Stats Needed for Vorkath

When you play Old School RuneScape (OSRS), you may wonder how is the stats needed for Vorkath. If you wonder about this information, you come to the  right website because here we have the information about it and also the other information related to Vorkath. So, here they are.

Vorkath Stats

According to Old School RuneScape, here are the Vorkath stats.

Released 4 January 2018
Members Yes
Combat level 732
Size 7×7

Sleeping: Let sleeping dragons lie.

Awake: This won’s be fun.

Combat Info

Attribute Draconic, Undead, Fiery
Max hit 30 for Magic, 32 for Ranged, 32 for Melee, 73 for Dragonfire and 121 for Dragonfire Bomb/ Special
Aggressive No
Poison Yes (venom)
Attack Style Slash, Magic, Ranged, Dragonfire

Slayer Info

Slayer level None
Category Blue dragon, Boss, Zombie
Assigned by Turael, Spria, Mazchna, Konar quo Maten, Nieve, and Duradel

Combat Stats

Hitpoints 750
Attack 560
Strength 308
Defence 214
Magic 150
Ranged 308

Aggressive Stats

Attack +16
Strength +0
Magic +150
Magic Damage +0
Ranged +78
Ranged Strength +0

Defensive stats

Stab weapon +26
Slash +108
Crush +108
Magic +240
Ranged +26
Immune to poison Immune to venom

Vorkath’s Attacks

Several different attack styles are used by Vorkath during the fight. Those attacks are listed below.

    • Melee attack

If you are in range, he will swipe at you with his wings/ claws (slash-based).

    • Magic attack

With this attack, he will release a bright blue projectile at you that can hit up to 30 damage. Protect from Magic completely abolish damage.

    • Ranged attack

This attack releases a spiked ball at you that can hit up to 32 damage. Protect from Missiles can block this attack. This style of attack has been confirmed to happen more often than the magic attack when not in melee range. In case in melee range, magic attack is little more often.

    • Dragonfire

Dragonfire which is released by Vorkath has some variants, the same as the King Black Dragon’s. The damage which is dealt by the dragonfire is dependent on the number of layers of dragonfire protection which is used by you. Three layers are needed for full damage mitigation. Protect from Magic, dragonfire protection shields and super antifire potions each can count as one layer.

o   Normal Dragonfire: It only deals damage and can be fully mitigated with Protect from Magic and a super antifire potion and using a dragonfire protection shield.
o   Venom Dragonfire: It has an opportunity to inflict the venom status if not venom immune.
o   Pink Dragonfire: It can disable all prayers upon impact. This special effect is not able to be mitigated.

    • High-damage Dragonfire: It is released dragonfire vertically at your position when cast and it functions the same as to Galvek’s high-damage dragonfire. It will damage you if you are directly struck by it, often lethally, half the damage is taken if adjacent.

Vorkath also has two special attacks as you are able to see below.

    • Acid Pool Quickfire Barrage

This attack is released in the form of acid around the arena and proceeds to fire a barrage of 25 dragonfires at you. Any damage which is taken while standing on the acid can heal Vorkath for the similar amount where it is up to 10 damage per tick. The dragon, if caught in it, will deal 25 to 41 damage. It is not given effect by any level of dragonfire protection. In addition, Vorkath takes 50% reduced damage until the special attack ends.

    • Zombified Ice Dragonfire

The player will be freezed by Vorkath in place with harmless ice dragonfire which implements Ice Barrage, summons a zombified spawn and is immune to all damage when the spawn is alive. The spawn will move to the player and if not killed first, it will explode on impact dealing up to 60 damage scaling off of its remaining Hitpoints. As the player, you need to line up the Crumble Undead spell and cast on the spawn as soon as it lands. It is done  to prevent damage during this special attack. If the spawn explodes or is killed, the Ice Barrage and damage immunity is lifted through game message.

Suggested Skills

The suggested skills include:

    • Ranged: 85+ (Ranged method) -> blowpipe or dragon hunter crossbow
    • Attack: 80+ (90+ Recommended Melee method)
    • Strength: 85+ (Melee method)
    • Defence: 75+ (85+ for melee)
    • Prayer: 70+ (74+ with Ranged)
    • Construction: 82+ (for Ornate rejuvenation pool (with boost) – however it is optional but it is very recommended)

Strategy To Fight Vorkath

Stats Needed for Vorkath

After awakening, the attack pattern of Vorkath consists of six random standard attacks, one special attack, six random attacks, then the other special attack and so on until he is defeated. As a player, you have to keep run off throughout the kill and you have to use the control click to run when needed.

Offensively, this monster has 308 Strength/ Ranged, 560 Attack, and 150 Magic together with +16 melee, +150 magic and +78 ranged accuracy. Defensively, this monster has a Defence level of 214, with +26 stab/ranged, +108 slash/ crush and +240 magic defence bonus. It makes Vorkath the same as the most dragons in that he is weak against stab melee and ranged.

If you want to know the optimal protection prayer that you have to use, it depends on the gear which is used:

    • Protect from Magic if using Melee, a Toxic blowpipe or the Book of law and Super antifire potion.
    • Protect from Missiles if using a crossbow along a Dragonfire wand, Dragon shield or Anti-dragon shield and Super antifire potion.

Vorkath is able to hit up to 30 with magic and 32 with melee and ranged. He has high attack level which means that his melee attacks are very accurate even though it is less common if we compare to ranged and magic, and it is only done in melee distance. You need to have quick-prayers set according to the combat style and weapon type to reactive prayers when deactivated by the pink dragonfire. Besides, you also have to be prepared to click at least two spaces away if the monster uses his insta-kill vertical dragonfire lob.