Second Smartest Fortnite Player

Playing Fortnite and watching Fortnite competitions may make you think about the second smartest Fortnite Player. Actually, there is no research or test about who is the smartest or even the second smartest Fortnite player. So, that’s why if you access some online sources, the answer of the second smartest Fortnite will be different.

The Second Smartest Fortnite Player According to First Sportz

According to the First Sportz website, the second smartest Fortnite player is Zayt. His real name is Williams Aubin and he is from Canada. He was born on March 2nd, 2000. As explained on the website, he has earned well over $1 million by competing in Fortnite tournaments. He is popular for competing as a duo with Saf in the Fortnite World Cup. They dominated in the World Cup and they remained in the first position right up until the last game. Then, they ended up getting taken out early in the final game and finished fourth in the World Cup where they earned $750,000 each. In the North America competitive scene post World Cup, Zayt continued his domination.

smartest Fortnite player is Zayt

According to Real Sport 101, Zayt started his gaming competitively at the beginning of 2019. Even though he finished a lowly 19th in his debut competition, his performance has improved significantly.

Then, who is the first and the third smartest according to First Sportz? The first position is Bugha whose real name is Kyle Giersdorf. He was born on December 30th, 2002. He is often considered the best Fortnite player in the world. He has earned over #3 million in tournament winnings. Most of his winnings were from the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. In this competition, he could dominate the competition to be the winningest player in the history of Fortnite. He did not only win but also dominated the competition in the 2019 World Cup. It makes him the smartest Fortnite player in the world.

first position player fortnite is Bugha
Kyle Giersdorf

The third smartest Fortnite player based on First Sportz is Aqua whose real name is David Wang. He has a total winnings of $2 million approximately from the Fortnite tournaments. He competes in the European region where it is often considered one of the most difficult regions to win in. Aqua came up against some of the world’s toughest competition. Nevertheless, he still can manage to come out on top. Besides, he also successfully did his comebacks and he became one of the greatest comebacks in Fortnite history during the Fortnite World Cup. Together with Nyrox, he competed as part of a Duo and they won the final two games of the tournaments and they claimed the Duo World Cup title.

third smartest Fortnite player is Aqua

The Second Smartest Fortnite Player According to Sportskeeda and Creators Empire

Sportskeeda and Creators Empire put MrSavage as the second smartest Fortnite player. His real name is Martin Foss Anderson. In the 2019 World Cup qualifiers, he showed the world that he was one of the best players in the game. The shadow bomb was used by him effectively and he went to the hill to pack himself a royal victory.

Martin Foss Anderson player Fortnite
Martin Foss Anderson

Then, who is the first position and third position according to these sites? The first position as the smartest Fortnite player is the x2Twins. They are Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley. They come from Australia and they may be one of the best duos in Fortnite for now. The game sense and teamwork that they have is off the charts. As explained on those sites that one of them was knocked out into the storm accidentally. And then, another one used the harpoon gun to be able to drag his brother back into the circle. This move is innovative and needs some quick thinking.

 smartest Fortnite player is the x2Twin

The third position as the smartest Fortnite player according to both sites is Nathan Anthony Hill. He is a member of the FaZe Clan and he is a Fortnite pro. He is famous for his quick thinking and his aim which is impressive. In a match that he did, he was experiencing tremendous lag. However, he did not crib about it. He just predicted the location of his enemy and then he made a plan to release his shots according to his prediction.

player fortnite Nathan Anthony Hil
Nathan Anthony Hil

Sportskeeda and Creators Empire put Hugh Gilmour in the fourth position as the smartest Fortnite player. Now, he is a coach for the FaZe clan. Previously, whe he used to actively play Fortnite, he was popular for innovative ways to bring down enemies. In a game, he used a boom bow to be able to drop one wall of a player’s box. He continued to put his own wall in there and then he made a small window and brought the enemy down.

Who is the fifth position as the smartest Fortnite player according to those two sites? The fifth position is Manuel Martinez. According to Gamepedia, his real name is Juan Manuel Martinez Ozuduru Hernaandez. He comes from the Netherlands and he was born on December 12th, 1996. Now, he becomes a member of the FaZe clan and he is also a content creator on Youtube. When decoy grenades were still available in Fortnite, he came up with a strategy which is very creative in one of his games. When he was hiding behind a wall to protect himself, he was pinned down by an enemy. However, the thing that he did at that time was not to engage the enemy in the open, but he used a decoy grenade on a launch pad. With the action that he did, the enemy was bothered and then he started shooting at the decoy. It gave him the perfect time to land a headshot and eliminate his enemy in Fortnite.

The Second Smartest Fortnite Player According to Elecspo

First Sportz put Aqua in the third position, but Elecspo put him in the second position as the second smartest Fortnite player. Nevertheless, this site still put Bugha in the number one as the smartest Fortnite player and Zayt is in the third position as the smartest Fortnite player.

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