How to Get Creative with Add Custom Icons on Your iPhone Home Screen iOS 14

For 13 years, iOS has had several round and square app icons on the home screen, but last week, with a mobile OS update, Apple removed the page from Android and allowed apps in different shapes and sizes wherever they wanted. People are interested in personalizing their apps and widgets. Follow the #OS14homescreen hashtag on Twitter.

For example, one user used MS Paint to create amateur-shaped badges for fun. The secret application is a shortcut. Read on to learn how to update your iOS home screen. IPhone users love the ability to create their own icons in iOS 14. How to personalize your smartphone’s home screen and connect it to the much-anticipated widget.

I’m trying to recover an annoying standard home screen on my iPhone (Apple $ 599). Or you are planning to switch to Apple’s new iPhone 12. Here’s a list of how you can get the best deals from Apple’s new range and how to get your current phone ready first.

The setting is not Apple’s, but with the new iOS 14.3 update you can use a compatible interface for the whole theme from character size to color. Creating the aesthetics of the iPhone home screen is still a popular trend, but it takes a few steps, including two apps.

Finally iOS 14 make you creative better on the iPhone’s home screen.

Update your iPhone to iOS 14

Apple is finally releasing software updates for iOS 14 and iPadS14 so that iPhone and iPad users can personalize their home screens to add their own widgets and change the look of their app icons. You can see examples of user home screens on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and other social networks.

Search for “#OS14homescreen” to see what you can do now. But there are a few caveats that you need to know.

For example, the process of setting up a home screen is quick and hassle-free. Perhaps Apple has released a personalization option or a special app designed to achieve the aesthetics of your dreams on the home screen. But no. To implement the solution you need to rely on third party programs and use Siri Siri shortcuts. Are you ashamed Don’t worry, we’ll take the next step.

Custom Icons for Your iPhone

Open the Shortcuts app on the new iPhone and tap the plus sign (+) in the top right corner of the screen and select Add short activity.

Tap the script icon if you want to shoot an app, it will not open the app only actions created by the person who created the app, such as creating a tweet. Open App and then select the three-dot menu icon, it’s at the top right to show the details. On the Home screen, select Add, click on the small icon next to the new conversion name (the new conversion) is the default name it, tap the X circle to rename it.

Here’s the end of the tip, edit menu of thumbnail icons allows you to select a “Camera Roll” image from a document or take a photo using the iPhone’s camera to change the icon. Click Add to Home Screen, and then click the icon next to Contacts in the Home screen name and bookmarks section. In the window that appears, select File, Photo, or Take Photo. You can crop to change the look of the image but luckily the image does not have to be square or of a certain size.

Tap Add, Done. In the screenshot, you will see the new icon, the last two tabs for Acrobat and AccuWeather on the home page. (I used Paint 3D in Windows 10 for the Acrobat tab).

It’s full of a fun activity personality, but there’s downsides to using shortcuts with icons. Unlike native programs, it does not go directly to the application. Instead, the task first opens a shortcut and provides a link to the application you want.

You will also lose menu items with a long press provided by the official icons. For example, you can tap and hold the WhatsApp icon to start a conversation or take a picture. The only alternative to the specified icon is to delete this tab (it’s not in the menu application, it’s called a bookmark) or change the home page.

iOS 14’s widgets

Custom icons are an interesting practice, but I’m more interested in home screen widgets. IOS provides widgets that can be accessed from left to right on the home page but can only have icons on the home page. Changed to iOS 14. You can now place a very large clock, weather, map or stock price widget on the home page.

It’s easy to add a widget to your homepage. Press and hold the home page, then click the plus (+) button in the top left corner. Select the widget you want. You can then swipe right to navigate between the size and design options provided by the app developer.

Tap the big blue bar to add a widget at the bottom of the screen to select. You may need to activate the personal information required for your application widget. This! Enjoy the new widget.

Most of the options are Apple services, but software developers may improve in the future. Google has updated widgets in new ways like DuckDuckGo and Night Sky.

But a good way to do this is to slide the page into the old part of third party widgets where the next step is to keep the page in the same position. For iOS 14, only widget pages are scrolled, but these widgets are in the form of newly designed notification corners. Until the third party does not repeat any developer’s application, at least in the first person.

Personalize note

You can personalize only existing weather (premium), calendar, world time, reminders, health, astronomy, high and low level (premium) and photos.

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