OSRS Cerberus Timer

In the world of the game called Old School RuneScape, the Cerberus Timer refers to the Cerberus No Ghost Method Timer. The Cerberus No Ghost Method Timer is known as the simple timer app that is usually used to assist in fighting the boss in the Old School RuneScape game called Cerberus, specifically for avoiding the ghosts or spirits phase.

There are a few features of Cerberus No Ghost Method Timer, including sound profile options (Bell on 0, or Text to Speech vocal countdown), background options (neutral and chroma key green), and minified popout for ease of use.

OSRS Cerberus Timer

The method of the Cerberus No Ghost method has been actually explained by a Youtube channel called Fall_n. The video was shared on May 10, 2020. Since the first time its release, it has gained 48,065 views and 671 likes.  Here is the link to click to be taken to the Youtube video.

In case you are wondering about something, do not hesitate to leave a comment on the comment section under the video. Even if the owner of the channel does not reply to you, the other viewers might be kind enough to help you. In addition, you can also visit the communities or forums related to the game to find out the answer of your question. You can try to make a discussion and hope for the others to join.

Talking about the No Ghost method, basically, a mechanic where it spawns three Summoned Souls is triggered by the boss Cerberus and this one is known as the Ghost Phase. The thing called the Ghost Phase is hard to endure and surviving is also not easy. Some people have found out the things that show the Ghost Phase is triggered by using a mix of the HP threshold of Cerberus and the player aggression.

In order to avoid the Ghost Phase correctly, these followings are the steps to follow:

    1. The first thing that you will have to do is to start a timer for 0:56 second on the first attack on Cerberus.
    2. Then, keep going to attack Cerberus until its HP is just above 400. It is not good to take the HP below 400 as it will fail the No Ghosts method.
    3. Do not forget to wait for the time to run out.
    4. Once a total of 0:56 seconds have passed, the next thing is to continue fighting Cerberus.

If you want to make everything run smoothly, here are a few notes to remember:

    • Once a total of 56 seconds is passed, you are recommended to use the highest DPS options available as it seems like another 0:5X second internal time will begin. Once it is done, another Ghost Phase will start, if Cerberus is not yet beaten. It is the reason why it is better to use Guthans during the first attacks to ~ 400 Hp, and then change to the highest DPS and spec weapons after the timer has finished.
    • Keep in mind that the immediate Ghost Phase can be triggered in case you attack Cerberus too early even with one second beforehand. In order to prevent the case from happening, please wait until the Time to fight alert has triggered before clicking Attack.

If you already understand how the Cerberus “No Ghosts” method timer works, you might want to try it now. Here is the link that you can click to try the timer: https://craigbavender.org/cerberustimer/.

These followings will uncover the strategy of the No Ghosts in Old School RuneScape. This strategy might be slower but it does not require a lot of resources. It is perfect for the ironmen who want to save the supplies. It is also the best one for the ironmen who do not want to deal with the lava pools and ghosts at the same time.

The Cerberus is able to be hit above 400 hitpoints. Please wait until the 14th attack to make sure that no ghosts will show up until the 28th one. It is effective to reduce the prayer potion usage to about two doses per kill if the players use the prayer flicking while they are waiting for the 14th one. It is better to put on defensive gear like the bulwark of Ding and draw a line from Cerberus during the wait to minimize the damage. Actually, it does not matter if there is a mistake and brings the health of Cerberus below 400 before the 14th attack as it is possible to reset the fight by walking back over the entrance flames.

This paragraph consists of the summary of the attack up Cerberus leading up to the 28th attack. Feel free to practice this rotation. It can be done by counting from the checkpoint special attacks. For instance, if the player wants to keep Cerberus above 400 hitpoints until the 14th attack, they can start counting three attacks after the second combo before resuming the damage. It is worth noting that the soul and lava mechanics on the 25th and 28th attacks are still conditional based on the hitpoints of the Cerberus, but the player will have a hard time on ending the fight before the souls in case there is still more than 200 HP owned by Cerberus at the 25th attack.

# Attack Condition Notes
1 COMBO Keep Health >400 until attack 14’s animation starts.
2 Auto
3 Auto
4 Auto
5 Auto
6 Auto
7 GHOSTS Only if <400 HP
8 Auto
9 Auto
10 Auto
12 Auto
13 Auto
14 GHOSTS Only if <400 HP
15 Auto If the DPS is really good, be wary of an early LAVA just before COMBO #3.
16 Auto
17 Auto
18 Auto
19 Auto
20 LAVA Only if <200 HP
22 Auto After COMBO #3, dodge LAVA on Attack #25 and race DPS to kill Cerberus before GHOSTS on Attack #28.
23 Auto
24 Auto
25 LAVA Only if <200 HP
26 Auto
27 Auto
28 GHOSTS Only if <400 HP

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