Hiding Infinity Stones to Stop Thanos in Insane Craft

When you are playing Thanos, you may want to hide the Infinity Stones to stop him finding all stones. Unfortunately, it may get a bit hard to hide all Infinity Stones from Thanos, as it’s such a complicated way. Is it possible for you to hide all Infinity Stones to stop Thanos?

No worries! You will be able to hide all Infinity Stones to stop Thanos by using the Insane Craft mod. Through this Minecraft mod, you can hide the Infinity Stones in a secret place that anyone cannot find. So, how to hide all Infinity Stones to stop Thanos in Insane Craft mod? Let’s see our post below!

Hiding Infinity Stones to Stop Thanos in Insane Craft

Here’s How to Hide Infinity Stones in Insane Craft!

You should know our article title that says ‘Hiding Infinity Stones to Stop Thanos in Insane Craft’ refers to a YouTube video that was uploaded by Jeromy Channel. It means that the  way of hiding all Infinity Stones to stop Thanos is based on the video.

In the video, it shows Jeromy as one of the Insane Craft mod developers. As a developer, he actually gives a tutorial of how to hide the Infinity Stones away from Thanos. This video has been watched more than 316K times with 11K likes.

According to the JeromyASF’s video, to hide the Infinity Stone, you will be required to set up a full security base with a system in different dimension. Then, if anyone tries to enter the base, you may also need to set off the nukes and blow them up.

To hide the Infinity Stones to stop Thanos, all you have to do is to go to the moon base and take the news that you have to pick up the new kind of members. By doing this, the portal is still here and you can then hop through.

You may also have to understand your coordinates. In this case, the best coordinate to open the moon portal is 100. Well, you can try to use the 100 coordinate to jump into the moon through the portal.

You can watch in the video that the coordinate of 100 is working to jump into the moon. You will then be right on top of the nuclear base. On the moon, you will find a number of nuclear bases.

You may need to make a hole by grabbing the nukes. You also see the pickaxe is flowing through the air, and the pickaxe is also floating through the edge room. You need to follow it and you will find the nukes. After you find the nukes, you can start to deconstruct. In case of creating a hole, you may need to blow up the whole thing.

Unfortunately, we can only share part of the tutorial. If you want to get the whole tutorial of hiding the Infinity Stones to stop Thanos, you can watch the tutorial video HERE. You can then follow step-by-step the instructions of hiding the Infinity Stones that JeromyASF shares to you.

How Does Insane Craft Mod Work?

Insane Craft is a Minecraft modpack created by a team including Henwy, Sigils, Nicovald, Ssundee, JeromeASF, Biffle, and Spark Universe. If you are frequently playing Thanos in Minecraft, you may not be familiar with this mod. However, this mod is totally used for any purposes related to the Thanos gameplay in Minecraft.

In fact, the Insance Craft modpack was inspired by Crazy Craft that was designed to be the most fun and powerful mod that you can use in the game of Minecraft. Additionally, the Insane Craft modpack is worthy to be played in survival mode.

Aside from allowing you to hide the Infinity Stones to stop Thanos, the Insane Craft modpack can also do a number of performances that actually helps you to use in the game. So, here are a number of mods that are available in Insane Craft modpack that you can use in Minecraft:

Lucky Blocks Decocraft MalisisCore Rei’s Minimap
Animated Player Mod Exotic Birds MalisisDoors Recourse Loader
AnimationAPI Flans Mod Mc Helicopters Mod Rival Rebels
Armourers Workshop Hats Mobius Core Security Craft
BackTools Hat Stand Morph Superheroes Mod Unlimited
BeeBarker IChunUtil Nei Addons- EX Nihilo Tardis Mod
CodeChickenCore InventoryPets Not Enough Items The SecretRoomsMod
CreativeCore Item Physics Origin Transformers Mod
CustomMainMenu Legends Core Pandora’s Box Weeping Angels
Damage Indicators Lucky Block ADDON – Block Night-2 PortalGun Youtuber Structers
Dark Core M-Ore RailCraft Youtubers

Other Purposes You Can Do with Insane Craft Mod

As we’ve mentioned, the Insane Craft mod can not only use to hide the Infinity Stones to stop Thanos, but also it has a number of purposes to do in Minecraft, here are they:

    1. Building an INFINITY STONE VAULT in Insane Craft.

You can find a way of building the Infinity Stone on YouTube. This video was uploaded by Sigils Channel. The video has been watched more than 441K times with 23K likes. This video shares a step-by-step of building an Infinity Stone Vault through Insane Craft mod. If you want to build an Infinity Stone Vault in Insane craft, you can watch the video HERE.

    1. Creating a Secret Infinity Stone Base in Insane Craft

If you also need a way of creating a Secret Infinity Stone base, you can also use the Insane Craft mod. You can also find this tutorial on YouTube that was uploaded by Henwy Channel. This video has more than 689K views with 23K likes.

 In the video, Henwy shares a way of creating a secret Infinity Stones base clearly. So, you may be able to make the secret base to hide the Infinity Stones Away from Thanos by following the steps based on the video and make sure to download and install the Insane Craft mod by watching the video here.

    1. Making Evil Infinity Base in Insane Craft

Through the Insane Craft mod, you may also be able to make Evil Infinity Base. You can also find a way to make Evil Infinity base from Biffle Channel that has more than 830K views with 50K likes. We think that he shares step-by-step of making Evil Infinity Base as clearly as possible. So, start watching the tutorial here.

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