Minecraft: How Many Seeds to Fill Compost

A Composter is a block which will change the crops, plants, and other compostable materials into bone meal. This is really important, as anyone with a good farm in Minecraft will demonstrate how much bone meal you will need to help fertilize your plants. The Composters allow you to get rid of excess plant material, and also turn it into something that will be really useful. By the way, how many seeds to fill compost? Keep on reading this entire article to get the information you need.


The composter is able to be filled with compost, which is done by adding compostable items to it. Once successfully adding an item, a green particle appears. The table below lists supported items that have different levels of compost-ability. For note: The higher the percentage of item, so the more likely it is for it to add another layer of compost. For your information, each layer of compost has a podzol-like mien. Once the composter reaches the 7th layer of compost, the compost changes appearance indicating that bone meal is able to be collected by using the composter a final time.

How Many Seeds to Fill Compost

The table below shows the items which can be used in a composter, the percent chance for an item to add a level of compost, and the average number of items needed to fill a composter. Smaller pieces like individual pieces of wheat or melon slices produce more compost than the blocks or other items that can be made from them.

Beetroot SeedsCactusAppleBaked PotatoCake
Dried KelpDried Kelp BlockBeetrootBreadPumpkin Pie
GrassSugar CaneCarrotCookie 
LeavesMelon SliceCocoa BeansHay Bale 
KelpTall GrassFernsMushroom Blocks 
Melon SeedsVinesFlowersNether Wart Block 
Nether WartWeeping VinesLily PadWarped Wart Block 
Pumpkin SeedsTwisting VinesMelon  
SaplingsNether SproutsMushrooms  
Seagrass Mushroom Stem  
Sweet Berries Potato  
Wheat Seeds Pumpkins  
Grass Block Sea Pickles  

So, if you want to make a Composter, you have to place seven of any type of wooden slabs. Also, letting the top and middle squares open. You are able to make wooden slabs by placing three wooden planks in the Crafting Table, along the bottom row. Also, the Composters are able to spawn in all villages.

The Composter is used to make Bone Meal by merely adding the plant materials to the composter. By adding an item to the composter, you are going to have an ability to add a layer of compost. Sundry items in the game have a different change of adding compost. If you want to know a full list of the items, and their chance of adding compost, you are able to check out Minecraft Gamepedia.

After you collect seven layers of compost in Composter, now you are able to use it to collect the Bone Meal. Also, you are able to use the Composters in conjunction with Hoppers to have the Hopper automatically collect the Bone Meal. To do that, simply place the composter on the upper side of the Hopper.

Making a Composter in Survival Mode

In Java Edition, here are the required materials you can use to make a Composter:

  • 7 Oak Wood Slabs
  • 7 Spruce Wood Slabs
  • 7 Birch Wood Slabs
  • 7 Jungle Wood Slabs
  • 7 Acacia Wood Slabs
  • 7 Dark Oak Wood Slabs
  • 7 Crimson Slabs
  • 7 Warped Slabs

Step 1: Open the Crafting Menu

At the first step, you have to open your crafting table so that  you are going to have the 3×3 crafting grid.

Step 2: Add Ingredients to craft a Composter

In this crafting menu, you are going to need to view a crafting area which is created up of a 3×3 crafting grid. To make a Composter in survival mode, you need to put the items in the 3×3 crafting grids. After you have already put the crafting area with the right pattern, automatically the composter is going to show up in the result box.

Step 3. Move the Composter to your Inventory

After you have made a composter, now you will need to move into your inventory. Finally, you have made a composter in Minecraft, in Survival mode.

Using a Composter in Minecraft

Step 1: Place the Composter

Firstly, to use a composter, you need to choose the composter in your hotbar. Put your pointer on the block where you place the composter. You have to view the block become highlighted in your game window.

For note: The game control to place the Composter depends on your Minecraft version:

  • For Java Edition, you are able to right click on the block.
  • For Pocket Edition, you are able to tap on the block.
  • For Xbox One, you are able to press the LT button on the controller.
  • For PS4, you are able to press the L2 button on the controller.
  • For Nintendo Switch, you are able to press the ZL button on the controller.
  • For Windows 10 Edition, you are able to right click on the block.
  • For Education Edition, you are able to right click on the block.

Step 2: Add Compostable Items

In this step, you are able to add compostable items to the composter. Make sure that the game control to add compostable items depends on your Minecraft version. After you see the green particles, a new layer is made in the composter. You have to craft 7 compost layers to fill the composter.

Step 3: Collect the Bone Meal

After you have the 7 layers made in the composter, now the composter will be ready. You will be able to collect the bone meal out of it. Ensure that the game control to collect the bone meal depends on your Minecraft version. You are going to see the bone meal pop out of the composter. Just pick up the bone meal to add it to your inventory.