Sanrio Amiibo Cards Australia Restock EB Games

The Sanrio amiibo cards can be also found in Australia, costing $9.95. The price in Australia is more expensive than in the United States, isn’t it? Therefore, with the expensive price, it really eases the Australian Animal Crossing players to get the Sanrio amiibo cards.

In Australia, there are several retailers which provide the Sanrio amiibo cards. One of them is EB Games which reportedly restocks the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo Cards. In Australia, EB Games has become the trusted store which sells the trading game card. Is it true that EB Games restock the Sanrio Amiibo cards? Let’s find the real answer in our post below!

Does the EB Games Store Restock the Sanrio Cards?

That’s right! The EB games restock the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo Cards with pre-order. The Sanrio Amiibo cards will be released on Friday August 20, 2021. Today, the pre-order is still available. So, if you’re in the Australian and want to get the Sanrio amiibo cards, you can pre-order them right now.

Today, the Sanrio amiibo cards have not been available yet in the EB Games, unless pre-order purchase. It means that you cannot purchase the Sanrio Amiibo Cards now until EB Games releases the Sanrio amiibo cards to the store.

How to Pre-Order the Sanrio Cards on EB Games?

For those who are in Australia and interested to get the Sanrio amiibo cards, you definitely can pre-order the cards on the official EB Games store. What you should do is to visit the EB Games store.

Pre-Order the Sanrio amiibo cards HERE.

After clicking the link above, you will be taken into the Sanrio amiibo cards per-order page. At the page, you will see the price, product detail and also check out. As the Sanrio Amiibo cards are still pre-order, you can click on the ‘Pre Order Now’ button to start ordering the Sanrio cards.

Sanrio Amiibo Cards Australia Restock EB Games

Afterwards, a pop-up window will appear which confirms you to continue checkout. Click on the green ‘Checkout Now’ button to order the Sanrio cards. Before you pre-order the Sanrio Amiibo cards, make sure to log into the EB Games account first. If you have not yet, you can create the EB Games account before.

Here are the Sanrio cards’ product details  on EB Games:

The Sanrio amiibo cards come with a number of villagers who are inspired by Sanrio characters introduced first in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Currently, the characters are also compatible in a limited fashion with New Horizons too.

The Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo Cards include six villagers; Rilla, Marty, Etoile, Chai, Chelsea and Toby. Alongside with the villagers, the Sanrio Amiibo Cards also feature a set of items, themed around the characters. The good news, you can return the product for free within seven days.

Other Stores to Buy the Sanrio Amiibo Cards in Australia

Aside from the EB Games store, there are two remaining retailers providing the Sanrio Amiibo Cards, they are Amazon Australia and The Gamesmen. Certainly, each retailer will tag different prices for the Sanrio Amiibo Cards.

So, how to purchase the cards through those stores? If you want to purchase the Sanrio Amiibo Cards, you just simply visit the stores through the link below!

    • Amazon Australia

The Sanrio Amiibo Cards were recently restocked on Amazon Australia. There are only two packs left in stock, so you should hurry up. The Sanrio Amiibo Cards cost $195.42 on Amazon Australia. Even though the price is so expensive, but you can easily get the Sanrio Amiibo cards in Australia.

Amazon Australia

If you purchase the Sanrio Amiibo Cards on Amazon Australia, you will have the manufacturer warranty, but it may not apply, unless you have other rights under law.

For international products, they will have separate terms which are sold from abroad. They may differ from local products including age rating, fit, labeling, language of the product, instruction or also plugs.

Here are for product details:

    • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: ‎ No
    • Language: ‎ Italian
    • Product Dimensions: ‎ 13.4 x 6.8 x 0.1 cm with 20 Grams at weight
    • Release date: ‎ 26 March 2021
    • ASIN: ‎ B01M31YZPX
    • Item Model Number: ‎ 2003266

Buy the Sanrio Amiibo Cards on Amazon Australia HERE.

    • The Gamesmen

You can also purchase the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo Cards on The Gamesmen. Unfortunately, the Sanrio amiibo cards are no longer available in this store. There’s no current announcement when Gamesme will restock this trading card on their shopping list.

The Gamesmen

On the Gamesmen store, the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards cost $9.95. That’s much cheaper than on Amazon. Certainly, to know the latest update for the Sanrio Amiibo cards restock from this store, you have to diligently check the store.

Here are the product details of the Sanrio Amiibo Cards:

    • Item Code: 174890
    • Packaged Weight: 0.1 Kg
    • Release Date: Friday, 26th March 2021
    • Condition: New
    • Product Type: Interactive Toys
    • Barcode: 045496371487
    • Platform(s): Switch, Wii U, 3DS

Buy the Sanrio Amiibo Cards on The Gamesmen HERE.

Okay, those are all retailers which provide the Sanrio Amiibo Cards for sale. Make sure to always check for Sanrio amiibo cards restock on each store if you really want to have the Sanrio villagers live on your island.

Learn More About Sanrio Amiibo Cards

The Sanrio Amiibo Cards come with a number of villagers. Alongside the villagers, this Animal Crossing Trading card also features  a set of items, themed around the Sanrio character. Of course, to get both of the villagers and items, you need to purchase the Amiibo cards first.

After buying the Sanrio cards, you can then scan the cards to allow the villagers to live on your island. Scan the Sanrio amiibo cards at Nook Stop in the Residential Services, based on the villager you want.

Talking about the villagers, there are a total of six villagers that you can invite to your island. They are Rilla, Marty, Etoile, Chai, Toby and also Chelsea. After the villagers, you can also get the items which come in the form of furniture and clothing. A set of items contained in the Sanrio amiibo cards include Hello Kitty Items, Cinnamoroll items, Little Twin Stars Items, My Melody items, Pompompurin items, and Keroppi items.

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