OSRS Vorkath Range Setup

Vorkath is a boss-monster in OSRS that first found during the Dragon Slayer II quest as the penultimate boss. After you complete Dragon Slayer II, he can be fought again and now he is stronger than before. Be careful of Vorkath’s acid pool quickfire barrage, suicide spawn and insta-kill vertical dragonfire attacks, these attacks can kill you immediately. Here, we are going to reveal information related to Vorkath range setup.

Vorkath OSRS Range Setup

With 99 Ranged and a high Defence level, the players must expect anywhere from 3-6 kills with this range setup. The Toxic blowpipe is a cheaper. However, it still effective method of killing Vorkath. The OSRS players have to use Void Knight equipment, and replace the ammo slot with a God blessing. Do not forget to bring a defence-reduction special attack weapon. Also, the players need use Protect from Magic with blowpipe along with an antifire potion. In fighting a boss-monster Vorkath, the players have to use Bandos godsword or Dragon warhammer at the start of the battle to lower Vorkath’s defence.

OSRS Vorkath Range Setup

Actually, Dragon hunter crossbow weapon is the most effective ranged weapon to fight Vorkath. But, not all players can buy this crossbow as its cost is very expensive. The passive effect damage and accuracy from Dragon hunter crossbow will be able to increase stack with the Salve amulet (i) or Salve amulet (ei) and Void Knight equipment allowing the players to hit in the 70 without the special effects at 99 Ranged.

The players have to know that Salve amulet will give no bonuses to any Ranged. The amulet must be imbued to give Ranged bonuses. The players can only use Dragonfire ward or an Anti-dragon shield with Dragon hunter crossbow, while they are praying Protect from Missiles to receive the least amount of damage. Remember that the Dragonfire shield is an inferior choice to the Anti-dragon shield despite its defences, as it gives a negative Ranged bonus. Other usual items such as the Twisted buckler or Book of law ask you to pray Protect from Magic, making you to take more damage each kill, and shortening your trips.

After each successful Vorkath kill or failure to lower Vorkath’s defence with both special attacks, the players need to replenish their special attack bars with an ornate rejuvenation pool or the Clan Wars FFA portal. At 99 Ranged and Rune darts, it is advised to stay regardless of whether or not you landed a special attack.

Alternative for Vorkath Range Setup – Ranged Blowpipe

Toxic blowpipe,
Toxic blowpipe

If you do not have a dragon hunter crossbow, a Toxic blowpipe is an effective method of killing Vorkath. You have to use Void Knight equipment if using a defence-reduction special attack weapon. Also, using standard ranging armour (such as black d’hide) will be higher damage output and give higher defence than normal void equipment, while elite void is still quite strong. Aside from that, you have to use Protect from Magic with the blowpipe along with a super antifire potion. In addition, you have to use a Bandos godsword or dragon warhammer at the start of the fight to bring down Vorkath’s defence.

After you kill Vorkath or success to lower Vorkath’s defence, then you have to replenish their special attack bars with a restoration pool or better. Once again, at 99 Ranged and rune darts, it is very recommended to stay regardless of whether or not you have landed a special attack.

Vorkath OSRS Melee Setup

Now, we will also to talk about Vorkath Melee setup. If using Melee, the flinching method is highly recommended. The players have to use a protection from Magic and also use the best melee armour. Please attack Vorkath once before moving away while you check his attack speed. This can ensure that the players will avoid his melee attacks, and they only receive damage from dragonfire and ranged attacks. As we know that Vorkath is very weak to stab attacks. Therefore, the best weapon against him is the Ghrazi rapier. First, the players have to lower Vorkath’s defences so that the Zamorakian hasta will be able to deal more damage.

About Ranged OSRS

Ranged OSRS

Talking about Vorkath Range setup, you also need to know what Ranged OSRS is. For your information, Ranged is one of the three combat classes in the game of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Ranged involves using crossbows, bows, and thrown weapons to damage enemies from a distance. Ranged armour can mostly be created from animal hides. The players who specialize in this skill are recognized as the rangers or archers.

The rangers have the highest accuracy of any combat type. It increase a maximum of +243 to Ranged attack, defeating Magic with a maximum of +152, and Melee with a maximum of +212 to crush. For this case, it is frequently used against the monsters with very high Defence. Usually, the combat triangle can dictate that the rangers are strong against mages but weak against melee fighters.

If you have an ability to attack from a distance, it means that you are able to safespot a melee monster while fighting from safety. Remember that some melee monsters OSRS have a high Ranged Defence. Thus, a high Ranged level will be needed. Crossbows are useful weapons against monsters with high Defence like Vorkath because the weapons are very accurate. The players are able to choose whether they want ammunition on the ground to be equipped automatically or remain in the inventory when picked up by speaking to the Ranged combat tutor.

Ranged OSRS Stats

Apparently, there are three ranged equipment stats: Two for attack (Ranged Attack and Ranged Strength) and one for defence (Ranged Defence). Ranged weapons give Ranged Attack for accuracy, Ranged Strength for max hit and armour provides + Ranged Defence

For note: The bows give the Ranged Attack. The ammo gives Ranged Strength. The darts, knives and throwing axes both stats are provided by the weapon. This is different with the common misconception that the higher arrows  are no better to use than the lower ones.

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