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Overview – OSRS Combat Level

Combat level of a player, monster or non player character indicates the difficulty in beating him, her, or it in combat. The levels which are lower than yours will display shades of green, the levels which are slightly lower than one’s display yellow-ish, the levels which are equal to one’s are displayed as yellow and the levels which are higher than yours will display shades of orange to red.

Usually, aggressive non-player characters will stop attacking you when you reach higher than double their combat level. But, there are exceptions, for instance, any monster in the Wilderness is going to be aggressive no matter what your combat level, which is very annoying to the player killers fighting in a single-way area.

The monsters with a higher combat level than a player will not be able to be attacked by using a left mouse click. Instead, the players have to right click and choose the attack monster option. For this case, you are able to change this setting in the Options tab. Therefore, to attack a Blue dragon with combat level 111 with a left click, a player will need a combat level of at least 111. It is probably to edit this in the settings under Controls by changing Attack option priority. For note: Default is “Depends on combat levels.”

All new players will start at combat level 3. For your information, the maximum level for RuneScape 2 is level 126, while the maximum level for RuneScape Classic is level 123.

Calculating OSRS Combat Level

    • Firstly, you have to take your prayer level and divide it by two and round down. For instance, if your Prayer level is 43, dividing by two and rounding down gives you 21.
    • After that, you have to add this to your Hitpoints and Defence levels and then divide the result by four. This is your base combat level. For instance, if your Hitpoints is 60, Defence is 70 and prayer is 43 you must end up with 37.75.
    • Now, you are able to add your strength and Attack levels together and multiply by 0.325. You need to add this to your base combat level and then you should have your melee combat level.
    • If your Magic or Ranged level is very higher than your Attack and Strength, please carry on in the calculation below, Magic is used, but if your Ranged is higher, you have to use that instead in all cases.
    • Next, you have to divide your magic level by two and round down. Do not forget to add your magic level again to this. For instance, if your magic level is 83, so you have to end up with 124.
    • Lastly, you only need to multiply this by 0.325 and then add the result to your base combat level calculated above. You are going to have your magic combat level.


    • Base = 0.25(Defence + Hitpoints + floor(Prayer/2))
    • Melee = 0.325(Attack + Strength)
    • Range = 0.325(floor(Ranged/2) + Ranged)
    • Mage = 0.325(floor(Magic/2) + Magic)
    • Final = floor(Base + Highest of Melee, Range or Mage)

Combined formula

    • Melee combat level = floor(0.25 (Defence + Hits + floor(Prayer/2)) + 0.325 (Attack + Strength))
    • Ranged combat level = floor(0.25(Defence + Hits + floor(Prayer/2)) + 0.325(floor(R/2) + R))
    • Magic combat level = floor(0.25(Defence + Hits + floor(Prayer/2)) + 0.325(floor(M/2) + M))

Need to know that Combat level is the only visible parameter on the game that the players have to evaluate another player. The high combat levels do not always accurately explain a players’ capabilities in other skills. There are many players with maximum combat that have extremely low levels in other skills, and there are also pure skillers with no combat levels and really high non-combat skills. However, there is a reasonable chance which a high combat level also implies a decent skill level and a reasonable knowledge of the game.

Usually, a more complicated assessment is in the trustworthiness of a player in trades. Several players place higher trust in higher combat level players because they have more to lose when they get banned after being reported for illegal trading practices.

OSRS Skill Calculators

There are many varieties of OSRS Skill Calculators. Usually, they have OSRS Calculators for Combat, Construction XP, Herblore Training, Max hit, a Crafting calculator and many more.

Below is a list of OSRS Skill Calculators, each offering the ability to estimate how much work is required to reach your level goals. Aside from that, this calculator will estimate the profit and loss of training your skill. It will be updated every day when the Grand Exchange (GE) guide prices are updated.

    • Agility
    • Farming
    • Firemaking
    • Fishing
    • Fletching
    • Herblore
    • Hunter
    • Magic
    • Mining
    • Construction
    • Cooking
    • Crafting
    • Prayer
    • Runecrafting
    • Smithing
    • Thieving
    • Woodcutting

How much XP does it take to level up?

Because the exponential nature of experience required for each level (for levels above 10): to level up 9 more times after leveling up once, it is going to take 15.25 times the XP required for the initial level up. Similarly for 19 more level ups, it is going to take 59 times the initial XP. You are able to check out it to see how much XP it takes to level up in OSRS.

What is the max level in OSRS?

The total level in RuneScape is the sum of all player skill levels. The max level for members right now is 2,277, while the max level for free players is 1,493. The total level is a common method for the players to compare their stats with other players.

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