Best Loadout for Krig 6 Warzone

The Krig 6 was apparently released at the same time as the powerful assault rifles such as the CR-56 AMAX and FARA 83. Unfortunately, its present was overshadowed by the existence of the other weapons that are better than it.

The Krig 6 has become one of the best and the most popular guns in Call of Duty Warzone for the past few seasons due to the fact that it managed to prevent itself from being nerfed while the other similar assault rifles had their time to kill speeds increased.

After dominating for months, in the Season 4 of the game, the Krig 4 received a few nerfs and it took the last nail to the coffin shortly after the Season 5 Reloaded of the game. The recoil of the weapon increased in the most recent update of the game. Besides, the recent update also cut the neck multiplier damage. In the past, it used to be 1.3 while now it is only 1.1. It seems like the players refuse to give up on the Krig 6 even though it has been knocked down a few times.

Best Loadout for Krig 6 Warzone1

In order to make sure that you get the proper setup and to become a thing that scares the others even from afar, below is the best loadout for Krig 6 in Call of Duty Warzone that can help you to get the victory in this battle royale game:

    • Agency Suppressor
    • 19.7” Ranger
    • SUSAT Multizoom
    • Field Agent Grip
    • Stanag 60 Rnd

Due to the fact that the Krig 6 is the kind of weapon that is made to be between medium and long range, the Agency Suppressor is chosen. This one is so good at increasing the damage range. It also has slight buffs to accuracy and has sound suppression that can make your position to be undetected by the others. While it is true that it does require a bit more time to aim down sights, there is a small hit on mobility. You will realize that aiming while walking is not the best thing to do as it is not totally steady. Nevertheless, it should not really matter as long as you are able to force someone out of a chopper.

There is the 19.7” Ranger for the barrel attachment. Unfortunately, it costs a bit of mobility. Not only that, it also reduces your aim walking movement speed. On the brighter side, it is still able to increase the range and bullet velocity further. As your wish is to always be able to hit the enemies from afar as much as you can, an increased rate of fire is also offered by this barrel. It explains why the enemies will only have a limited time to find cover before they are getting downed.

Compared to the other ones, you have varied scope options. However, the SUSAT Multizoom is still the best option. This one has a variable 2.0x to 4.0x scope. With it, you will be allowed to comfortably fire at mid to long distances without having a hard time. To be able to handle the recoil when firing at 4.0x magnification, the attachment called Field Agent Grip is chosen. This one has the ability to increase the recoil control both horizontally and vertically. However, it sacrifices some shooting move speed. As you seem to not move too much when firing the Krig 6, this minus point does not really matter.

As for the magazine slot, there is the Stanag 60 Rnd magazine. Despite taking a bit of hit on reload quickness and ADS time, the increased magazine ammo capacity is important for the long range firefighters or taking on more than one enemy at the same time. Aside from that, as a player, you will also get increased ammo capacity and an increase to the maximum starting ammo. That being said, it is the perfect loadout to choose for those who are just out of the gulag.

Krig 6 Warzone

The Krig is counted as an assault rifle that is featured in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Warzone.


    • Damage: 35-28 (MP)
    • Damage Multipliers: Head: 1.4 (MP)
    • Weapon Class: Assault Rifle
    • Magazine Size: 30 pounds (Ammunition attachments; 40 and 50 in Call of Duty Cold War, 45 and 60  in Call of Duty Warzone)
    • Unlocked: Level 16
    • Starting Ammunition: 30 + 60 rounds (MP)
    • Rate of Fire: 652 RPM
    • Range: 50.5 m
    • Fire Mode: Fullly-Automatic
    • Used by: CIA, Spetsnaz, Soviet Armed Forces, Stasi, Perseus, Samantha Maxis, Volkspolizei

The Krig 6 is not the only assault rifle in the game called Call of Duty Warzone. In addition to that, there are also some other ones such as:

    • Kilo 141: This one is counted as a fully automated assault rifle. It has an ergonomic design that improves handling. It has a steady fire rate that is good at staying on target.
    • FAL: This one is counted as a semi-automatic battle rifle. It has a high rate of fire that is good for faster follow up shots.
    • M3A1: This one is counted as a fully automatic. It is good for all purposes. With it, you are able to easily control your shots. This weapon is pretty effective at range.
    • FR 5.56: This one is described as a three round burst bullpup battle rifle. It is possible for a well placed burst to be really deadly at intermittent ranges.
    • Oden: This one is counted as a fully automatic bullpup battle rifle. It is great at maintaining a slow cycle rate and it is good at helping you to control the hard hitting 12.7 x 55 mm ammunition.
    • M13: This one is counted as an automatic assault rifle. It has a short stroke piston system with the ability to keep the fire rate high and the recoil low.
    • FN Scar 17: This one is described as a larger caliber. It is a fully automatic assault rifle that is good at providing high damage over long ranges.
    • Etc.