How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 11 Pro Max All the Time (Permanently)

Do you see that your iPhone 11 Pro Max does not show the battery percentage in the status bar? Here are some methods to show your battery percentage on the device that you have, which is iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Method 1: Using the Control Center

The easiest and the fastest method to view the battery percentage indicator on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is by launching the Control Center. While there is no method that can be used to show the battery percentage on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can, however, still view the exact amount of battery left on your iPhone. In order to launch the Control Center, the first thing that should be done is to swipe down from the top right hand corner of the display. The best way if you ever want to check the battery percentage is to swipe down from where the battery icon is usually placed on your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Using the Control Center

Method 2: View from Batteries Widgets

The second method to check the battery percentage on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is to navigate to the Widgets section. As you probably know, the Batteries widget section will also show you the battery percentage of the other devices, including Apple Watch, AirPods, and AirProds Pro. If you cannot see the Batteries widget in the Widgets section, please do these following steps:

View from Batteries Widgets

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to launch the Today New. You can do it by swiping right on the lock screen or the first page of the home screen.
  2. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the Widgets section and tap Edit.
  3. Now, it is time for you to tap the button which is located next to the batteries in order to add the Batteries widget into your list. It should be done from the Add Widgets screen, under More Widgets.
  4. Once you have added the Batteries widget successfully, you will be able to view the battery percentage of your iPhone straightway. Aside from that, you will be able to see the battery percentage of the other connected devices such as your AirPods or Apple Watch.

Method 3: Asking Siri

Asking Siri

For those users of Apple products, you must be familiar with Siri. Siri refers to a virtual assistance provided by Apple. It is part of Apple Inc.’’s iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS operating systems.

In order to get Siri to tell you the battery percentage, all that you must do is to simply ask it “What is my iPhone’s battery percentage?”. Upon hearing your voice, Siri will gladly respond to your command and let you know how much the battery is left on your iPhone.

Method 4: View the battery percentage indicator on the device while it is charging

View the battery percentage indicator on the device while it is charging

Another method that you can use to view the battery percentage on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is to connect to a power source. When the iPhone starts to charge, you will be able to see the battery percentage on the screen of your iPhone. It will be displayed clearly how much the batter has been charged whenever you wake your iPhone.

For everyone who wants to get detailed information such as your battery health alongside the apps that taking most of the battery of your iPhone, you can just simply go to Settings > Battery to get full breakdown on the health of your battery, the apps that are draining most of the battery life of your iPhone, setting time limits for productivity, your screen time, and many more. In addition, you can change some settings within the Battery section if you want to improve the battery life of your iPhone.

No matter what kind of iPhone that you are using, it is easy to view the battery percentage. It is useful to monitor the remaining power on your device. If you want to save your battery life, you might want to check out some apps.

  1. Battery Saver from lin tongtong (Free)

Knowing the health of the battery is really important as you will be able to know how well it can perform. With something called Battery Saver, you are able to instantly discover the real condition of the battery and prevent it from losing steam. This one shows you the memory status of your device and also allows you to monitor the available disk space and filled space. Apart from that, it also provides some useful tips to extend the battery life of your iPad and iPhone.

  1. Battery Life – check runtimes (Free)

Battery Life is what you need if you want to keep a tab on the battery consumption on your iOS device. This app shows you the total runtimes of your device. For example, you are able to check the talk time, LTE browsing, Wi-Fi, video, and auto time. It also shows up the in-depth data of your battery so that you will know the current condition.

You can track the battery life of your device with today’s widget easily. The neat user-interface is there with the support of some languages such as Arabic, Catalan, English, Dutch, German, French, Korean, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Hebrew, and so on.

  1. CPU Dasher Master (Free)

CPU Dasher Master works well as a battery saver app. If you compare it with the other apps, it does much more than just offer simple battery information of your device. For instance, you are able to check the CPU and memory information to measure the real condition of your device. It is so good in optimizing the performance of your device. In addition, the app also shows you the network information which could be really useful for finding out the obstacles behind the weak network. As for the interface, it is UI clutter free that makes sure there is a minimal amount of learning curve.