OSRS Cerberus Arclight

Arclight is one of the recommended items that you should equip when fighting Cerberus. However, Cerberus is a high level Slayer boss. Well, in order to kill Cerberus, a slayer level of 91 is required to inflict damage.

Aside from that, you will also need arclight as a demonbane weapon which requires level 75 Attack to wield. This weapon is also an upgraded variant of Darklight which features an enhanced passive effect, aside from modest improvements in attack bonus and speed.

How Worthy Is the Archlight to Kill Cerberus?

OSRS Cerberus Arclight
Even though arclight is categorized as less effective equipment for killing cerberus, however, this weapon can give a 7% increase in accuracy and damage to your total equipment stats.

Not only the blade itself, arclight effectively gives better damage output than a blade of sailor or even a Scythe of vitur in several cases against those targets when used against demonic creatures.

Arclight will maintain Darklight’s special attack, Weaken, that uses about 50% of the player’s special attack energy and lowers the enemies’ Attack, Defence and Strength levels by 10% on demons and 5% on other enemies.

Moreover, the Weaken’s effect is only applied if it’s a successful hit. If it rolls 0 on a successful hit, its effect will be applied, unlike the dragon warhammer. The use of the special attack will not reduce Arclight’s charges. In this case, the special attack’s accuracy roll depends on combat style type bonuses (stab or slash), rolling against a predefined stab defence roll.

Weaken will stack on successful hits additively, unlike the dragon warhammer which can stack multiplicatively. Therefore, two successful special attacks can decrease an enemy’s Attack, Strength and Defence by 10% or 20% if it’s a demon. As an upgrade of Darklight, Archlight can damage the second tier of vampyres.

Here’s for arclight’s stats:

Attack bonuses

    • Stab : +10
    • Slash: +38
    • Crush: +0
    • Magic: +0
    • Ranged: +0

Defence bonuses

    • Stab : +0
    • Slash: +3
    • Crush: +2
    • Magic: +2
    • Ranged: +0

Other bonuses

    • Strength: +8
    • Ranged Strength: +0
    • Magic Damage: +0%

Prayer: +0

Attack speed: 4 with interval by 24 seconds

Range: 1 square

Arclight’ Combat Style

At least, there are four combat styles of Arclight including chop, slash, lunge and block. Here’s how it breaks down:

Combat Style: Chop

    • Attack types: Slash
    • Style: Accurate
    • Experience: Attack and Hitpoints

Combat Style: Slash

    • Attack types: Slash
    • Style: Aggressive
    • Experience: Strength and Hitpoints

Combat Style: Lunge

    • Attack types: Stab
    • Style: Controlled
    • Experience: Shared and Hitpoints

Combat Style: Block

    • Attack types: Slash
    • Style: Defensive
    • Experience: Defence and Hitpoints

How to Use Arclight?

Arclight OSRS

Arclight can be created by using Darklight on the altar in the centre of the Catacombs of Kourend while 3 Ancient shards are in the inventory. This initially has 1000 charges and gets an additional 1000 charges for every 3 shards added. It can also hold a maximum of 10,000 charges.

In this case, one charge can be consumed for each successful attack when using Arclight with the exception of special attacks. Then, it will return to Darklight if all the charges  are consumed.

The rarity of ancient shards tend to prevent prolonged use of Arclight without it running out of charge. It’s recommended to refrain from recharging Arclight when it’s above 9000 charges when it’ll still cap at 10,000, so wasting the shards’ potential.

If the Arclight is lost, it can only be replaced by paying Sir Prysin around 1,000 for Darklight and increasing it with ancient shards again.

How to Kill Cerberus Easily?

To kill Cerberus and deal damage, it requires a slayer level of 91. You can also use Wild pie to increase your slayer level, but only if you have a minimum of 86 slayer. Of course, to kill Cerberus, you should find it before. Well, you can find the Cerberus’ Lair in Taverley Dungeon, at the hellhounds’ area. To enter the lair, there will be a small opening that you can crawl.

The fastest way to get Taverley Dungeon are:

    • Teleport to Falador and use the wall short cut near the West bank
    • Only a short run from the Dungeon entrance
    • Move one’s player-owned house to Taverley
    • Exit through the house portal and run south

To explore the dungeon, there are two ways:

You can go around the long way to reach the hellhounds area which requires a dusty key.

You can also crawl via a pipe shortcut (70 Agility) or run through mysterious flooring (80 Agility). Regardless of the shortcut used, it will remove the need of bringing a dusty key on every trip. As obstacles can be increased with a Summer pie, you surely need 65/75 Agility to use the shortcuts with the assistance of the pie.

By drinking an antipoison potion, it will be useful in case the poison nearby manages to poison. You can also use a Key master teleport that can teleport you straight into the lair. Those can only be gotten from cerberus herself, in quantities of three and at a rate of 1/64.

Strategy to Kill Cerberus

In the way of fighting Cerberus, it’s highly recommended to activate Protect from Magic. This is a protection prayer which can be unlocked at level 37 Prayer, placing a diagonal Magic spell bth graphic above the players’ head. It will give you 100% resistance to almost all NPC magic attacks and also 40% resistance to magic attacks dealt by the players.

However, Cerberus is weak against melee attacks, especially crush based ones. It’s better for you to deal damage as quickly as possible while noticing Cerberus’ attacks. However, the most common cause of death is the explosive marker and soul combo, regardless of which one comes first.

Cerberus’s Drops

Cerberus is the only monster which drops eternal, primoril and pegasian crystals that can be attached to the Dragon boots, Ranger boots and Infinity boots respectively.

However, the boots provide best-in-slot boots for Melee (the Primordial boots), Ranged (Pegasian boots) and Magic (the Eternal boots). Aside from that, it can also drop a Smouldering stone when it’s combined with a dragon axe, harpoon and pickaxe to turn them into their respective infernal counterparts, the infernal axe, harpoon and pickaxe.