The Best Minecraft Potion Chart

All potions in the game called Minecraft are handful, but there are some of them that you should always have in your blocky bag. Here is the list of the best options to keep on you at all times.

  1. Regeneration +

Recipe: Awkward Potion + Ghast Tear + Redstone


Regeneration + provides half the healing power of the other regeneration potion. This one only lasts 6 times longer. In order to keep the fight going in your favor, a constant income of health regeneration is needed for the prolonged battles, especially boss flights. It is also good for extended cave runs, structure exploration or general mob fighting.

  1. Water Breathing +

Water Breathing +

Recipe: Awkward Potion + Pufferfish + Redstone

For everyone who is familiar with the water update back in 2018, you will have to know how excellent Water Breathing + is. There are a lot of life, caves, shipwrecks, and the other ruins or buildings in the oceans. By exploring the under water caves, you might have a chance to find many diamonds, which usually go deep underground with easy access to precious ores. Having some water breathing potions in your hands makes this job way easier.

  1. Regeneration II

Recipe: Awkward Potion + Ghast Tear + Glowstone

regeneration II

By drinking Regeneration II that regenerates a full heart of health each 2.4 seconds for 22 seconds, it is nearly impossible for you to be defeated. This one is usually used during the short battles or for a fast health boost. There is no doubt that it is one of the best potions in the game.

  1. Fire Resistance +

Recipe: Awkward Potion + Magma Cream + Redstone

Fire Resistance +

A lot of items lost to lava, including the ones in the Nether. Fire resistance can make you immune to fire damage so that you will be allowed to swim in lava. Going through the Nether can be really hard as there are tons of threats of Blaze mobs and lava. Fortunately, you will be protected by an upgraded fire resistance potion from these troubles for 8 full minutes.

  1. Healing II

Recipe: Awkward Potion + Glistening Melon + Glowstone

Healing II

One of the most used of its type is called Healing potions. Apparently, the full food level is not enough to make the health better so during the boss fights, journeys or explorations, you might want healing potions, which will heal up to 4 hearts of health. Healing potions are one of the cheapest potions to craft. You will have to at least get a double chest fully before starting the adventure.

  1. Invisibility +

Recipe: Awkward Potion + Golden Carrot + Fermented Spider Eye + Redstone

Invisibility +

  1. Leaping II

Recipe: Awkward Potion + Rabbit’s Foot + Glowstone

Leaping II

It only lasts much longer even though the jump height is lower, just like the 9th entry. Actually, the 1 extra block jump height is enough to be useful, while the 8 minutes effect time offers more than that. Rabbit’s Foot is counted as one of the rare items. So, you will need to rely on the villagers to trade for them if you do not have Rabbits nearby.

  1. Strength II

Recipe: Awkward Potion + Blaze Powder + Glowstone

Strength II

It is really easy to get a decent sword and put some enchantments on it. However, you will never get too much damage. Even the best swords will not manage to kill everything in one hit. In this kind of situation, Strength potions come in. The Strength II is so good at boosting the damage per hit by 3 hearts. This one is really handful in combat and all of its forms so that you will be hitting like a truck. Your damage per second will be insane if you mix it with the other sword enchantments such as Fire Aspect and Sharpness.

  1. Leaping +

Recipe: Awkward Potion + Rabbit’s Foot + Redstone

Leaping +

It does not matter whether you are a beginning or a pro, you have had a hard time passing the high mountains or hills. Leaping + potions provide a huge boost to your jump height for a short time, which is around 90 seconds. With it, you can reach higher places.

Two of the great examples of this potion are caves and ravines. Looting ores will be much faster and much easier with it.

  1. Swiftness II

Recipe: Awkward Potion + Sugar + Glowstone

Swiftness II

With the movement speed that is extremely under rated stat, you are allowed to explore much faster. Aside from that, it is really good in combat, especially in boss fights. A massive movement speed boost to yourself will be grated by Swiftness II.

The prevalence of mounts is the main reason that makes it being put lower on the list. Actually, finding a fast horse is not a big deal, but if you cannot find one anywhere, the thing called Swiftness potions are for you.

Potions refer to the items that can be drank that apply status effect with benefit. Since the first time its release way back in 2011, there are a few effects exist. With them, you r adventure will be easier, regardless of the situation.

A complex crafting recipe, a myriad of resources and a ton of time are needed to make potions. It might be a bit complicated but it is worth the effort. It can turn the difficult task of exploring the Nether and so on into an easy one. As you probably know, the more updates are releases, meaning these potions will be ever more important.

You are recommended to set up a dedicated brewing area in your home. In order to start crafting these potions, you will have to get a Brewing Stand. The second one needed is a Blaze Powder that is useful as fuel. In addition, you will also need Nether Wart and Glass Bottle filled with water to start brewing Awkward Potions. Once you have gathered all of them, you will be able to start any item on the list.

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