Isabelle Animal Crossing Fan Art

A lot of people have shared memes, TIkTok videos, and fan arts of Animal Crossing. It is normal for the rising game to get this kind of thing. Talking about the fan art, one of the most popular characters to draw is the icon of the Animal Crossing, Isabelle. From comic to just simple images, artists are sharing a lot of interesting arts inspired by Isabelle. Here are some of the fan art of Isabelle:

  1. Isabelle versus Snake by EggToasty

This art entitled Isabelle versus Snake was made by EggToasty. Ever since this lovely character named Isabelle appeared on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a lot of fan artists had fun drawing her as a brave warrior. Some people find it good as Isabelle has the build and personality of the meek office woman. It looks awesome with her putting Snake from the Metal Gear series in a headlock.

Isabelle versus Snake by EggToasty-

  1. Doom Isabelle by Ry-Spirit

Doom Isabelle is a crossover of Doom and Animal Crossing characters made by Ry-Spirit. Actually, it does not only involve Isabelle but also some other popular characters of Animal Crossing such as Nook, Resetii, and K.K. Slider. Apart from them, there is also a silhouette of what appears to be Blathers.

Doom Isabelle by Ry-Spirit

  1. Isabelle by Cherooshi

This one is a poster child of the more recent Animal Crossing installments, Isabelle. Cherooshi made a set of Isabelle. He describes this dog in a variety of different ways from working, stretching, all dolled up, and many more. Isabelle has become the icon of the franchise and continues to attract people with her charm, determination, work ethic, and can-do attitude, as captured by Cherooshi. If you want more arts from him, you can go to Tumblr and follow his account.


  1. Animal Crossing Villagers by XsuperrabbitX

It is not specifically about Isabelle, but you are able to see her here. This one was made by XsuperrabbitX. The artist brings together a lot of signature villagers of Animal Crossing for a picnic. Apart from Isabelle, some other characters include popstar K.K. Slider, gyroid Lloid, trader Saharah, art peddler Redd, and many other ones. The motion of the scene is like the homage to home your character moves around the rolling landscape of either the village or the island. Everyone in the village enjoys their time and relax together on a beautiful, sunny day, the one thing that is treasured by the players in the Animal Crossing. Go follow XsuperrabbitX on Devianart and to find more of his arts.


If you are also interested in the other characters of Animal Crossing aside from Isabelle, you might want to check out these following arts:

  1. TsaoShin


The essence of the special island visitor named Flick is captured by TsaoShin. The chameleon with red color stands on the beach of the island with his trademark net. You can also see a butterfly landing on his nose. You can follow the artist on Instagram, Twitter, and Devianart.

  1. Sheevish-Art


There is a special place for Tom Nook, Timmy, and Tommy in Animal Crossing. With their personality and cute faces, these trio are like the representative of Animal Crossing. As the businessman, Tom Nook does not really share a supportive moment with his students but you know how nice he is by seeing the adoration of Timmy and Tommy towards him. It is such a heartwarming portrait by Sheevish-Art, which shows their playful side as Tom holds them.

  1. Airinn


This art features the favorite alpaca couple of Animal Crossing, Reese and Cyrus. They are transformed into human versions of themselves in this piece of art by Erin Matthews. As you probably know, both of them are the shop owners of New Leaf who work together as a couple and also as working partners.

  1. Suikuzu


Making a friendship with your fellow villagers is one of the best things offered by Animal Crossing. Suizuku drew unicorn Julian and rhino Meringue spending their time together, enjoying a day of gardening and catching bugs. The artists put some emotion to this art, as well as adding some details like the stars on the shirt of Julian and the blush in the cheeks of Meringue. It looks like something from the game.

  1. Jiayi


In Animal Crossing, villagers work and play equally. They have time to craft and have fun. It looks warm when everyone gets together, whether they gather for a public works project, a grand opening, or a celebration. In this creation by Jiayi, they join in some different kinds of activities around the waterfall. Some of them are fishing, while some other ones are splashing, swimming, catching bugs, and just enjoying the moment. This art is so well made that makes ones who see it want to hang out too.

  1. Betty Kwong

Betty Kwong

The museum feature of Animal Crossing makes the game a challenge, an educational experience, and a place to hangout at the same time. In this art, the artists draw some of her favorite villagers exploring the fish exhibit together. Each villager has their own expression from wondering, curious, and in awe as they watch a tank of river fish. Betty Kwong is available to be reached on Devianart,, Twitter, and Tumblr.

For those who want to find more fan arts related to Isabelle and Animal Crossing in general, some of the most recommended places that you can visit are Pinterest, Anime Wall, and ArtStation. Pinterest is like heaven for everyone who is looking for the arts. It is definitely the best one. Anime Wall is the name of the website that has the information about the best anime wallpaper collection. Everything on this site comes from a trusted source and is packaged in a very interesting manner. As for the ArtStation, it is the one site that provides you with a simple and powerful method to show you and your art and it has been seen by a lot of people in the industry. This one is really fast and smooth.