hey Siri command, apart from Apple Watch Series 3 or later, watchOS 5 or higher, and Internet connectivity. The first and the third options can be your choices if you want to do it without saying “Hey Siri”. Actually, these two methods are not totally without saying “Hey Siri”.

Activating Siri on iPhone by pressing the side button

Activating Siri on iPhone by pressing the side button

For those who have no idea, apparently, the side button is able to be found on the right hand edge of your iPhone.

  1. The first thing that you will have to do is to press and hold the side button on your iPhone in order to open Siri.
  2. Doing so will make you hear two quick beeps or vibrations indicating that Siri has woken up and is ready to hear your command.
  3. Once you have opened Siri, feel free to ask a question or ask Siri to do something such as sending an email or sending a text. Siri will automatically know when you have stopped speaking, but there is also an option to press the microphone icon if you want to notify that you have done your question or request.
  4. If it is really needed for you to speak longer, you can just hold the button until you have done talking and then Siri will stop listening. Before doing so, keep in mind that this one is available on the iPhone X or later.

Activating Siri on iPhone by using AirPods

If there is an AirPods to use, you will have to double tap the outside of either one to talk to Siri. If you have the second generation of AirPods, you are also able to say “Hey Siri”. If you use a headset with a remote or another kind of Bluetooth device, you can hold down the center button or call button until you are able to hear a chime. Upon hearing it, then feel free to talk to Siri.

Activating Siri on iPhone by using AirPods

Using Siri on iPhone 12

Once you have enabled Siri on your iPhone 12, in order to access it, all that should be done is long press the button on the right side of the phone, beside saying “Hey Siri”.

Apparently, the voice assistance no longer takes over your full screen with the Siri update in iOS 14. Instead of seeing the full screen, you will be able to see a colorful icon that is located at the bottom of the screen. With this kind of icon, you will know that Siri is listening to your question or request. When Siri is responding, all the responses will show up as widgets and banners on a portion of your phone screen. If you think that it would look too packed by just imagining it, do not worry as it will not take over the whole display.

Apple has a ton of tools that you can add to your iPhone or some other products of Apple. You are able to use a case, a pair of headphones, or even a flash drive. As of now, everyone would agree that the best help that you can get on your device is Siri.

Siri is like an assistant that uses voice queries and a natural language user interface to answer questions, give recommendations, and take actions by delegating requests to a set of internet services. This one is really good and helpful that can make your life easier and way much easier and more comfortable. It is one of the tools that is worth keeping on your Apple device.

Improvement to Siri in iOS 14

The iOS 14 update to Siri (the name of the version that is installed on iPhone 12 at the time of writing this article) came with a few updates to the voice assistance, including to its appearance and abilities. Besides the appearance changes, they were also added or improved some things, such as:

  • ETA sharing: Siri will send your ETA if you meet someone with an iPhone and you want to give them an ETA.
  • Smart suggestions: One of the most interesting improvements is the widget for Shortcut Suggestions. You can use this one when you get in the car. Basically, when you are in the car, you will be suggested to open maps or order something from a café.
  • Better answer: As the time passes, Siri has learnt a lot. As stated by Apple, Siri has 20 times more facts compared to it did a few years ago. They also improve its ability to use the web to give answers.
  • Better translation: Right now, you can enjoy 65 language pairs and there is no need for you to connect to the internet to get the translation. The translations are also better than in the past.
  • Voice messaging: Siri has the ability to record and send audio messages for you using iMessages or MMS text messages.
  • Cycling directions with maps: If you get lost somewhere when cycling, Siri is your best helper. If it does not understand or know the place, you will be directed to Apple Maps.
  • Automated reminders from mail: If you love to make reminders from email, this one’s for you.

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