How to Get Raymond ACNH Easy

Raymond is the most popular villager which ranks on the top in the highest popular tier. The tier popularity here is based on the people’s votes managed by From the votes, it was revealed that Raymond is the most popular villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Given that Raymond is the most popular, certainly a lot of players want to play him in Animal Crossing. Unfortunately, getting him as a villager is a bit hard, so it draws you to find out some great ways in order to get Raymond. Don’t worry! This post will give you an easy tutorial of getting Raymond as a villager.

How to Get Raymond ACNH Easy

Getting Raymond in Animal Crossing, Here’s How!

There are a bunch of ways that you should pick out in order to get Raymond. Here are what you should do if you want to get Raymond:

    1. Visit the Mysterious Island

You can take advantage of the Nook Miles ticket that you can use to visit as many islands as possible, including the mysterious island. You basically have to hoard as many Nook Miles as possible, with the hope that you will get a chance to see Raymond on the island.

Before you go out, make sure you have a plot of land sold, so the random villagers will appear on those islands. After you visit an island, check to see what villager is there, and if there’s no Raymond, you can simply go back home and try again. Otherwise, if you find Raymond on the island, you just simply talk to him and ask him to visit your island.

Of course, there’s no way of increasing the odds of finding Raymond on this island. However, by leaping from island to island, you will have a better chance to find him. So, make sure to level up your Nook Miles by planting  and  watering the plants on your island and then begin heading out on island tours. Even though this method does not definitely mean that you will meet him, it is still worth trying.

    1. Random Campsite Encounters

Another method that will give you a chance to get Raymond is from the campsite. If you have the campsite on your island, there will be a small chance where Raymond will appear as a visitor for the day.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of increasing those chances, except that’s your luck. As a great leak, Isabelle announced for a new visit, and it could technically be Raymond, but those odds are not in your favor. However, make sure to check whenever Isabelle announces a new visitor at the Campsite.

What you should do is to fly out, land and if there’s no Raymond hanging out by a campfire, you need to repeat your way until you have a chance to find Raymond.

    1. Get Raymond from Your Friend

We think that this is the easier way compared to both ways above. What you will need is to have a friend who has Raymond on their island. But, make sure that you know that Raymond is currently on your friend’s island and is waiting to move in as well as your friend is willing to give him to you.

If your friend agrees to give Raymond to you, you can ask your friend not to speak to Raymond for several days, or even a week. Make sure to ignore Raymond to make him feel unwanted. If Raymond is upset, you can then visit your friend’s island and speak with him.

At that time, Raymond will say he is thinking of leaving the current island and going somewhere else. Well, this is your great time to invite him to stay with you and he will then visit your friend island within the next few days.

However, this way also works for getting other villagers as long as your friend is willing to trade them.

    1. Through Amiibo Cards

Amiibo cards will give you a  villager. You can get Amiibo cards from some online markets. After buying the cards, you can then scan the cards to invite the villagers to come and live on your island. Before you scan the cards, make sure to unlock the campsite/ campground beforehand.

Unfortunately, there’s no currently Amiibo cards for Raymond, because he was added to the New Horizons. So, there has been no dedicated tie-in Amiibo for this series. Even though Raymond is not available yet in Amiibo cards, make sure to keep looking for the information about Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, who knows Raymond will come in the card.

Okay, those are the methods that you will pick out for getting Raymond as your villager.

Who Is Raymond in Animal Crossing?

Who Is Raymond in Animal Crossing

Talking who Raymond is will take you  into one of the smug cat villagers in Animal Crossing. Raymond is a grey-furred cat which has been favored by players for a long time. He is the only smug cat which has been added to the New Horizons series.

Raymond has gray fur with a black paws, a black tail, black ears with pink insides and blonde hair which is neatly combed to the right. He has the eyes like the cats which have complete heterochromia iridum, with his right eye getting brown and his left eye getting green.

Raymond in New Horizons is represented as a typical businessperson or office worker with white-collar shirt where he frequently shows his appearance, house, catchphrase and picture quote.

His personality may be bad. However, with his smug personality, it leads him to be favored by many players and also become the popular villager in Animal Crossing; New Horizons. He is very polite and lively, so there’s no hard way for him to communicate with other villagers.

Raymond will get along with normal, snooty, lazy and peppy villagers, but he will conflict with cranky villagers as well.

His house has an office-themed home. Of course, there are numerous items in his house including office chair, office desk, black desktop computer, whiteboard, water cooler and many more.

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