The Best Fortnite Murders Mystery Code

One of  Fortnite’s Creative Codes which allows the player to build various impressive maps for different custom modes is Murder Mistery. What should you do in Murder Mystery map? Well, you will have to make some friends and involve them in a conflict. Then, you should choose a player from the lobby  to be the murderer.

Afterwards, you will then have to find out who the murderer is, along with the rest of the survivors and the sheriff/ detective. Additionally, the remaining players are innocents who should survive  until the sheriff can take out the murderer. However, this is a superb mode if you have got a group of people who are looking out something to do other than playing battle royale mode.

In order to play Murder Mystery well, it’s a highly recommended for you to choose the best Murder Mystery Codes which have been created by a number of Fortnite creators. Thankfully, this post will show you 7 recommeded Murder Mystery codes that you can choose below!

  1. Murder Swap

Code: 5893-2263-5834

Murder Swap

In Murder Swap, you will have all the normal roles including sheriff, murderer and innocents. But, when the sheriff or murderer gets taken out, the role can be exchanged with one of the innocents. In other words, the roles of murderer and sheriff will be spreaded into a random innocent once either has died.

The role change will occur until there are just two players left who will fight to determine who the winner is. When this map is played inside a castle, this is a fantastic Murder Mystery map with a unique spin which inreases the pace of the game. However, it adds a whole new dimensions to this style of this map.

  1. Mansion – Murder Mystery

Code: 9850-2841-2309

Mansion - Murder Mystery

This map allows up to 16 players where one of the players will be a murderer. In this large Murder Mystery Mansion, you have to run through floor of a luxurious home. What you should do in this map is to work together with the detective/ sheriff to find out who the murderer is.

  1. Bloody Mines

Code: 9300-7920-6878

Bloody Mines

In the Bloody Mines map, there will be one murderer, one innocents and one sheriff/ detective. Then, the murderer has to kill them all and the detective should kill the murderer. You may already see the appearance of this map where this one is not definitely scary, however, it’s adjusted in a closed-in mine, so the design shows dangers at  each run.

When you are passing the map, make sure you do not get stuck in a dead-end as there will be lava running down some of the walls and cramped spaces everywhere. Thankfully, one of Fortnite creators, ImTheGaps has created a gorgeous series of mines to explore, complete with underground tunnels which link the locations and hide the spots from the murderer.

Need to know the Dark Mines is one of the most polished maps in this mode that you have to try in checking out the Murder Mystery game mode due to the theme of this map is spot-on making the overall experience more enjoyable.

  1. Gamerz’s Aquarium!

Code: 6132-9723-487

Gamerz's Aquarium!

Why not to try a murder case in an aquarium? It’s so challenging, isn’t it? If you want to try a Murder Mystery in an aquarium, Gamerz’s Aquarium map is a right option for you. The good news, you will also have a chance to earn coins while surviving through the map. It means that you can finally purchase yourself a weapon to defend yourself with.

Moreover, you will obtain around 100 gold when surviving a kill, and obtaining around 50 gold when you survive for a minute. Those coins can be used to run a flint-knock,  revolver, harpoon, impulse grenade, sniper rifle, and also slurpfish. They’re obviously useful to escape and take out the murderer.

  1. Museum

Code: 4442-4315-6616

Museum Fortnite Murders Mystery

This map has been created by the community creator, The Slurp which allows the players to play the Murder Mystery in an extremly detailed Museum. Moreover, this mode can be played with between 5 to 8 players.

All players in this mode will be able to get weapons by finding coins around, however the locations of those coins and weapons can often give the killer a place to hide around and secure easy kills.

Why should you choose this map for Murder Mystery game mode? Well, with various areas and places to hide, we think that Museum is one of the most amazing and fun Murder Mystery maps.

  1. Sweaty Hotel

Code: 1322-7887-9064

Sweaty Hotel

This Murder Mystery map is adjust in the standard game mode with one murderer, one detective/ sheriff and upward of there innocents. Even though it may seem so simple, but the location does provide a fun, enhancing place to take part in the game mode.

We think that the Sweaty Hotel is a perfect map for Murder Mystery as there are numerous rooms and different locations which can be used to hide or trap the murderer. The players will be given various options of how this map must be played while the murderer can select to take aim from a distance or engage innocent hidden ways in one of the hotel’s various rooms.

  1. Minecraft Murder Mystery

Code: 1892-1509-8081

Minecraft Murder Mystery

If you are a fan of Minecraft and Fortnite at once, the Minecraft Murder Mystery may be a great option for you where it combines the two game modes into one wonderful looking map. Well, it’s crazy how close to Minecraft they got it to look. However, this map is absolutely similar if you have ever had a flat Minecraft texture pack.

Additionally, this map is another Muder Mystery in which you can gather coins through completing a variety of tasks like mining and collecting them from the autofarm. You can also use those coins to buy numerous weapons in order to protect yourself from the murderer.

Well, those are seven recommended Murder Mystery map codes. How about you? Have you decided which code to use?

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