NBA 2K Mobile Codes (July 2021)

NBA 2K Mobile is a mobile version of NBA 2K20 which is available for Android, iPad, and iPhone. Several features of 2K20 are not available on the mobile version. There are no all-time teams, such as the 72 Lakers. It is still a lot of fun to play and it includes redeemable codes to get free rewards. Those rewards may include items like keys, recharges, players, and cosmetics. So, if you are searching for all of the NBA 2k Mobile codes which are now active, you have come to the correct page. Here we are going to share a new working code for NBA 2k Mobile. Also, we have a list of expired codes.

If you are new to the game, this code will help you get started. Every month, new codes are going to be posted, so ensure to visit again after your code expires. Remember that those codes can be only redeemed once in each account.

NBA 2K Mobile Codes (July 2021)

NBA 2K Mobile Code (Working)

Here is a new code of NBA 2K Mobile:

    • THEBIGCACTUS:  If you redeem this code, you will be able to get Shaquille O’Neal.

Expired NBA 2K Mobile Codes

Here is a list of NBA 2K Mobile codes that was expired:

    • ELGINBAYLOR:  Release date (04/07/2021) – Redeem this code for Elgin Baylor.
    • CP3PHOENIX:  Release date (26/2/2021) – Redeem this code for Chris Paul Card.
    • EMERALDKLAY: Release date (01/13/2021) – Redeem this code for Klay Thompson Card.
    • JIMMYBUCKETS:  Release date (11/5/2020) – Redeem this code for Jimmy Buckets Card.
    • ADFIRSTCHIP:  Release date (10/12/2020) – Redeem this code for Free Onyx AD.
    • MAMBAFOREVER:  Release date (8/23/2020) – Redeem this code for Free Kobe card.
    • VINSANITY:  Release date (7/13/2020) – Redeem this code for Free Vince Carter.
    • CURRYFAM:  Release date (6/11/2020) – Redeem this code for Free Dell Curry Card.
    • RUBYJOKER:  Release date (4/24/2020) – Redeem this code for Free Jovic Card.
    • HOODIEMELO:  Release date (3/10/2020) – Redeem this code for Free Melo Card.
    • ZIONDEBUT: Release date (1/22/2020) – Redeem this code for Zion Williamson.
    • TACOTUESDAY:  Release date (1/22/2020) – Redeem this code for Lebron James.
    • MLK-MYTEAM-THANKS:  Release date (1/20/2020) – Redeem this code for Kemba Walker, Zach Randolph, or Diamond Consumable Pack.
    • PRIME-SERIES-1-PACKS:  Release date (1/17/2020) – Redeem this code for 5 cards prime series pack.

NBA 2K Mobile Codes (Never Expire)

In addition to the codes above, NBA 2K Mobile also features some never-expiring codes that you are able to redeem once.

Here is a list of those codes with rewards:

    • 2k-all-day-Friday: Redeem this code for consumables Pack, and 5000 MTP, or 10 Token.
    • COMMUNITY-Evo: Redeem this code to get Evolution Channing Frye, Jrue Holiday or Latrell Sprewell.
    • CMNTY-YK9AK-G2JW7-92WC3-8XGND: Redeem this code for 2 Free Wheel Spins
    • 2KTVHeadTie:  Redeem this code to get 2KTV Headband.
    • HZ84F-HG82V-WPD76-37AYT-921DW: Redeem this code for up to 3 Tokens, Free Packs, Free VC or Free MT.
    • THANKYOUMYTEAMCOMMUNITY: Redeem this code for Tokens, League Pack, or 1.5k MT.
    • RRLQA-QE7SY-FPF9X-GX5G6-6RQN8: Redeem this code for Free Packs, Free VC or Free MT.
    • C2K7F-YGXVJ-XSE5S-PKACX-ZE7FS: Redeem this code free Packs, Free VC or Free MT.
    • YJXB7-SW2JC-VML3C-HFMQX-SAFPA: Redeem this code for Free Packs, Free VC or Free MT.

NBA 2K Mobile Codes – iOS

    • Small Stack – cheat code: FA82PUOUIJ
    • Event Pack – cheat code: 5PKHFHCZBQ
    • Medium Stack – cheat code: TNEU54Y4MS
    • The Duffle – cheat code: HRWXEAHUS0
    • Event Pack – cheat code: IGMDHQIPFO
    • Event Pack – cheat code: IYZYD2AQQ2
    • The Cooler – cheat code: OGSNKFMJBP
    • Event Pack – cheat code: CMSSDYW7BX
    • Event Pack – cheat code: 6YFUZM84NX
    • The Locker – cheat code: GAXYV8H81F

NBA 2K Mobile Codes – Android

    • Small Stack – cheat code: VBGFZZYR3C
    • Event Pack – cheat code: O9ZENEOBJA
    • Medium Stack – cheat code: NP4RRAWOVH
    • The Duffle – cheat code: F5AG5SAU2H
    • Event Pack – cheat code: 78MSOYJF8L
    • Event Pack – cheat code: KAFKHHBUKS
    • The Cooler – cheat code: 72EK5WR9M7
    • Event Pack – cheat code: UDJOONPBJR
    • Event Pack – cheat code: SDEASRJW00
    • The Locker – cheat code: 5U7AQINIUW

How to redeem NBA 2k Mobile code?

Are you not sure how to enter the code in NBA 2k Mobile? It is pretty easy. Here is how you are able to use the redemption codes in only some steps:

    • At the first step, you are able to open the game.
    • After that, find the main menu located on the right side of the screen.
    • Then, find and click on the ‘REDEEM’ button.
    • A new window is going to pop up, now you are able to enter the new code in the ‘ENTER CODE’ section.
    • Afterwards, you need to click on the claim button, and it will start processing. You are going to get your reward immediately.
    • That is it, just enjoy your rewards.

How to get NBA 2k Mobile codes (locker codes)?

NBA 2k Mobile code is usually released on the sites or social media like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Discord. Most of the time, the developers of the game publish the codes on special occasions like milestones, festivals, partnerships and special events. We are going to update this page with all the new redemption codes once available. Please keep regularly checking for the new codes.

NBA 2K Mobile Description

Some of you may not know about the game of NBA 2k Mobile. For your information, NBA 2k Mobile is the leading basketball simulator for Android and iOS, continuing the successful series of the sports games. On the game of NBA 2K Mobile, the players will be able to enjoy dynamic matches in the framework of the competition of the National Basketball Association.

By selecting one of the teams presented, the players are able to demonstrate the class and teamwork of basketball players on the court that will result in positive results. In addition to single player modes, that also include street matches. Aside from that, there is also a multiplayer mode where you are able to compete with the real enemies.

Need to know that NBA 2K Mobile has changed the definition of one of the famous gaming genres in terms of stability. You will be able to see that the content will be constantly changing, making a fascination for the players. Also, NBA 2K20 is available on some platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. All have their own compatible versions.