How to Report Missing V-Bucks

You may find that your V-Bucks is missing. If it happens, you have to report this issue to Epic Games so that you can get your V-Bucks again. However, how to report missing v-bucks to Epic Games? Let’s read the explanation about it below.

Reporting Missing V-Bucks

If you want to report your missing V-Bucks, you have to reach out to the Epic Games support team. There are several ways to reach out to Epic games support team. First, you are able to reach out to them by using the Epic Games Support page. Here are the steps according to WikiHow.

    • The first thing that you have to do is to go to the Epic Games website and then you have to click on the Help which can be found at the top left of the page.
    • Then, you have to choose the product that you have concerns about from the Help page. After Help is clicked, there will be a new page with a list of products to choose from. You have to click on the product that you are now having a problem with to load their individual help sections. Let’s say that you have a question about Fortnite. If so, you have to click on that listing.
    • Now, you have to browse the FAQs to check whether your question has already been addressed. In the Help page, there is a list of frequently asked questions that may be related to the issue that you are having now. You can look through the questions for the game or service you chose to see whether they are close to the issue that you are having. Then, you have to click on the question to show a how -to list to fix the issue.
    • If you are not able to find the answer in the FAQs section, you are able to click on the “Contact Us” to open the help form. You have to look for a box labelled “Contact Us”. When it is clicked, then there will be a form which will open so you are able to fill out what issues that you are experiencing.
    • Now, you have to give your personal information in the text boxes. You have to choose which system or console you are having the issue with from the dropdown menu on the form. After that, you have to enter your name and email address so that Epic Games support is able to contact you about your issue when they get to your concern. Let’s say that you chose the wrong game or service for the help menu. If so, you have to click on the dropdown menu which can be found at the top of the form and change it to the right one. Make sure that the information that you enter is right.
    • You have to write your issue in the text box on the bottom of the form. You have to click on the dropdown menu under your email address to choose a category for your issue. You have to choose the one which is the closest match to what you are experiencing. Then, you have to write your exact issue in the text box below it. Since your issue is missing v-bucks, you are able to write there about your missing v-bucks in detail so that the customer support will be able to help you.
    • After the form is filled out, you have to enter the security code which can be found at the bottom of the form and then click on the Submit button. The form will be delivered to customer support and you may get an email which informs you that they have gotten your form. You have to be patient to wait for a response from the customer support to fix your issue.

How to Report Missing V-Bucks

Another way that you can do to contact Epic Games is to contact them through social media. If you miss your V-bucks, you can try to contact Epic Games through social media such as Twitter, but there was someone who contacted them on Twitter, but Fortnite replied to him to reach out to the support team if missing v-bucks. So, if you want to report your missing v-bucks, it is better for you to reach out to the Fortnite Support Team through the form on their site as explained above.

V-Bucks on Shared Wallet That You Need to Know

Well, after knowing how to report your missing V-Bucks, now you need to know about Fortnite Shared Wallet. Have you heard about it? Did you know it? For your information, now a number of platforms such as PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Mac, and Android support the Fortnite Shared Wallet. With this Shared Wallet, you are able to access a single wallet for V-Bucks across these platforms. It means that if you have earned and purchased some V-Bucks while playing Fortnite on one of the platforms mentioned earlier, you can use and spend it on other platforms mentioned above. If you migrate from one platform to another, you do not have to be worried about the V-Bucks that you have since all of the platforms will use this wallet and will store all V-Bucks that you have.

However, you may wonder why the amount of V-Bucks is not the same when you access a platform which does not support Shared Wallet. Your V-Bucks balance may change depending on what platform you are on. As explained on Epic Games, for example you just bought 1,000 V-Bucks on PC. If you check your V-Bucks on Fortnite on PS, Xbox, PC and Android, you will see 1,000 V-Bucks available because these platforms support the Fortnite Shared Wallet. However, if you check this 1,000 V-Bucks on Fortnite that you open on your Nintendo Switch, your 1,000 V-Bucks will not display because Nintendo Switch does not support the Fortnite Shared Wallet.

Let’s take another example as explained on Epic Games. If you buy 1,000 V-Bucks on Nintendo Switch, it will not show in PS, Xbox, PC and Android. However, it will show in the Nintendo Switch.

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