Mount and Blade Bannerlord Mods

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is really interesting since everyone is able to redefine the game and add some new things that can be played by the others. Compared to its predecessors, it is really different as it has modders in mind when it was created, that’s why there are more than 2000 mods available for the players to use. If you are a bit confused, here is the guide of the best Mount and Blade Bannerlord mods available.

Gameplay Mods:

    • Bannerlord Tweaks: This one has a lot of improvements and changes and it has a lot of good things.
    • Xorberax’s Cut Through Everyone: It is nearly impossible to go to the crowds and hit a single individual, that’s why this one is perfect for those who want your swings to affect a lot of targets.
    • Dismemberment: There is a possibility of the fatal strikes to the head to trigger a decapitation by using this mod.
    • Detailed Character Creation: It is true that the character creation tools of Bannerlord are good, but it is better with this mod as it provides some additional options, including setting the weight, age, and muscular build of your character.
    • Hideout Player Party Limit Removed: Instead of a few members, this mod allows you to bring the whole army to attack the hideouts of bandits. When you are in the middle of the game, it is really helpful to use this mod to take care of those hideouts.
    • Smith Forever: This one has the ability to remove the stamina for smithing, refining, and smelting. Basically, you are able to keep on working unless there are no materials to craft anymore.
    • Gay Marriage: If you want to woo and marry characters, you can use this mod as it is able to remove the sex check when you start a romance. It even allows the same sex as your character. However, there is a rule that should be obeyed: the partner that you love has to be unmarried and you cannot already be related to them.
    • Mixed Gender Troops: The battlefield is not fun when it is filled with men. If you think so, you can use this mod to add a mix of women soldiers to every faction and soldier variation in Bannerlord. Feel free to apply to only specific kinds of units depending on your wish.
    • Fire Lord: Feel free to turn up the heat by using this mod as it is an expert in adding fire arrows, flaming swords, and burning axes to your arsenal.
    • Calradia at War (Custom Spawns): This one is known as a meaty mod, adding a total of 21 new minor factions with the random encounters.
    • Cheer Mod: Cheers are needed to support the soldiers. This mod allows you to be part of those who cheer them after the battle. Do not miss a chance to raise your voice and join the celebration.
    • Yell to Inspire: If you think giving the support when the battle is over is not enough, you might want to use this mod to cheer the soldiers when they are in the middle of the battle. It is really effective to burn the spirit of the soldiers when they feel like giving up and it is also effective to make the opponents down.
    • Buy Patrols: This mod offers you the ability to increase the village management potential by forming squads of villagers to patrol the land. It might cost a lot to pay them but it is worth it as they can block the bandits from stealing your belongings.
    • Fast Dialogue: This mod offers the option to make a conversation without having to do it face to face, skipping the extra loading screens.
    • Screamerlord: In case you are really eager to get in Bannerlord, you can use this mod to use your own voice so that you can give the commands to your troops. With the help of a speech recognition tool known as VoiceAttack, you are able to control the troops by talking to them through a microphone. The free version of the tool allows you to give a total of 20 commands. If you want to get more commands, please get the premium version. While the free version gives you 20 commands, you can get 50 commands in total with the premium one.

Visual Mods:

    • Just Let Me Play: This one makes it possible for you to skip the tutorial and each mission so you are able to get to the good sandbox-y thing faster. As there is no need to launch the missions, it has better performance and is faster to load the screens.
    • NPC Revamp: This one is not completed and is currently in progress. It improves the appearances of Bannerlord’s NPCs with the help of the character creation tools. Its aim is not to make everyone beautiful. It just wants to provide them more character, make them look grittier, and tougher, and basically better. Feel free to copy the face codes and use them to your own character.
    • BannerEditor Enhancer: For those who want to be a Bannerlord, getting an attractive banner is a good idea. This one has the ability to expand the color palate so that you have more options in the banner creation tool.
    • Dro’s Color Correction: This one is able to manage the colors, give deeper greens, and richer sunsets, and crisper colors in general.
    • Invisible Helmet: Since you have worked hard on making a better character in the character creator, there is no need to hide your face. This mod will help you to get rid of the helmet while the armor bonus intact is still there.

Do not forget to reach each page of the mod well as there may be some certain installation instructions. Besides, some of them also need you to start a new campaign before they will work. Remember to save your files and saved games. In addition, take note that there is a chance of some mods to be prevented from working in the future when updating to Bannerlord.