Roblox R63 Jojo Games

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The Best Roblox R63 Jojo game – Generic Rewritten Jojo Game

Based on the research, Generic Rewritten Jojo Game made on December 12, 2020. The last updated of the game was on April 20, 2021. The game is categorized into all genres. The server size of the game is 25. When we write this article, the game has place visits around 6,326. Also, it has 7,723 favorites.

On the game store, there is a pass that you can buy. It is Reimu Hakurei [Character] – PRE ORDER. It created by @Not_Tze. The price of that pass is 350 Robux. The last update of the pass was on March 22, 2021

Roblox R63 Jojo Games

Playing Generic Rewritten Jojo Game

This is basically R63 JoJo + Soulshatters which is pretty cool. You are able to find the discord and game link so you are able to check it out for yourself. Anyway let us start testing the moves. Again, the combat is basically R63 JoJo + Soulshatters which is pretty cool.

    • LMB – Click Combo
    • Combat 1: Barrage moment
    • Combat 2: Smack
    • Combat 3: Kick
    • Combat 4: Knife throw
    • Combat 5: Street thing smack
    • Combat 6: Road Roller go boom
    • Time 1: Counter
    • Time 2: Time stop yes

Game link:
Discord link :

Here are some controls of the game:

    • Q & E will be able to use for switching modes
    • 1 – 8 will be able to use for attacking.
    • Double press WASD will be able to use for dashing.
    • F will be able to use for blocking.
    • P will be able to use to pose.
    • Left Ctrl will be able to use for sprinting.
    • Deal damage will be able to charge your bar
    • Certain characters have a second phase either by dying or filling up the charge bar
    • Press middle mouse to lock on
    • R will be able to use for moving your transportation
    • M will be able to use for opening your cosmetic menu

Your Bizarre Adventure inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure  

Your Bizarre Adventure is a Roblox game which is inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki. In this game, you are going to find STANDS. That is your own life energy which stands next to you. Surely, there are many STANDS that you are able to find in the game of Your Bizarre Adventure, even more in the Jojo Universe. Need to know that the STANDS here are from part 3 – 7 because there are no Jojolion Stands in-game yet. Of course, to get a STANDS, you need a Stand Arrow with at least Worthiness I.

For your information, STANDS from the Steel Ball Run universe need the use of the Rib cage of the Saint’s Corpse. If you roll a stand that has a Skin variant, then you are able to roll the skin with the pity system or by using a lucky arrow.

Here is a list of STANDS:

Arrow Stands

    • Whitesnake
    • Star Platinum
    • The World
    • Anubis
    • Red Hot Chili Pepper
    • Crazy Diamond
    • Gold Experience
    • King Crimson
    • Silver Chariot
    • Hermit Purple
    • The Hand
    • Purple Haze
    • Cream
    • Hieroplant Green
    • Magician’s Red
    • White Album
    • Aerosmith
    • Six Pistols
    • Beach Boy
    • Mr. President
    • Sticky Fingers

Rib Cage Stands

    • Scary Monsters
    • The World Alternate Universe
    • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    • Tusk (Act I)

Evolved Stands

    • Gold Experience Requiem
    • King Crimson Requiem
    • Chariot Requiem
    • Killer Queen: Bites the Dust
    • Star Platinum: The World
    • Tusk Act 2
    • Tusk Act 3
    • Tusk Act 4
    • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Love Train)
    • C-Moon
    • Made In Heaven
    • The World Over Heaven

Your Bizarre Adventure’s Settings GUI

In this menu, you are able to select certain options to change your gameplay, or useful information.

    • Stand/Fighting Style
    • Global Keybinds: Shift Lock – Run – Dash – Stand Summon
    • Standing Keybinds: E, R, T, Y, U, H, J, Z, X, C
    • Fighting Style Keybinds: G, H, Z, X, C, V, B
    • Toggle Music Volume: You are able to turn the background music on/off.
    • Toggle DMG Indicators: You are able to turn the red damage indicators on/off, also you are able to reduce lag slightly.
    • Roll A Random Stand: Pay Robux to roll a random stand.
    • Reset Skill Points:  your skill points are going to be returned back to you.

Project Star – A game inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Project Star is a Roblox game that made by 10_MinuteAdRevenue and lmaginationBurst for fun. The game is inspired by a popular animated TV show series called “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” According to the research, the game of Roblox Project Star created on March 27, 2021. The last update of the game was on September 26, 2021. The server size of the game is 1. Project Star game is categorized into RPG genre. Recently, the game of Project Star has place visits around 12,8 Million. Also, the game has 192, 156 favorites.

This is very anticipated by the anime community. Once again we inform you that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is the inspiration for the game. It is the real-world experience where you will be able to fight with your all opponents in huge arenas. As a player, you are able to use your skills to build your own builds. Apparently, there are many aspects to the game which you are able to discover after it is released. For those who never play the game of Roblox Project Star, we suggest you to play the game.