The Most Powerful Thanos Items in Minecraft (Insane Craft)

Are you here because you are curious which one among the Thanos items is the most powerful in Minecraft (Insane Craft)? Find out the answer to the question by reading the whole post. Remember to not ever skip even one thing.

For anyone who is looking for the question of the most powerful Thanos items in Minecraft (Insane Craft), you can watch a video on Youtube with a similar title. Instead of The Most Powerful Thanos items in Minecraft (Insane Craft), the title of the video is The Most Powerful Thanos in Minecraft (Insane Craft). If you fail to find the difference, the second one has no “items”.

The Most Powerful Thanos Items in Minecraft (Insane Craft)

The video entitled The Most Powerful Thanos in Minecraft (Insane Craft) was uploaded on Youtube by the popular Youtuber called Ssundee on May 20, 2021. Since it was shared about five months ago, it has gathered 5,882,690 views and 340k likes.

In the description, Ssundee states that they get all the Infinity Stones in the modded Minecraft Insane Craft. The name is actually Insane Craft Modpack and the reason behind it is because InsaneCraft and Insane Craft are already taken.For those who are not familiar with Insane Craft, it is the name as the insane mudpack that is made by Spark Universe. Spark Universe refers to a team with Ssundee in it. Apart from Ssundee, the other members of the team include Sigils, Henwy, BiffleWiffle, and JeromeASF. These guys are not only the creators but also the ones who play it. They usually play together and share videos of them playing on Youtube.

Furthermore, Insane Craft has a lot of insane things. It consists of a total of 250 mods. There are some classic and new mods. Some of these mods include Lucky Blocks, Animated Player Mod, AnimationAPI, Armourers Workshop, BackTools, BeeBarker, CodeChickenCore, CreativeCore, CustomMainMenu, Damage Indicators, Dark Core, Decocraft, Exotic Birds, Flans Mod, Hats, Hat Stand, IChunUtil, InventoryPets, Item Physics, Legends Core, Lucky Block ADDON – Block Night-2, M-Ore, MalisisCore, MalisisDoors, Mc Helicopters Mod, Mobius Core, Morph, Nei Addons- EX Nihilo, Not Enough Items, Origin, Pandora’s Box, PortalGun, RailCraft, Rei’s Minimap, Recourse Loader, Rival Rebels, Security Craft, Superheroes Mod Unlimited, Tardis Mod, The SecretRoomsMod, Transformers Mod, Weeping Angels, Youtuber Structers and Youtubers+. There is a free Magic Gauntlet cosmetic but not all the players are able to get it as the time is limited. The ultimate goal of this is to get the Infinity Stones and become Thanos.

At the beginning of the video, Ssundee explains about the Infinity Gauntlet. As you probably know, Infinity Gauntlet has a total of six stones. These stones are known as Infinity Gems. These Infinity Gems include the Soul Stone (the orange one), the Power Stone (the purple one), the Mind Stone (the yellow one), the Reality Stone (the red one), the Space Stone (the blue one), and the Time Stone (the green one).

In order to find these stones, Ssundee was told by one of the server admins named Frostdaye or just Frost that he has to talk to him first to get all these stones. Ssundee does it immediately. Frost is described by Ssundee as a terrifying one. Upon the second of meeting him, Ssundee states his wish straight away, which is wanting to get the stones. Frost then gives him a book that will guide Ssundee to find each of these stones. The page 1 of 6 is about Reality Stone. According to the book, the Reality stone is contained as the Aether within the Nether dimension. Ssundee has to bring back the Aether and it will turn it back to it’s infinity stone form. The page 2 of 6 is about the Space Stone. In the description, it is said that the Norse keep an artefact known as the “Tesseract” within their churches. Ssundee has to bring it to it and it will extract the Space Stone from it. The page 3 of 6 is about Soul Stone. The Soul Stone demands a sacrifice of those close to Ssundee. He has to stay with 3 of his friends and bring back their heads. The page 4 of 6 is about the Power Stone. The Power Stone is the essence of pure power in this world. Ssundee has to bring 5 million FE back to charge the Power Stone back to full strength. The page 5 of 6 is about the Mind Stone. The Mind Stone only chooses a host of immense thinking power. So Ssundee has to fix a math problem. The problem is that he has to guess the answer is -2(1×4-2:2)+(6+2-3). The page 6 of 6 is about the Time Stone. The Time Stone can only be found when all the other stones have been gathered to return it to the current timeline.

Apart from the book, Ssundee is also handed some other stuff by Frost to help him on his journey just in case. Some of these items include Supreme Sharpness V, Emerald Sword, and so on. After meeting Frost, he then starts his journey to find each of these six stones. He starts his hunting time by looking for the Soul Stone. Then, what else?

If you are curious about the journey of Ssundee on finding these Infinity Gems and also want to find out the most powerful Thanos items in Minecraft (Insane Craft), it is better for you to watch the video by yourself. The guide to find and watch the video has been explained above. Enjoy your time seeing the journey of Ssundee.

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