Latest Update: Best Bullfrog Loadout Warzone

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Best Bullfrog Loadout and Attachments in Warzone

According to Euro Gamer, here is the recommended Bullfrog loadout  in Warzone.

    • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor

You are able to unlock it at level 46. It has been the choice for a lot of builds for a long time  and of course for the good reason. It is able to improve vertical recoil control and also increase both bullet velocity and damage range besides as sound suppression.It has an impact to aim down sight speed and the overall aiming stability. However, it is not by a ton.

    • Barrel: 7.4″ Task Force

You are able to unlock it at level 48. If you choose the 7.4″ Task Force, it can increase that affected range by 50 percent and also add overall damage and bullet velocity. It is able to add both horizontal and vertical control. However, in the overall loadout, it will be addressed.

    • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight

You are able to unlock it at level 40. The Tiger Team Spotlight is able to increase movement and aim walking movement speeds. The laser will be seen by others and the stability of your aiming is hit slightly, it is worth to be included.

    • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock

You are able to unlock it at level 54. With the KGB Skeletal Stock, you are permitted to move at greater speed when you are aiming down the sights and strafing. It is good for and aggressive playstyle that this season 3 Warzone Bullfrog loadout class offers as explained on Charlie Intel site.

    • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip

You are able to unlock it at level 33. This is the best option for this build for now. It will be able to improve both movement speed and aiming stability.

Latest Update Best Bullfrog Loadout Warzone

Unlocking the Bullfrog in Warzone

According to Euro Gamer, here is the explanation about how to unlock the Bullfrog in Warzone. If you want to unlock the Bullfrog, you need to be able to reach player level 43. You are able to do that across Warzone, Black Ops Cold War and Zombies. Do you want to earn as much as experiences  as possible immediately? If so, it is recommended for you to try out modes such as Nuketown 24/7 and Team Deathmatch playlists which are wrapped up in a manner of minutes.

Are you a player of a Warzone? If so, it is recommended for you to prioritize Plunder mode over battle royale. So, you are able to just respawn and continue getting experience throughout the match for longer.

Best Bullfrog Class Setup, Perks and Equipment in Warzone

According to Euro Gamer, he is the information about best Bullfrog class setup, perks and equipment in Warzone.

    • Perk 1: Quick Fix (It can be unlocked at level 42)
    • Perk 2: Overkill (It can be unlocked at level 38)
    • Perk 3: Amped (It can be unlocked at level 1)
    • Secondary: Swiss K31 (It can be unlocked by getting 2 Headshot kills in 15 different completed matches using any sniper rifle)
    • Tactical: Stun Grenade (It can be unlocked at level 1)
    • Lethal: Frag Grenade (It can be unlocked at level 1)

Same as the PPSh-41, you may be able to defeat enemies quickly. In Warzone, every bit of health is important. So, Quick Fix can be a good companion because it begins health regeneration soon. Level 41 may seen a little bit steep. However, E.O.D. is good to be able to mitigate explosives, as long as they are non-killstreak related, and also fire.

In your second perk slot, you may want to choose Overkill. So, the Swiss K31 can be a perfect choice as a sniper and it also can guarantee that you have long range distances which is covered depending on the situation.

How about the third perk? You will not be wrong to choose Amped. The Swiss K31 is a good sniper rifle. Nevertheless, if there is an enemy which sneaks up on you, you can quickly switch over to your Bullfrog because it is the key for survival.

Tactical and lethal equipment may vary depending on your playstyle. However, it is recommended for you to carry a Frag Grenade when you have to clear an area before you get it and also a Heartbeat Sensor to complement your sniper rifle.

Alternative to the Bullfrog Loadout

Alternative to the Bullfrog Loadout

According to Dexerto, here is the alternative to the Bullfrog loadout. You are able to check MP5 Class if you are looking for an alternative loadout to the Bullfrog. Even though this SMG may not be able to deal as much range damage as the Bullfrog, but it still goes on to be near the top of the SMG rankings because of its high damage and excellent mobility.

It also has lightning-fast fire rate, great accuracy and high close-quarters damage which will allow you to defeat a lot of enemies.

How do we unlock the Cold War MP5 in Warzone? You are able to unlock it by reaching rank 4. You will be able to unlock this SMG immediately because Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have synced progression.

According to Dexerto, here is the best setup for Cold War MP5.

    • Perk 1: EOD
    • Perk 2: Overkill
    • Perk 3: Amped
    • Secondary: Krig 6
    • Lethal: Semtex
    • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor

Same as most meta Warzone loadouts in Season 6, this MP5 loadout uses EOD and Amped. These Perks are selected because they are able to increase your survivability and weapon switching quickness. Also, if you reload or slow down mid-fight, it is able to lead to some incredibly frustrating deaths.

The Overkill perks allows the use of the very deadly AK-47 loadout, which still becomes the best Assault Rifle in Warzone Season 6. Finally, the Semtex and Heartbeat Sensor is able to help track down nearby enemies and vanish camping squads with explosive fire which is deadly.

You just need to find your target, and then you have to throw in a Semtex and after that, you have to rush in with your MP5 to claim a quick kill.