OSRS Money Making Guide

For those who looking for information regarding Old School RuneScape money making guide, you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to reveal that information. So, make sure you do not miss any information.

OSRS Money Making

There are many ways to make money in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and the requirements to do that. Remember that the prices and hourly rates are only an estimate. The rates and profit are likely to differ. There are likely other methods which are not included here.

OSRS Money Making Guide

If you see a difference between profits listed here and profits listed on the guide pages, it is might because of a caching problem. For this case, you are able to remove the cache and force an update. Also, you have to research the items and methods frequently before trying these ways due to constantly changing prices of items, the estimated profit can be inaccurate.

Any method in the hourly profit section which relies on purchasing an item from the Grand Exchange is shown only for completeness, because most of those ways ignore the item’s buy limit. Such methods include the processing materials. Thus, you should not rely on the methods that rely on certain purchase prices or have restrictive buy limits.

For note: All prices here are calculated by using current Grand Exchange market prices. It means that the actual profit per hour may vary from what is stated here. Once again, if you see a difference between profits listed here and profits listed on the guide pages, it is likely a caching problem.

OSRS Money Making Methods  

Most OSRS money making methods rely on the Grand Exchange item prices, that may fluctuate because the players constantly sell for higher or lower than the listed price. Also, several items are less stable than others. For methods involving the processing of items, we suggest you to test each method with a small sample size before you invest a lot of money, because the prices may not be accurate fully, probably resulting in loss.

Method Profit Skill Category
Killing The Nightmare 3,612,000 Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints 90+, Magic 90+, prayer 70+ recommended. Combat/High
Killing the Alchemical Hydra 3,605,000 Slayer 95 required.

Ranged 75+, prayer 74+, hitpoints 85+ recommended.

Completing The Corrupted Gauntlet 3,519,000 All Song of the Elves’ quest requirements.
Although there is no strict requirement, but high combat stats are recommended to complete The Corrupted Gauntlet.
Theatre of Blood 3,401,000 Attack 95+ , Strength 95+ , defence 95+ , Hitpoint 95+ , Ranged  90+, Magic 94+, prayer 77+ recommended. Combat/High
Hallowed Sepulchre 3,010,000 The requirements of Sins of the Father quest.
Agility 92 to allow access to floor, Thieving 66 , prayer 54 , Construction 56 , Ranged 62 to complete skill challenges and loot coffins.
Killing Vorkath (Dragon hunter lance) 2,988,000 Attack 90+ , Strength, Hitpoints, defence, prayer 70+  recommended. Combat/High
Killing Vorkath (Dragon hunter crossbow) 2,830,000 Ranged 90+ , Hitpoints, defence 80+, prayer 74+ recommended. Combat/High
Killing the Corporeal Beast 2,720,000 High melee stats

Prayer 37+ (Protect from Magic)

Construction 90+ recommended for an ornate rejuvenation pool.

Opening eclectic impling jars 2,217,000 Construction 42 and Magic 96 recommended for clue steps. Processing
Killing Cerberus 2,188,000 Slayer 91, Attack 85+ , strength, defence, prayer 70+ recommended. Combat/High
Exchanging mole parts 2,130,000 None Processing
Pickpocketing elves 2,061,000 Thieving 85+ (99 recommended)

Agility  50 for Rogue equipment
Decent hitpoints

Herblore  97 Recommended

Killing General Graardor 2,005,000 Strength 70+ required to enter Bandos’ Stronghold

Attack 80+, Strength , Defence recommended
Magic 75+ strongly recommended to tank Magic attacks

Prayer 70+ recommended and must have at least 43 prayer for protection

Pickpocketing vyres 1,989,000 Thieving  82+ (99 recommended)

Agility  50 for Rogue equipment
Decent Hitpoints

Killing Vorkath (Toxic blowpipe) 1,866,000 Ranged 90+ , Hitpoints, Attack  80+ , Strength, defence, prayer 74+ for Piety and Rigour recommended
Various others required for the quests
Chambers of Xeric 1,848,000 Attack 90+ , Strength, Defence, Magic, ranged, prayer 70+ recommended
A party member with farming 55+ , herblore 78+ , construction 30+ (strongly recommended)
Killing K’ril Tsutsaroth 1,813,000 Hitpoints  70+ required to enter Zamorak’s Fortress

Attack 80+ , strength, Defence, recommended

Magic 75+ strongly recommended to tank Magic attacks

Prayer 70+ recommended with at least 43 for protection

Killing demonic gorillas 1,797,000 Strength 80+, Attack 75+, defence, ranged, prayer 43+ and slayer 69+ Combat/High
Completing The Gauntlet 1,667,000 All Song of the Elves’ quest requirements. Although there is no strict requirement, the high combat stats are recommended to complete The Gauntlet. Combat/High
Cremating urium remains 1,450,000 Firemaking 95 Skilling/Firemaking
Killing the Abyssal Sire 1,415,000 Slayer 85, Attack 85+ , strength, defence , ranged 85+, magic 92+, prayer 70+, construction 90+ recommended for Fairy ring (Construction) and Ornate rejuvenation pool. Combat/High
Killing rune dragons 1,289,000 Hitpoints 90+ , Attack, strength, defence, magic 75+ , prayer recommended. Combat/High
Crafting wrath runes 1,267,000 Runecraft 95 Skilling/Runecraft
Killing Callisto 1,252,000 Combat level 90 (95+ Recommended)

Hitpoints 60 (90+ Recommended)

Strength 70 (90+ Recommended)

Attack  70 (90+ Recommended)

Defence 70 (90+ Recommended)

Hunting black chinchompas 1,211,000 Hunter 80+, Prayer 43+ and defence 70+ for protection Prayers and Barrows armour (optional but strongly recommended) Skilling/Hunter
Killing lava dragons 1,162,000 Ranged 80+ recommended

Magic 75+ recommended

Defence 70+ recommended

Prayer 43+ recommended

Pickpocketing H.A.M. members 1,147,000 Thieving15 (93 recommended)
Decent HitpointsMagic 96 recommended

Construction 27 recommended

Killing Commander Zilyana 1,131,000 Defence 70+, Ranged 80+, hitpoints, paryer 74+ and agility 70 recommended Combat/High
Pickpocketing master farmers 1,096,000 Thieving 38+ (94+ recommended)

Thieving 50 and agility for Rogue equipment
Decent hitpoints

Killing brutal black dragons 1,063,000 Slayer 77

Prayer 37+ (Protect from Magic)

Construction 45 (Chapel with at least Oak altar)

Ranged 85+ recommended

Crafting death runes through the Abyss 1,063,000 Runecraft 65 (99 recommended)

Mining 21 (70+ recommended)

hitpoints 70+ , agility and thieving (For optional)

Killing Zulrah 1,052,000 Defence 70+, Ranged 80+, magic (only magic 85+),

Hitpoints recommended

Prayer  45+ recommended