Pulse Carbine Halo Infinite Challenge

In the game called Halo Infinite, the Pulse Carbine is known as the Covenant version of the Battle Rifle. For those who want to get rid of the shield of the opponent, the best thing that you can do is to hit it with the Pulse Carbine. However, it does not have the same distance, which is different compared to the Stalker Rifle. It means, it will be needed for you to have a little closer to the enemy if you want to make the weapon to be truly effective.

Talking about Pulse Carbine in Halo Infinite, on Reddit, there is a thread entitled Halo Infinite challenge issues. This one was posted by a user called u/Mist_Shark 8 days ago. Basically, he is having an issue about getting challenges for the Pulse Carbine and or the Cindershot to count. For him, these challenges are not progressing for whatever reason. The issues include:

    • It Bears Repeating: Kill opponent Spartans with the Pulse Carbine in PvP 0/3
    • Ultra Tech: Kill an opponent Spartan with the Cindershot in PvP 0/1

According to the user, he got 1 kill with the Cindershot and 2 with the Pulse Carbine and neither of the challenges progressed.

Pulse Carbine Halo Infinite Challenge

There are a total of 26 comments under the thread. Here are some of these comments:

    1. Lamarius says that It Bears Repeating is not progressing for him either. DarkNext6357 agrees that it is the same for him and it does not help that the gun is absolutely awful. wander4wonder thinks that it is such a shame because he likes it in concept and it just needs a faster projectile to be any useful. Besides, It bears Repeating is broken for him.
    2. TheSigmaBot also experiences the same situation. He says it is really awful given it’s literally the only way to get XP here. It is extremely frustrating. He has to go out of his way to get these just for them to not register. He then thanks the developers for pushing the players to get these challenge swaps. The original uploader, Mist_Shark, says that he opened up a ticket with Halo Support about this and got a response a few minutes ago. In the response, they said that if he knew the others that had this happen to ask them to open up a ticket visit link here. For your information, the spot to open a ticket is close to the bottom of the page. To the response, PaladinStarvos says that he opened up a ticket and they did not say anything. Either way he has two Pulse Rifle challenges and neither is progressing.
    3. Mist_Shark, says that he opened up a ticket with Halo Support about this and got a response a few minutes ago. In the response, they said that if he knew the others that had this happen to ask them to open up a ticket visit link here. To the comment, Bollziepon responds that he just opened a ticket himself and It Bears Repeating will not progress. unforg1v4bl3 agrees with him as he has the exact same issue and the ticket submitted.
    4. Solid-Goomba has the same issue with It Bears Repeating and also opened a ticket. It is the last challenge that he has left to unlock the capstone, that’s why it is extremely frustrating. Besides, he also hates using the Pulse Carbine in general. According to him, he has gotten more than 10 kills with it while absolutely tanking his team contributions. If the developers were not so stingy with the challenge swaps, he probably would have burned one by now.
    5. SupKilly has the same issue with It Bears Repeating.
    6. the_potso has the same issue for Ultra Teach and he just submitted a ticket.
    7. JACOBtl96 is having the same issues. It is rather annoying for him. However, he just opened a ticket, so fingers crossed. Then, he got a reply sating that there is no workaround at the moment and they cannot predict when there might be a resolution. However, the issue has been logged and they will work on it. Mist_Shark hopes more people telling them get it fixed faster. DarkNext6357 hopes it does not affect them trying to get the Sigil Visor.
    8. Jazzlike_Welder_5466 says that he just signed a ticket as well. He cannot get pass a lot of the challenges because of this and currently he is stuck on the Cindershot with two levels of the battle pass separating him from a challenge swap.
    9. ecto_BRUH says he cannot do the same thing.
    10. arron_chana says that if it says pvp next to the challenge it has to be completed in quick play. It cannot be completed in  BTB playlist. Mist_Shark says that he has done it in quickplay and ranked as well. PaladinStavros says that he has done literally all his other pvp challenges in btb just fine.
    11. Lilvapegang thinks that Ultra Tech is bugged. He hit 5 Cindershot kills last game and nothing.
    12. ScurvyDave123 says that it is not progressing for him either. With that being said, at first, he hated the weapon. Now, he thinks that it slaps for mid range combat.
    13. SubJuicy says that he has got the same issues with the Pulse Carbine one and he has got a problem with his Heatwave one.
    14. Kaldaris says that he is having the sameproblem and got it to 2/3 and now it will not register the 3rd kill.

For the details about the thread, the best thing that you have to do is to go to the official website called Reddit. As you probably know, Reddit is a popular community where a lot of people are there, including the players of Halo Infinite. Viewing the thread mentioned above is free. However, if you want to leave a comment or to join the discussion, you will have to log in to the platform by entering the username and the password.

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