Infinity Stones Mod for Lucraft

In order to add the Infinity Stones into Minecraft world, you may need to use the Minecraft mod called Lucraft Core. In fact, this mod is specially designed for the Superhero server of SuumCW. Now, it is an Open mod.

However, getting the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone mod is pretty easy, as long as you know the link to download. Do you also look for the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone mod? Unfortunately, you don’t know where to find it. No worries! This post will show a page to download it. Here you go!

Infinity Stones Mod for Lucraft

Where to Find the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone Mod?

You actually can download the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone mod at To download this mod, you can directly visit the download page HERE. Once clicking the link, you will be directed into the Infinity Stone mod page.

At the Infinity Stone mod page, you will find a ‘Download’ button. Then, click on the button to start downloading this mod. Need to know, the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone will come in the WinRAR files. It means that you need to extract the files first before using the mod.

What Features Do the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone Have?

The Lucraft Core Infinity Stone basically has an ability to have all the Infinity Stones. In this case, every Infinity Stone can be added in the Infinity Gauntlet. You need to know that the Infinity Stones will have their own powers.

With the use of the Infinity Stone mod, you’re able to stop Time, wrap the reality and shoot Power Beams. The point is, the features contained in the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone mod will help you to improve this mod by being able to be the mad titan himself, Thanos.

How Does the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone Mod?

At the origin of the universe, there are a total of six stones that appeared. What you should do is to collect all stones by discovering and assembling the Infinity Gauntlet. To make it easy for you to get all Infinity stones, you can take advantage of the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone mod.

The point is, the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone mod works to ease your collection of all Infinity Stones in Minecraft. To make this mod work, it should have Lucraft. Then, to get the reality stone, you need to go to the nether, find a heater or locate a heater, kill the dark elf and pick the aether and then break it.

In this case, the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone mod will be able to add the six infinity stones from marvel to Minecraft. Aside from that, you can also have all the infinity stones by using the Lucraft core mod.

With the help of the Lucraft Core Infinity Stone mod, you can collect all six stones. You may know that Lucraft has a mod called 2 that is a core/api mod used by mods such as iron man mod, Avengerstech, heroes expansion and more. This mod definitely adds two of six containers for the Infinity stones in the Lucraft’s mods and in.

Lucraft Core Infinity Stone mod also adds the infinity gauntlet that has a .Lucraft core file and his addons. Moreover, core is a core mod containing new base materials and utilities for other mods to use.

More Lucraft Mods

Aside from the Infinity Stone mod, Lucraft also has other mods to enhance your Minecraft world. Certainly, Lucraft is intended to release the mods associated with the Marvel gameplay. The other mods developed by Lucraft are IronMan mod, AvengersTech and Heroes Expansion.

Here’s for each explanation:

  1. IronMan Lucraft Mod

With the use of the IronMan mod, you are able to create your own IronMan suit by placing together armor parts. This mod also allows you to add your suits by making JSON files in config/ironmansuits/<YOUR RESOURCE DOMAIN>/<SUIT>.json.

You can also make a resource pack or use the mod ResourcesLoader to use your own texture for your armor. The current features that this mod has are to make suits with the Suit Constructor, to add suits with JSON, Repulsor Shots, Flight and ‘Parking’ your suit.

In order to get your IronMan suit, you can use a Suit Constructor and place the parts that you want in it. You can then click on the ‘Construct’ button to show your new suit. To equip it, you need to wear the Sensor Suit. After that, right-click it and you can wear the suit.

If you are interested in using the IronMan mod, you can download it at The link to download the IronMan mod can be accessed here.

  1. AvengersTech

This mod works to add two of six containers for the Infinity Stones in the Lucraft’s Mods, the Orb and the Eye of Agamotto and also in the Infinity Mod by TeamAnvil. Certainly, they are the special items that can be placed in Infinity Generators (Lucraft Core block).

After that, the special items can be taken only right-clicking them. Then, when you keep in your hand the Eye of Agamotto, you will have the Time Stone powers. In order to get the stones from each one, you need to type /orb and /eyeofagamotto commands.

In this case, another cool thing is that you’re able to reclose them. If you have the opened containers and the respective stones, you are able to type /closeorb and /closeeyeofagamotto and then you will gain the two closed containers again.

  1. Heroes Expansion

This Lucraft mod actually adds superheroes into Minecraft that also requires the Lucraft Core. What you will find in the Heroes Expansion mod includes:


    • Norse Village
    • Crashed Kree Ship
    • Spiderlab
    • Mjolnir-Structure


    • God of Thunder
    • Spider Powers
    • Super Soldier
    • Kryptonian
    • Black Panther
    • Blindness
    • Kree Hybrid

To get Superpowers, you need to hold the right mouse-button and hold an injection (Creative Tab ‘Lucraft:Core’) in your hand. In this case, the injection with the ‘Serum’ will get empty and you will get the powers.

To change your Superpower, make sure not to inject it. Make sure that you do not have any other superpowers. However, the Power from the injection will disappear if you already have one.

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