Is Ozzie a Good Villager ACNH?

There are a lot of villagers in Animal Crossings from various species. From Koala species, there is Ozzie, a grey koala whose initial clothes is Giraffe Tee. Is Ozzie a good villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Let’s find out about this villager here.

Is Ozzie A Good Villager?

Ozzie has a lazy character. Ozzie has the ability to be friendly and this koala is easy to get along with because of his laid back lifestyle. He loves food and relaxing and he also enjoys doing the usual hobbies usually the reason is for relaxing or for food. One of the examples is when he is fishing.

Is Ozzie a Good Villager ACNH

This koala will also get along with other villagers. However, he may offend or confuse jock villagers because they have a lifestyle of exercise and fitness where it contradicts with the lazy lifestyle owned by Ozzie.

Besides, Ozzie will also get along with other lazy villagers where he will talk about food, superheroes and comics. With normal, peppy, sisterly and smug villagers, he also can get along and even sometimes he get along with cranky villagers.

In the Koala Tier List on Fanbyte website, Ozzie is put in the Tier C. It is because he is average and does not really stand out. The best villager in Koala species according to this tier list is Eugene as you can see from the table below.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
B Eugene Smug Yeah buddy
C Alice Normal guvnor
C Lyman Jock chips
C Melba Normal toasty
C Ozzie Lazy Ol’bear
C Sydney Normal sunshine
C Yuka Snooty Tsk tsk
D Canberra Sisterly Nuh uh
D Gonzo Cranky Mate

Same as on the Fanbyte website, on the Gamerant website, Ozzie is also put in the Tier C because there is nothing precious about this koala and he is not truly unique. According to the Animal Crossing Portal website, you are able to see that Ozzie is in the Tier 4 (middle ground) and in this tier, he is in the 35th position.

More About Ozzie

More About Ozzie

Ozzie is a koala villager in the game where he appears in almost all series of Animal Crossings except in the Animal Crossing Wild World and City Folk. Then, he went back in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

The name of Ozzie is derived from the term ‘Aussie’. It  is a nickname for Australia. The reason of taking the name from the term Aussie is because koalas live in the Australia. Ozzie has a Japanese name, donguri which has meaning as acorn. For your information, there is Ozzie on the album cover for K.K. Bazaar.

Ozzie has the play hobby and he was born on May 7th. Giraffe Tee is his initial clothes and then his clothes changes to Energetic Sweater which is yellow.

Ozzie is a koala with grey body and he has a wide smile on his face. His nose is orange. He also has hair which is dark grey on top of his head where it matches the top part of his ears. You can also see that his ears transition from dark gray to light gray to white.

How about the house that he has? Ozzie has a house which is in the school theme. In his house, you are able to find desks, a locker, a cubby hole, and a blackboard. You can also find a Tape Deck which plays Mr. K.K. in his house. He selects Music-room wall for the wallpaper and he selects the Music-room floor for the flooring.

Ozzie Biodata

Species Koala
Gender Male
Personality Lazy
Birthday May 7th
Initial phrase Ol’ bear
Initial Clothes Giraffe Tee

Energetic Sweater (yellow)

Skill Baton twirling
Goal Pro golfer
Coffee Kilimanjaro, three spoonfuls of sugar, lot of milk
Favorite song Mr. K.K
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, NL, NH

There are some trivia about Ozzie as you are able to see from the list below.

    • Ozzie makes a wish to grow taller which is stated in his e-Card bio.
    • On April Fool’s Day in New Leaf, it is revealed that Ozzie is the second of four siblings.
    • In New Leaf, Ozzie is scared of the Bug Mask.

The Best Lazy Villagers  

According to the Screenrant, Ozzie is in the third position for the best lazy villagers in the Animal Crossing New Horizons. You are able to see the list below.

    1. Walker

He is a dog villager who has black and white body.

    1. Punchy

He is a cat villager and he is black and white. He has sleepy, yellow, purple-lidded eyes.

    1. Ozzie

He is a koala villager who has wide smile on his face.

    1. Lucky

He is a dog villager who almost fully wrapped in bandages.

    1. Nate

He is a bear villager who has orange body with a seaweed green squiggly unibrow.

    1. Joey

He is a duck villager who has yellow color with dark grey eyebrows.

    1. Sherb

He is a goat villager who has light blue color with a tuft of slightly darker blue hair.

    1. Jacob

He is a bird villager who has colorful body with a bit green on the top of his head.

    1. Filbert

This villager is a squirrel who has a light blue color. He has a white stripe on his forehead that has a blue outline and two swirls on his tail.

    1. Dizzy

He is an elephant villager who has a blueish-grey color with a white stomach and an orange trunk and feet.

    1. Stitches

He is a cub villager who resembles teddy bear with a thick band of fuchsia going down his face and stitched, brown eyes.

    1. Cranston

This villager is an ostrich who has pinkish-orange feet.

    1. Bob

This villager is a cat. He has lavender color and there are darker purple spots all over his body and face. He also has half-closed eyes which makes him look sleepy.

    1. Beau

He is a deer villager who has an orange/ ginger coat with a white snout. He also has black-tipped ears and black hooves.

    1. Zucker

He is an octopus villager whose head resembles a takoyaki ball with his green freckles resembling seasonings put on takoyaki and his hair which represents a sauce usually served with takoyaki.