How to Destroy Hiding Places Fortnite Season 7 Challenge

One of Fortnite challenges tasks the players to destroy the hiding places. Here we are going to share an easy method to do that. Please ensure you will not miss any information from this page.


Now, Fortnite’s latest epic quests for Week 4 are live, bringing a set of challenges for the players to tackle in exchange for huge amounts of XP. This week it would seem that the developers want the players of Fortnite out in the open, because one quest requires the players to destroy hiding places.

How to Destroy Hiding Places Fortnite Season 7 Challenge

The first month of the Battle Royale season 7 is now in the books. Basically, the inverse of Season 6’s primal theming, this new season has introduced an array of high-tech alien weaponry. Recently, developer Epic Games introduced the abductors, that give access to the giant hovering mothership, as well as invasive alien parasites, that improve mobility while sapping health.

What are Hiding Places in Fortnite?

Here are some hiding places in Fortnite:

    • Hay Stack
    • Dumpster
    • Porta-Potty (Flusher)

Hiding Places in Fortnite

If you jump inside one of three hiding places, other players will not be able to see you, however the hiding places can be destroyed. This is exactly what the Fortnite week 4 challenges wants you to do. Please destroy three hiding places on the Season 7 map. Also, it should be noted that all hiding places are going to have the interact icon appear on them.

Where are the Hiding Places Located in Fortnite?

Any named or unnamed POI is going to contain a hiding place that you are able to destroy.

We suggest you checking out the following places:

    • The Pleasant Park, near the football field.
    • Any gas station must have a dumpster and porta-potty.
    • The base camps on the top of the southern mountains have porta-potties
    • North of Corny Complex, discover The Pizza Pit and The Orchard, to places often with the hiding places.

There is really no best place on the Season 7 maps, as nearly every city has dumpsters, however those areas above should have the highest concentration of the hiding places. After you destroy three hiding places, you are going to get 30K XP, and hopefully be one step close to unlocking your favorite Battle Pass reward.

How to Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite?

Unlike the confusing verbiage with this week’s forage for food quest, this challenge is completely easy, destroying different hiding places. Rather than a hiding spot like a bush or behind a tree, hiding places in Fortnite in this sense refer to some objects that the players can interact with to completely conceal themselves, including dumpsters, port-o-potty, and hay bales/hay stack. While discovering at least one of these is an easy task at the majority of Fortnite’s locations, destroying all three in a single match are able to prove very difficult if you do not know where to go.

We get information that some prominent Fortnite YouTubers have discovered the most efficient POI to drop in for this quest is Pleasant Park. As demonstrated by Fortnite Events, the players are going to land specifically behind the gas station found in the middle of the eastern edge of the location. So, one location that has an abundance of the hiding places is Pleasant Park. If you drop in here and then head to the east side, near the gas station you are going to be able to knock out the three hiding places for the Epic Quest. Need to know that the gas station has one dumpster behind it, and a port-o-potty on its north side. From there you are able to head south approximately 75 meters and find a building with another dumpster on its west side. If you have any trouble discovering these hiding places, you are able to check out some videos by YouTuber to know the hiding places we just described.

Dumpster diving: To locate the hiding places in Fortnite and destroy them, the players will not have to look far. Dumpsters are usually found all over the island, and should be the easiest thing for the players to find and destroy. North of Corny Complex, the players are going to find The Pizza Pit and The Orchard. These two POIs have more than enough hiding places for the players to destroy. Given that they are not hot drop zones, the players should be able to carry out the task unhindered.

Dumpster will be there, followed by a port-o-potty around the corner of the building when the players head to the right. From there, you are able to grab a car (if available) and head past where one of last week’s welcome signs were placed to the east edge of the soccer field, where another dumpster is able to be found up against the stone foundation of the blue multi-story house. After three hiding places have been destroyed, then quest will be completed.

Another Location to Destroy the Hiding Places in Fortnite

Pleasant Park tends to be a famous landing spot. With this quest recently released, there is likely stiff competition to destroy the same hiding places. Fortunately, there is an alternate location, arguably even more effective spot to complete this Fortnite quest. Also, the players are able to land at the base camp on the mountain southwest of Catty Corner. One of the small structures there contains a trio of port-o-potty right next to each other that can be destroyed in a matter of seconds. But, loot is very limited in the immediate area, meaning landing mere seconds after someone else spells certain doom.

As we said before, those who complete this Fortnite quest will be rewarded with 30,000 XP. The players who have already completed the standard Fortnite quests can choose to tackle the Pro 100 LTM, one of the modes needed to complete some of the latest Cosmic Summer quests. So, make sure that you are able to destroy the hiding places in Fortnite to get 30,000 XP.

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