OSRS Kraken Tentacle Price and Info

When monsters are defeated or die, they commonly will drop the items. The items here can also be mentioned as ‘drops’ or ‘loot’ where the player can pick it up. So as with the Kraken, they will drop any items for the players when defeated. One of the Kraken’s dropped items is  Kraken Tentacle.

The Kraken tentacle function is similar to RuneScape 3’s wyrm spike where it’s used to create an upgraded version of the abyssal whip, the lava whip. Similar to the tentacle, the lava whip is also degradable which can be charged by adding more whips.

Considering the Kraken tentacle is very precious to use in the game, of course a lot of OSRS fans are wondering for its price, though it’s not sold in the store. Thankfully, this post will show you the average price of the Kraken Tentacle. Here you go!

Kraken Tentacle Price

The Kraken Tentacle price was available for 10 month ago on 9 June 2020, 02:15 (UTC) where its price is 471,204 with other detail as follow:

    • Exchange ID: 12004
    • Low Alchemy: 33,336
    • High Alchemy: 50,004
    • Value: 83,340
    • Exchange limit: 70

However, the price was available 10 month ago, not updated yet.

In addition, we also show you the price of Kraken Tentacle that we get from ge-tracker.com. This site is always updated for the buy/sell Kraken tentacle price. The current price and trade volumes will be updated every 5-minutes. You can also do a margin calculation in-game to check current prices.

Here are they:

    • Current Price: 357,166
    • Buying Quantity (1 hour): 44
    • Approx. Offer Price: 355,023
    • Selling Quantity (1 hour): 43
    • Approx. Sell Price: 355,836
    • Buy/Sell Ratio: 1.02
    • Approx. Profit: +813 (0.62%)  -714
    • GE Limit: 70
    • High Alch Value: 50,004
    • High Alch Profit: -305,188

Kraken Tentacle Info

OSRS Kraken Tentacle Price and Info

The Kraken Tentacle is an item that you can get after killing the cave krakens and their stronger and larger version, Kraken. You definitely can find the Kraken in the Kraken cove, a dungeon which is located south-west of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, cave kraken and housing waterfiends.

The fastest way to get this location is through fairy rings. You can use the code a . k . q, then run west to the dungeon entrance. After that, run north once entering the Kraken cove in order to find the entrance to the Kraken’s lair.

It will create the abyssal tentacle when attached to an abyssal whip. The abyssal tentacle here is an upgraded version of whip which requires level 75 Attack to wield. Surely, the players are able to attach a kraken tentacle to an abyssal whip.

To get the Kraken tentacle as a drop, the player should reach a minimum of level 87 Slayer. Once combined with the whip, the players’ weapon will degrade once 10,000 hits to consume the whip and leave only the tentacle.

Moreover, the abyssal tentacle can be made with the Kraken tentacle on an abyssal whip. Then, there will be a warning message that say ‘The tentacle will gradually consume your whip and destroy it. You won’t be able to get the whip out again. The combined item is not tradeable’ when the players use the items on each other.

After getting the Kraken tentacles, you can give 10 Kraken tentacles to Lieve McCracken to increase a trident of the seas or swamp to hold 20,000 charges instead of 2,500. Need to know, to enhance for every trident, 10 Kraken tentacles will be required.


    • Combat level: 291
    • Quantity: 1
    • Rarity: Rare (1/300)

Cave Kraken

    • Combat level: 127
    • Quantity: 1
    • Rarity: Very Rare (1/1,200)

For your information, the Kraken Tentacle was released on April 10, 2014. Here’s for additional information about the Kraken tentacle:

    • Members only: Yes
    • High Alchemy: 50,004 coins
    • Low Alchemy: 33,336 coins
    • Destroy: Drop
    • Store price: Not sold
    • Exchange price: 1 471,204 coins (info)
    • Buy limit: 70
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Drop Rate: Unknown
    • Drops From: Unknown

The Strategy to Kill the Kraken Monster

The Strategy to Kill the Kraken Monster

As you know, in order to get the Kraken Tentacle, you should defeat or kill the Kraken monster first. However, to kill them is not easy even if you do not know the strategy for killing them. If you really desire to get the Kraken Tentacle, of course, knowing the best strategy to kill them is totally a must for you.

Well, the best strategy to kill the Kraken is by using the Magic attack. The level Magic 75 is required or higher to equip the correct staves. make sure that you use Augury or Mystic Might to maximize magic defense and DPS.

Aside from using Magic attack, you should also finish for partial completion of Quest Points Fairytale II – Cure a Queen to access the fairy rings network.

Sure, to kill the Kraken monster, you have to find where they are located (the location of the Kraken has been explained above). Once you find the location of the Kraken, the first thing you should do is to summon them.

To summon Kraken up water, you  need to disturb four small whirlpools. By attacking those whirlpools once with your ranged weapon, the Kraken will spawn out of water. You can do it four times to spawn all four tentacles and the switch back to your magic weapon and begin dealing damage to the Kraken boss.

In the combat, you will be attacked by four Enormous Tentacles and by the Kraken itself. Need to know that Kraken only attacks with a typeless magical ranged attack. The maximum hit of this attack is 28 where it is not very accurate and has an attack speed of 4 (for example every 2.4 seconds).

Then, the Enormous Tentacle Kraken only attacks with a typeless magical ranged attack. The maximum hit of this attack is 2 where it is very accurate and has an attack speed of 4 (for example every 2.4 seconds).

Well, that’s everything that you should know about the Kraken Tentacle price and how to get the Kraken Tentacle itself. Once you successfully kill the Kraken, its tentacle can be yours immediately.