Should I Upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro from 11 Pro? Here’s the Answer!

On a few social media platforms, especially on online services forums, there are some people who ask the questions “Should I upgrade iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 12 Pro?”. Of course, this can be  a parameter of how confused the iPhone users are about this.

They actually want to upgrade your iPhone to the latest one but on the other side, they’re also worried about the effect which will happen if they upgrade their phone. And maybe, the iPhone 12 Pro definitely has the specification not too far with iPhone 11 Pro. Of course if the specifications are not too far away, then it would be a waste of time to upgrade.

Here’s the Answer!

Before you decide to upgrade your iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 12 Pro at least you need to look at the comparison of the specification between iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro that we will show below!

Should I Upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro from 11 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro

This year, is it better to buy iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro? The answer actually depends on the user’s needs. Through this comparison below, we hope that you will find out which phone is the most suitable for you between the two devices.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Dimensions and Weight 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm,
164 g
144 x 71.4 x 8.1 mm,
188 g
Display 6.1 inches, 1170 x 2532 pixels (Full HD+), Super Retina XDR OLED 5.8 inches, 1125 x 2436p (Full HD+), Super Retina XDR OLED
Processor Apple A14 Bionic hexa-core 3.1 GHz Apple A13 Bionic hexa-core 2.65 GHz
Memory 4 GB RAM, 64 GB – 4 GB RAM, 128 GB – 4 GB RAM, 256 GB 4 GB RAM, 64 GB – 4 GB RAM, 256 GB – 4 GB RAM, 512 GB
Software iOS 14 iOS 14
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, Bluetooth 5, GPS Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, Bluetooth 5, GPS
Camera Dual 12 + 12 MP, f/1.6 + f/2.4
Dual 12 MP + SL 3D f/2.2
Triple 12 + 12 + 12 MP, f/1.8 + f/2.0 + f/2.4
Battery 2815 mAh, Qi fast wireless charging and 15W fast charging 20W 3046 mAh, Qi wireless charging and Fast Charging 18W,
Additional features 5G, optional dual SIM, optional eSIM, MagSafe, IP68 waterproof IP68 waterproof, optional dual SIM, optional eSIM

Both iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro actually have a super-premium design but we think that iPhone 11 Pro is more premium. iPhone 11 Pro features a stainless steel frame instead of the aluminium frame. Moreover, it doesn’t have flat borders but it is sturdier.

Both have resolutions superior to full HD+, Super Retina XDR OLED technology, Dolby Vision, HRD10 certification, wide color gamut and True Tone. The hardware and performance are the major advantages of Apple iPhone 12 over iPhone 11 Pro.

Otherwise, with iPhone 11 Pro, you can get more internal storage up to 512 GB of original storage, that’s the only advantage. The iPhone 11 Pro is a more attractive phone for photography for one reason, It offers an additional third telephoto sensor with 2x optical zoom. The iPhone 12 only has two sensors on the back side. The main sensor and ultrawide lens however do not have a telephoto sensor.

From the list of the two iPhone series above, you at least can decide whether you have to upgrade your iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 12 Pro or not. If you do not still have a strong consideration, we recommend you don’t upgrade your iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 12 Pro right now. Why? Let’s find out the answer!

If you bought your iPhone in the last year, there is no strong reason to upgrade to the iPhone 12 lineup. Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are supported by the A13 Bionic processors, battery life of about 10 hours for streaming videos and movies, as well as the camera resolution that is.

The Apple iPhone 12 does have a significant improvement. However, for those of you who have an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, you can delay buying an iPhone 12 for at least a year. If you are a photographer or videographer who relies on smartphones and feels like you have to have a new and capable device, the iPhone 12 Pro Max deserves to be an option.

How for the other iPhone series users?

  • For iPhone XS or XR users

If you have an iPhone XS or iPhone XR, you shouldn’t rush to upgrade. Of course, the iPhone 12 Pro offers 5G connectivity and a number of other new features. However, the 2018 iPhones are still powerful enough to achieve whatever you want.

The Apple iPhone 12 has the same processor as the iPhone 12 Pro, without many high-end camera features. Even so, you can still get improved image quality from your iPhone XS or XR now.

  • For iPhone X users

Apple iPhone X brought significant improvements when it was first released. This is the first smartphone from Apple with FaceID, as well as the first iPhone with an OLED display.

The Apple iPhone X still feels quite updated right now. So for iPhone X users, you can delay one more year and then upgrade.

However, if your iPhone X is starting to feel out of date, you can choose iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini. Both will give you 5G support and a much faster processor. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 Pro is more suitable for photography and videography enthusiasts.

  • For iPhone 8 users

The Apple iPhone 8 is Apple’s latest model with TouchID, and it has a relatively small 4.7-inch screen. Despite getting the iOS 14 update recently, there’s a chance the iPhone 8 won’t get iOS 15.

Aside from the matter of future software updates, there are several other reasons to consider upgrading to the latest iPhone lineup

The iPhone 8’s A11 Bionic processor and modem were good at the time, but in 2020, they both feel a little sluggish. The 12MP camera is also starting to feel out of date, especially in low light conditions.

However, you can still use the iPhone 8 for another year, especially if you bought it in the last 12 months or recently replaced the battery. If you’re looking to upgrade now, the iPhone 12 Mini is a great and affordable option.