OSRS Kraken Strategy Guide

Do you play Old School Runescape and are looking for the thing about Kraken? If the answer to the question is yes, you are in the right place as you will be guided to the Kraken strategy in the game. To understand everything, it would be good for you to not skip anything and read everything. In case there is anything that you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask it to the communities or forums related to the game where people who share the same interest gather.

In the world of Old School Runescape or OSRS, the name Kraken refers to the Slayer boss, the one that is only able to be killed while on a Slayer task to kill kraken. It is able to be found in the thing called Kraken Cove.

OSRS Kraken Strategy Guide

Using the Magic attack style is recommended if you want to fight the Kraken. It has been known that this one is highly resistant to ranged and immune to Melee because it cannot be reached by Melee attacks. The Kraken is known as the popular boss because there are no complex mechanics when facing this boss. It means it might be hard to discover an empty world. As the alternative, the player has an option to create an instance for 25,000 coins. However, it lasts only until the player leaves or logs out.

Suggested skills:

    • 75+ Magic
    • 87+ Slayer
    • 75+ Defense
    • 80+ Hitpoints
    • 75+ Prayer (Elysian spirit shield)


    • Level 87 Slayer to deal damage against the Kraken.


It is stated that the players have to disturb a total of four smaller whirlpools before having a chance to release the Kraken. To do so, the need to first attack the four small whirlpools and then attack the central larger one. Doing so will change the smaller ones into four Enormous Tentacles. As for the central whirlpool, it will be change into the Kraken itself.

When the fight is happening, the four Enormous Tentacles and Kraken will attack the player. They will be attacked by Kraken with a typeless magical ranged attack. For those who have no idea, types means that protection prayers will not have any effect. As for the magical ranged, it means that the attack accuracy is decided by the ranged attack bonuses of the Kraken and the magic defense bonuses of the player. Actually, the attack is not that accurate and the speed of it is only 4, such as every 2.4 seconds.

What about the Enormous Tentacles? They only attack the player with a typeless magical ranged attack. The attack of this one is really accurate and it has the speed of 4.


This one is the best in slot available equipment that can be used to mage the Kraken. The following set has a price of 1,256,845,639 coins.

    • Slayer helmet
    • Emmbued saradomin cape
    • Occult necklace
    • Kebbit bolts
    • Harmonized nightmare staff
    • Ancestral robe top
    • Tome of fire
    • Ancestral robe bottom
    • Tormented bracelet
    • Eternal boots
    • Ring of suffering

In case the setup above is not accessible or it is too expensive for you, here is the recommended equipment for DPS:

Slot Item (most effective à least affective)
Slayer helmet Black mask Any halo N/A N/A
Occult necklace Amulet of fury Amulet of glory N/A N/A
Imbued god cape God cape Fire cape Capes of accomplishments (trimmed) Ardougne cloak
Ancestral robe top) Armadyl chestplate Karil’s leathertop Blessed body Black d’hide body
Ancestral robe bottom Armadyl chainskirt Karil’s leatherskirt Elite void robe Blessed chaps
Harmonized nightmare staff in combination with Fire Surge and tome of fire Sanguiesti staff Trident of the swamp Kodai wand

Staff of the dead in combination with Fire Surge and tome of fire

Trident of the seas
Time of fire (if using Fire Surge)

Elysian spirit shield

Spectral spirit shield Dragonfire ward Twisted buckler Odium ward
Rada’s blessing 4

Kebbit bolts (If using the Hunters’ crossbow to disturb the Enormous Tentacles)

God blessing Rada’s blessing 3/2 N/A N/A N/A
Tormented bracelet Barrows gloves Infinity gloves Regen bracelet Combat bracelet
Eternal boost Infinity boots Boots of brimstone Silly jester boots Mystic boots
Ring of suffering Seers ring Brimstone ring Lunar ring N/A
Volatile nightmare staff Eldritch nightmare staff N/A N/A N/A


    • Toxic blowpipe or magic shortbow with any arrows
    • 1 Magic potion or Imbued heart
    • 304 Prayer potions
    • Empty Rune pouch that will be used to pick up runes that is dropped by Kraken or runes for blood spells to extend trips or high Level Alchemy
    • A house tab or Ectophial for escaping
    • High dealing food such as pineapple pizzas or sharks to full the remaining inventory spaces


The amount of the food that is dropped by Kraken is usually a lot. In the worst case, it can be 5 edible seaweed. It is also possible for it to drop 5 sharks. As a player, it is a must for you to practice juggling or dropping them and picking them before they disappear. It is needed to extend a trip because it would be a shame to leave all the free health to disappear.

Please keep in mind that items disappear two minutes after being dropped. The dropped items can be seen by the players after one minute. However, it is fine if instancing, as they disappear in a half hour within the Kraken Cove instance.

If you want to prevent getting combo’ed out, you can try to keep the health at 35. In most cases, the main damage will usually come from Enormous Tentacles. The reason is because even though they have a max hit of 2, they have accurate attack, even with high magic defense. On the other side, there is a higher max hit of 28 of Kraken. Unfortunately, this one is not accurate.

Remember that Protect from Magic has no effect on the Kraken and its tentacles attacks, so it is better for you to hope for the Augury or Mystic Might instead in order to rise up the accuracy and magical defense.