Is CallMeCarson in Jail?

Many people are wondering about Carson’s case for grooming allegation of messaging nude pictures to minor girls. Those underages girls are known as his fans who always stayed for him. After he got arrested and his mugshot photos were showing to the public, many threads on Reddit talked more about him whether he is going to jail or not.

We think that’s a normal situation for a lot of people who think that he will go to jail, considering he was accused for any cases related to sexual harassment. As we know the grooming allegation of sexual harassment has become the serious social disease in society.

Is CallMeCarson in Jail

If you also wonder about him whether he will be in jail or not, let’s find out the true facts about him by staying on this post!

Is Carson Going to Jail?

Even though Carson got arrested for the grooming allegation case which was messaging the nude pictures to the underage fans, there is no confirmation that he is going to jail. In this case, we can guess that his sexual harrasment case is still handled and investigated further by police. In other words, Carson is still in the police custody level.

The statement which talked about him going to the jail was found on Reddit. If you are accessing the public forum named Reddit, you can try to find the CallMeCarson topic. You will then see plenty of list subreddit threads talking about him. Many people on Reddit are talking about going to the jail immediately.

Of course, not all members on Reddit really know about his case of grooming allegation deeply. For people who really know for his case argue that he really deserved going to jail as he was doing some bad things to his minor fans. His grooming allegation is proven that he was messaging the nude pictures to his underage fans which has reported it to the authorities. The report emphasizes that it is grooming which has become a growing cause for concern.

Why Was Carson Arrested?

Today, a lot of social media either Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, any headline-news, posts and more are talking much about Carson for his case of grooming allegation which refers to sexual harrasment.

But, some Carson’ fans claimed that Carson’s case has not been established as a sexual harassment case, considering he was just sending the nude pictures to minor girls as his fans, not doing a physically action.

Unfortunately, many people judge him as pedophilia even though the age of the girl who was sent the picture by him is around 17 years old, she becomes adult, doesn’t she? If you’re a fan of CallMeCarson, you may be disappointed that a lot of people are just making a big fuss over things, considering he does not necessarily do it.

However, Carson’s case is still investigated by police. So we should not judge him too much even making the hashtag he should go to jail. Here, it’s better for you to be smarter people who are not to get carried away.

Some Proof for Carson’s Case

A tweet coming from Sam @minibord has shocked the public a lot. However, Carson’s case has attracted many people, especially for gamers and his fans. Surprisingly! Sam revealed the new proof that will burden carson related to the grooming case.

On her tweet, Sam revealded that Carson is grooming and pedophilia guy. She also admitted that Carson was grooming her when she was in high school underage. She also showed the screenshots of Carson’s chat that said he wanted to talk to her for the sexual part and he totally could not control himself.

Sam defends herself from Carson’s grooming by saying that his idea is so bad to message her which was very hard to resist. Of course, Sam’s tweet instantly blew up and people then started to accuse Carson of grooming minors.

Before Sam goes to the public which reveals what Carson does to her, Carson’s case has been proven firstly by the Lunch Club members, as Carson’s team. The members of the Lunch Club, Noah and Traves have been interviewed by Keemstar (real name Daniel Keem). The allegation of Carson’s grooming has been discussed in a Youtube’s video named Keemstar.

On his video, Keemstar interviewed two of King’s former Lunch Club collaborators on his YouTube channel, DramaAlert in a video which has been watched more than 1 million views in nine hours.

He interviewed Youtubers Traves and Noah who said that Carson had exchanged inappropriate messages with underaged fans. Well, the Lunch Club members have been criticized for knowing about Carson’s behaviour but they are not doing anything to stop him.

In the interview, Noah emphasizes that he had talked to him to stop his mistakes but he did not do it at all. Whereas, Noah really wanted to make Carson back to his line, but he thought his way was so vain. Finally, Carson has been arrested by the police for the grooming allegation.

Who Is CallMeCarson?

Carson King is the real name of the guy who is popular with an online name as CallMeCarson. He was born on May 10, 1999 and he is now 21 years old. Carson lives in San Diego, California, United States.

He  is an American YouTuber which concerns his career to be a popular YouTuber. Aside from being YouTube, he is also well-known as a pro-gamer Twitch Streamers, and comedian.

As one of popular gaming YouTuber, he actually proves that he already has four YouTube Channels to share his content on. However, Each channel definitely contained different content-theme, his YouTube channel names are TheBlueCrewPros, CallMeCarsonLIVE, CallMeCarson VODS, and CallMeCarson Plus. If you’re curious about his content, you definitely can visit his channels.

In filling his content on his YouTube channel, he consistently shares plenty of videos with his friends. Carson mostly shared his gameplay either single player or multiplayer on his official YouTube channel. The gameplay of the games that he shares on his channel are Roblox, Minecraft, Portal, UNO, Gang Beast, Human: Fall Flat and many more.