OSRS Cerberus Guide 2021

In OSRS, Cerberus is a high level Slayer boss. This monster is able to drop eternal, primordial, and pegasian crystals. There things can be attached to the Infinity boots, Dragon boots and Ranger boots. Now, how is the Cerberus guide? Here, we have the information about it for you.

How to Get There

You are able to find Cerberus’ Lair in Taverley Dungeon at the hellhounds’ area. You can teleport to Falador and use the wall shortcut near the West bank where it is only a short run from the dungeon entrance or moving someone’s Player-owned house to Taverley, exiting through the house portal and running south. You are able to go around the long way to be able to reach the hellhounds area. It needs a dusty key.

OSRS Cerberus Guide 2021
There is also an alternative where you can crawl through a pipe shortcut or run via mysterious flooring (80 Agility). It excludes the need of bringing a dusty key on every trip. Both obstacles are able to be boosted with a Summer pie. It means that you only need 65/75 Agility to use the shortcuts with the help of the pie. If you drink an antipoison potion, it is useful if the poison spiders nearby manage to poison.

You can use a Key master teleport which can teleport you straight into the lair. You can only obtain them from Cerberus herself, in quantities of three and at a rate of 1/64.

Cerberus’ Attack Styles

Here are Cerberus attacks with all three forms of combat.

    • Melee

You will be bitten by Cerberus. This attack will be able to be used if you are standing in melee range.

    • Ranged

This attack is started by standing on her hind legs and kicking with her front legs. She fires a translucent spiky ball.

    • Magic

She lowers her head and then a smooth black ball is fired.
All of these attacks are able to deal up to 23 damage. These can be prayed against to nullify all damage.

Cerberus’ Triple Attack

This attack is started when her first attack and it is repeated after every ten attacks in sequence. Magic, ranged and melee attack ticks after one another are used by her. Same as her standard attacks, they are able to deal up to 23 damage and they can be fully blocked by prayer.

Cerberus’ Summoned Souls

    • This attack only begins when Cerberus falls under 400 health and it is used every seventh attack.
    • This attack is shown with Cerberus’ howling Aaarrroooooo and it makes three Summoned Souls appear from behind the archaic skull.
    • Each one attacks using a different combat style, from west to east.
    • Red is melee.
    • Blue is magic.
    • Green is ranged.
    • The souls will attack each time they are called in by Cerberus.
    • If the attack is not protected, it will give 30 damage, except otherwise from an elysian spirit shield which can decrease it to 22 damage.
    • If the attack is protected, it will drain 30 prayer points. A spectral spirit shield makes it to be decreased by 50%. It means that 15 prayer points are decreased for each attack.
    • You are not required to have the required prayer to block the attack. The attack is blocked with prayer points which are not enough, but your prayer will be drained as a result.
    • To be able to block the attack, you must pray against before the spirit attacks.

Cerberus’ Explosive Markers

This attack is started when Cerberus reaches below 200 health, her howling Grrrrrrr and it is used every fifth attack. When this attack is started, three markers are deployed. The markers have a 3×3 AoE. Standing directly on a marker will deal 10 to 15 damage every few ticks. Standing adjacent on a marker will deal 7 damage every few ticks.

The homed marker is not instant at a distance, however it is for those in melee distance. The markers will explode after a few seconds and it deals heavy damage to anyone nearby. However, it makes the area surrounding the tile safer to stand on again.

General Strategy

It is better for you to activate Protect from Magic when you are fighting Cerberus. Cerberus is a hellhound-type boss. So, she has high offensive stats (220), but she has Defence level (100) which is low. Her weakness is to melee attacks, mainly crush-based ones. However, she is a little bit resistant to stab attacks and resistant against magic, slash and ranged attacks. Nevertheless, she is very weak to ranged, especially the twisted bow.

After spawning, she is not able to be attacked. She only has an examine option when she is sitting. When she detects a player in the arena, she will stand up to confront the intruder and then she becomes attackable. If there are no players inside, she will go back to the centre of her chamber. Then, her attack option will be deleted. It will also restore all of her health if damaged.

It is better for you to deal damage as fast as possible when you are taking note of attacks of Cerberus. The explosive marker and soul combo are the most common cause of death. For instance, during attacks 14 and 15, souls will be summoned by Cerberus first. After that, she follows up this attack with explosive markers. The markers usually can make players confused when they try to avoid them and eat up, forgetting about the souls who are able to deal heavy or fatal damage in the process. So, you can count the attacks of Cerberus and deal with the spirits as highest priority. Usually, ranged users have an advantage over melee users. It is because the targeted marker is not implemented on the same tick. Cerberus starts the mechanic and it gives them more time to move away from the marker. It also gives their full attention to the incoming souls. Melee users must count the attacks and then try to avoid running into any other pools in place.

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