What Kind of Spartan is Master Chief in Halo Infinite

Since its release, Master Chief has become the face of the Halo Franchise that has been rapidly popular among the community. It is known that Master Chief is the most important figure that ranks that higher position in the game. It doesn’t wonder if many players choose the Master Chief as their spartan.

If this is the first time you play Halo Infinite, you may not know more about Master Chief, about how worthy he can be used in the game and how his ability is the game. In the case of choosing Master Chief, as your Spartan, it would be better for you to learn about him deeply. So, you will know what kind of Spartan Master Chief is.

What Kind of Spartan is Master Chief in Halo Infinite


Pretty officer John 117 or better known as Master Chief is the main protagonist and playable characters in Halo Infinite series. It is said that Master Chief is one of the last remaining Spartans after the horrible finale of Halo Reach that makes him an endangered species and a precious weapon.

Master Chief is also responsible for defeating the Covenant zealots and the Flood that actually end the way from the original Halo trilogy. Since then, the new threats have appeared in the form of Promethean Knights, their superweapons and also resurrected Forerunners.

In the game of Halo Infinite, the story of Master Chief is actually set to be more personal, since his mission is to stop Cortana, his Al ally. In the game, Cortana has picked out control of Forerunner weapons that are called Guardians.

Moreover, Cortana has also activated a new Halo array to enforce the galaxy into submission under her rules. In ths case, Master Chief actually needs to convience Cortana to retreat before he commits acts of genocide or also before he is crushed by the Chief or another force.


personality John 117

To know about what kind of spartan Master Chief is in the game will also refer to his personality. By knowing his personality, you will be able to choose him at the right time.

According to some Halo Infinite Wiki, Master Chief is described as a professional, determined and aso reserved spartan in Halo. He is quiet and stoic and prefers to let his actions speak for him.

In the game, Master Chief does not express any interest in anything outside of completing his mission. Even though he really respects the chain of command, Master Chief is not mindless  and has disobeyed a direct order on several occasions that conflicted with his conscience.

Master Chief sometimes shows a wry sense of humor, however the covenant onslaught actually leaves little time for humor. In some circumstances, the Master Chief shows exceptional care for soldiers under his command.

It is known that Master Chief gets hard to understand the ‘undisciplined’ lifestyle of civilians. Therefore, he is extremely protective of civilians’ lives and humanity as a whole. Master Chief remained on-site after the massacre of Draco III until every Covenant soldier was responsible for the death of the atrocity.


Appearance Master Chief in Halo Infinite

Appearance is one of the major points when you are identifying what kind of Halo Spartan Master Chief is. Talking about his appearance, there are a lot of sources that share interesting facts about him.

As you can see, Master Chief is incredibly tall where he can stand at six feet and seven inches. His height is seen when he walks past Spartan Sarah Palmer and every player can see how tall Master Chief is in comparison to her.

In addition to his height, it may also surprise you that Master Chief weighs one thousand pounds while he is in his armor. Another interesting fact about him is that Master Chief has brown hair, but Spartans are not allowed to grow out their hair.

You may not know what his skin looks like, as he is always seen to wear his Mjolnir armor. But, some sources tell that his skin is really pale. From here, you can also suggest that Master Chief’s body is also pale as his head.

Identifying his eyes, it was confirmed that Master Chief has bright blue eyes that gaze out from beneath his Mjolnir helmet. With his age that was over 40 years old, you can see that Master Chief is still young, making players guess that he was still at the age of 20.


As the stronger spartan in Halo Infinite, you may also wonder about his ability. It is known that Master Chief is a skilled sniper. In the battle, he is very capable to close quarters combatant, pilot and explosive expert. Along with other Spartans, Master Chief also has trained on a wide range of battle areas. Because of the equal training and preparation to defend humanity, he is also known as the best Spartan.

Master Chief has his armor that can connect with the neural implants of Spartan when he is wearing it. As we know, Mjolnir armor is truly one of the most amazing creations in Halo. When Master Chief is wearing this Mjolnir armor, any acts that he performs will be sent automatically to the armor. In other words, his armor will be able to read Master Chief’s mind and move before he really moves his own arm.

Another source also informs that Master Chief can run up to 60 miles per hour and his armor will actually speed him rather than slow him down, despite its hefty shape. In Halo Infinite, Master Chief is known to be able to run very faster, quickly than the mechanic of the game makes it appear.


The mission is always Master Chief’s interest. It is not doubted if he has spent his life preparing for battle. Sure, it cannot be separated from the dehumanizing training of the Spartan-II program that has rendered him something more analogous to a war machine than to a regular human.

Master Chief’s challenge is all about saving humanity. In this case of protecting civilians, he is carrying the slim hope of humanity’s continued survival on his armored shoulders.

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