Waterfiends OSRS Kraken Cove

Aside from the location of Kraken monsters, the Kraken cove is also the housing waterfiends. To get there, you can use the code a . k . q, then run west to the dungeon entrance. After that, run north once entering the Kraken cove in order to find the entrance to the Kraken’s lair.

Aside from that, you can also use a Piscatoris teleport scroll or either the Western banner 3 or 4 to teleport the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and run south-west. Then, how to find Waterfiends easily?

What Are Waterfiends?


Waterfiends is one of the monsters that you can find in the Ancient Cavern underneath the Baxtorian Falls, iorwerth Dungeon and Kraken Cove. The Waterfiends monsters are moderately resistant to all forms of battle with the exception of crush attack, significantly more vulnerable against.

They used magic attacks whose projectiles resembled Water Blast along with magical long-range attacks that resembled ice arrows. Konar quo Maten and Duradel are the only Slayer masters who task waterfiends as a rare assignment.

To get the Waterfiends’ task, you should have at least level 75 combat, unless they have requested Slayer masters ignore combat level requirements. Aside from that, you also have progressed Barbarian training up to being prompted to access the Ancient cavern as part of Barbarian Firemaking training. Moreover, killing the Waterfiend is a requirement for an elite clue scroll.

Killing the Waterfiends, Here’s the Guide!

In order to get Waterfiends, the fastest way that you can do is by accessing the Ancient Cavern which can be found south of the Barbarian Outpost. Well, the game’s necklace will allow for easy trips to the bank.

If Song of the Elves is completed, the lowerth Dungeon is also a fast teleport away with a teleport crystal. Due to Waterfiends use both magic and ranged, avoiding all of their damage through the protection prayers is impossible.

Somehow, both of the attacks are rolled against the player’s total magic resistance. Well, only armor that can provide a magic defense bonus like Karil’s armour or dragonhide is very helpful when you’re fighting Waterfiends.

In this case, using crash attacks is worth dealing damage. If a crush weapon is not available, some high-level weapons, such as the leaf blade battle ax and the Saradomin sword have quite a secondary devastating attack considering the very low defense bonus of water defense.

As an alternative way, the ranged attack is also effective as most magic-resistant armor which also gives a substantial ranged attack bonus.

The recommended way to kill Waterfiends is by using Protect from Missiles as it will get the players defend against Waterfiends. They also have to consider including Mystic Might in their quick-prayers for the added magic bonus.

Despite that, the players need to consider bringing high-healing foods such as angelfish, tuna potatoes and sharks to prolong their stay. Sure, a lot of Waterfiends’ drops are ideal for using High Level Alchemy on. The players can also find Waterfiends across the river using Magic or Ranged.

Here are all locations of Waterfiends:

Location Level Members Spawns
Ancient Cavern 115 Star 16
Iorwerth Dungeon 115 Star 20
Kraken Cove 115 Star 15
Unlit Ancient Cavern during Dragon Slayer II 115 Star 16

Waterfiends’ Drops

The average waterfiends kill is around 3,586.37. Then, the average waterfiends kill while on a Konar task is around 4,545.86. For Waterfiends in Prifddinas Slayer Dungeon, the kill rate is an additional 630 as an additional chance to get crystal shards as tertiary drops.

However, this value for crystal shards presumes that they’re made into divine super combat potions. If on Konar’s assignment in Prifddinas Slayer Dungeon, the kill rate from Brimstone keys and crystal shards was worth an additional 1,589.

100% Drops

Item: Water rune

    • Quantity: 1
    • Rarity: Always
    • Price: 5


Item: Mist Battlestaf

    • Quantity: 1
    • Rarity: 1/3,000
    • Price: 62,171

Weapons and Armour

Item Quantity Rarity Price
Staff of water 1 1/21.33 1,077
Water battlestaff 1 1/32 8,984
Adamant chainbody 1 1/64 2,835
Adamant warhammer 1 1/64 2,320
Rune med helm 1 1/64 11,111
Mystic water staff 1 1/128 25,115
Blue d’hide vambrace 1 1/128 1,462
Rune full helm 1 1/128 20,611

Runes and Ammunition

Item Quantity Rarity Price
Mithril arrow 90 1/12.8 810
Water rune 150 1/21.33 750
Sapphire bolts 15 1/25.6 1,395
Death rune 23 1/25.6 4,186
Blood rune 17 1/42.67 6,188
Mist rune 25–75 1/64 3,950–11,850
Mud rune 75–100 1/64 15,375–20,500
Steam rune 40–60 1/64 3,600–5,400


Item Quantity Rarity Price
Mithril ore 10–20 (noted) 1/32 820–1,640
Raw lobster 18 (noted) 1/42.67 2,376
Raw shark 8 (noted) 1/42.67 5,968
Shark 2 1/42.67 1,874
Mithril bar 10–15 (noted) 1/128 6,230–9,345
Uncut sapphire 3 (noted) 1/128 1,143
Uncut emerald 3 (noted) 1/128 1,695
Uncut ruby 3 (noted) 1/128 3,474
Uncut diamond 3 (noted) 1/128 8,019


There is a 9/128 opportunity of rolling the herb drop table.

Item Quantity Rarity Price
Grimy guam leaf 1 1/56.9 20
Grimy marrentill 1 1/75.9 22
Grimy tarromin 1 1/101.1 126
Grimy harralander 1 1/130 625
Grimy ranarr weed 1 1/165.5 7,701
Grimy irit leaf 1 1/227.6 509
Grimy avantoe 1 1/303.4 1,581
Grimy kwuarm 1 1/364.1 957
Grimy cadantine 1 1/455.1 1,298
Grimy lantadyme 1 1/606.8 1,024
Grimy dwarf weed 1 1/606.8 398


There is a 4/128 opportunity of rolling the rare seed drop table. In this case, watermelon seeds are an independent drop from the rare seed table.

Item Quantity Rarity Price
Watermelon seed 5–15 1/42.67 90–270
Toadflax seed 1 1/160.7 1,321
Irit seed 1 1/236 38
Belladonna seed 1 1/243.6 94
Poison ivy seed 1 1/343.3 15
Avantoe seed 1 1/343.3 545
Cactus seed 1 1/359.6 66
Potato cactus seed 1 1/503.5 14
Kwuarm seed 1 1/503.5 162
Snapdragon seed 1 1/755.2 56,139
Cadantine seed 1 1/1,079 510
Lantadyme seed 1 1/1,510 596
Snape grass seed 3 1/1,888 8,304
Dwarf weed seed 1 1/2,517 192
Torstol seed 1 1/3,776 49,782


Item Quantity Rarity Price
Coins 2,000–3,000 1/8.533 2,000–3,000
Water orb 6–10 (noted) 1/16 7,188–11,980
Vial of water 40–50 (noted) 1/32 160–200
Water talisman 1 1/32 570
Oyster 3 1/64 303
Seaweed 20–30 (noted) 1/64 280–420
Snape grass 20–30 (noted) 1/64 5,480–8,220