Mazlaya Marlin FFXIV Location

Mazlaya Marlin is a saltwater fish that can be found in the warm waters south of the Sea of Ash. Also, it is known for its remarkable swimming speed. Well, in this page, we are going to explain where to find Mazlaya Marlin FFXIV so that you are able to get this one.

Mazlaya Marlin FFXIV – Basic Information

    • Recommended Fishing Level: 50
    • Fish Type: Deep Sea
    • Aquarium Type: Saltwater (XL)
    • Sizes: Largest – 114im
    • Description: A big saltwater fish found in the warm waters south of the Sea of Ash and recognized for its remarkable swimming speed. Legend says that after stealing one of Llymlaen’s scepters and using that speed to escape, the Navigator was so indignant that She placed a curse on the wavekin, dooming it to death if it ever slowed.

Mazlaya Marlin Final Fantasy XIV

Where to Find Mazlaya Marlin FFXIV?

Where to Find Mazlaya Marlin FFXIV

Apparently, there are two locations that you can visit to find and obtain Mazlaya Marlin.

Fishing Log: North Bloodshore

    • Location: Eastern La Noscea (x32,y24)
    • Hole Level: 35
    • Baits: Rat Tail
    • Mooched From: Harbor Herring
    • Mooched From: Ogre Barracuda
    • Condition: Mooched from Ogre Barracuda

Fishing Log: Rhotano Sea (Privateer Forecastle)

    • Location: Eastern La Noscea (x39,y24)
    • Hole Level: 50
    • Baits: Mooch
    • Mooched From: Ogre Barracuda
    • Condition: Mooched from Ogre Barracuda

Mazlaya Marlin – Used For

Here are uses of Mazlaya Marlin:

  1. Crafting Stuffed Mazlaya Marlin

Mazlaya Marlin is used in crafting Stuffed Mazlaya Marlin. For your information, Stuffed Mazlaya Marlin is able to be crafted by alchemists as a level 50 recipe with some materials.

Here are required materials to craft Stuffed Mazlaya Marlin:

    • Mazlaya Marlin x1
    • Darksteel Nugget x2
    • Black Alumen x3
    • Rope Belt x1
    • Zircon x2
    • Water Crystal x3
    • Lightning Crystal x2
  1. As an objective of the quest; So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Also, Mazlaya Marlin is an objective of the quests; So Long and Thanks for All the Fish. For your information, This ” So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” quest is available after completing “I Believe Fish Can Fly” and reaching level 50. As a player, you have to speak with Sisipu on the Lower Decks at X7-Y14. Then, you are going to get dire news, and ask to speak with Sybell. Just do that, and she is going to pass you along to Chuchuroon. After that talk, you are able to go to Wawalago. he will give you several more proper information about the fish in question.

To catch this fish, you need a Goby Ball. You have to take the bait to Eastern La Noscea and go to the North Bloodshore. Then, you will need to fish up a HQ Harbor Herring. Please use Mooch, cast it out and then fish up an HQ Ogre Barracude. Again, use Mooch and catch a Mazlaya marlin. This will take a long time, so you have to be patient. After getting the fish, you have to talk to Sisipu once. After that scene, you are able to talk again to complete the quest.

Mazlaya Marlin FFXIV catcth

Mazlaya Marlin – Desynthesizing

Mazlaya Marlin is able to be desynthesized by culinarians into the following:

    • Allagan Silver Piece x1
    • Blue Pigment x1
    • Fine Sand x1
    • Water Crystal x1

FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide

In addition, let us get started with this FFXIV fishing leveling guide.

Fishing Leveling 50

For level 50, you will be looking for Mazlaya Marlin. Based on the research, this is a difficult fish to find. You are going to need the trait Double Mooching rto catch it, which is unlocked at level 40. Now, try to catch HQ Harbor Herring and HQ Ogre Barracuda with a Floating Minnow to help you with your catch. Here you are able to spend more time with the Sludgeskipper, Ilsabardian Bass, Ignus Snail, and Boltfish that are discovered in Ceruleum Field with Honeyworm bait.

Fishing Leveling 50-60

For the first several levels, you will need to find Glacier Core and Icepicks. The former are easier to catch, although Icepicks are going to prove to be useful later on. The last one can be discovered in South Banepool and Unfrozen Pond. You are going to need clear skies to get Glacier Core, however you will be able to hit level 52 well by farming these. If no, you are able to go to South Banepool for Lake Urchins and Fanged Clams. For the Level 53, you will need 3 HQ Icepick. To reach level 55, you have to go to the Hundred Throes to obtain some Blueclaw Shrimp and Whilom Catfish, plus three HQ Shadowwhisker for level 55.

Please overlook the Levequest fish for level 56, because you will need a lure which is not unlocked until you hit level 58. You have to check out the Smoldering Wastes for Warmwater Bichir, as well as Blueclaw Shrimp and Whilom Catfish. Then you are able to get a Noontide Oscar from Eli Tohm in Churning Mists. At level 58, you will need the Letter Puffer, frequently found in the skies near the Landlord Colony. For this set of levels, you only need to concentrate on comfortable grinding areas. From level 58, you have to look for Weston Bowfin in the Curning Mists, and Illuminati Perch in the Hinterlands or Thaliak River. You are able to use the Goblin Jig for these fish in any condition. Also, there is a Bullwhip that you should focus on to get to the next level. In addition, there is also Fountish which are of use from level 59, and Yalm Lobsters after level 60.

The good thing about hitting level 58 is that it will open a lot of new avenues for you in terms of catching new fish. Please focus on Bullwhip and Illuminati Perch with the Goblin Jig, next Cat Killer for the quest fish at level 60 which is discovered in the Eddies.

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