Clockwork MM2 Value

In this page, we are going to inform you about the value of Clockwork MM2. If you want to know Clockwork’s Value in MM2, you have to read this entire article.

What value is Clockwork in MM2?

Clockwork is a godly knife in MM2. Originally, it was obtainable through purchasing the Clockwork Item Pack that contained two other items. For your information, the Clockwork Item Pack cost 1299 Robux, but is now offsale, so Clockwork knife is only available through trading. By the way, how about the appearance of Clockwork? It has a bright blue steel like blade with golden trapezoids on the left side of the blade. Also, it has a line streak in the middle of the blade. The guard of the Clockwork is golden with mini gears in the middle. And the handle is brown with two golden rings on the bottom.

Clockwork MM2 Value

So, what value is Clockwork in MM2? To find that answer, you have to see the text below. Here are details of Clockwork MM2.

    • Item Type: Knife
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Ways to Obtain: Purchasing Clockwork Item Pack for 1299 Robux (Formerly), Trading
    • Tier: 2
    • Value: x110 Seers (MM2V) 95 (Supreme)

From the explanation above, we are able to see that the value of Clockwork is x110 Seers (MM2V) 95 (Supreme). There are two main value sites, those are MM2 values and Supreme Values.

Here are some facts about Clockwork MM2:

    • Clockwork’s model comes from the Gearworks Sword.
    • If you purchased the Clockwork Item Pack, it came with a godly pet Steambird and the Gearstorm knife effect too.

About the Clockwork Item Pack

The Clockwork item pack was the first item pack that was introduced by Nikilis on February 9th, 2016. As we know that the Clockwork Item Pack could be purchased for 1,299 Robux. The Clockwork item pack included the Steambird pet, the Clockwork Knife, and the Gearstorm effect. For your information, this Clockwork Item Pack was based on the Steampunk theme.

Some notes about the Clockwork item pack:

    • This Clockwork item pack was the first Item pack released.
    • The Clockwork item pack included a very rare effect: Gearstorm, that only a few old players still have.
    • This Clockwork item pack was considered one of the 4 Original Item Packs. The other 3 being the 8-Bit Item Pack, the American Item Pack, and The Futuristic Item Pack.

How to get Clockwork through Trading?

As we explain above, Originally, Clockwork was obtainable through purchasing the Clockwork Item Pack, but is now off sale, so Clockwork knife is only available through trading. For this case, here we are going to explain about trading. Some of you may not know about trading in MM2. After you read the explanation below, we hope you will be able to conclude the way to get Clockwork through trading.

Simply, trading is a method to exchange your item for another Roblox player’s items. The item value is usually measured in Seers, rarity or demand.

    • To trade items in MM2, you need to click the desired person for trading. A small menu will show with the Profile and Trade buttons.
    • After you click the Trade button, then a request to trade will show on the screen of the person requested.
    • The person will be able to accept or deny your trade request. If they accept your trade request, a trading menu will cover the entire screen. But, if they deny your trade request, then the trade request is going to disappear.
    • Also, your inventory is going to show on the left side on the screen.
    • To put an item into the trade, you need to click an item.
    • What the person puts into the trade will appear soon. Every time the item is put into the trade, you have to wait for about 6 seconds to accept. Remember that you are only able to trade 4 unique items. But you have the ability to do multiple of them.

There is a button that allows you to disable your trade requests. So, if you do not want to trade, you are able to use that button. Meaning that you will not get any incoming trade requests from other players. However, you are still able to trade with other players if their trades are on. Warning: the items which you are able to trade are the guns, pets, knives, and miscellaneous objects such as Gifts, Mystery Keys, and Wrapping Paper.

MM2 Value List

Talking about the value of Clockwork, we will also talk about the MM2 Value list. You have to know that the MM2 Value List is a price of the item in terms of Seer. As we know that the price of the item will be able to increase as it becomes rarer in the game. If you really want to buy the old rare items, you should know their value. By getting the information of the price of every item, then you are able to ask an appropriate price for a specific item you want.

Here are MM2 Value List – Ancient and Unique

MM2 Value List – Ancient

Ancient MM2 Items Value
Niks Scythe 150000
Elderwood Scythe 250
Icebreaker 175
Hallowscythe 155
Log Chopper 125
Batwing 65
Ice Wing 15

MM2 Value List – Unique

Unique MM2 Items Value
Corrupt 270
Gold Candy 150000
Gold Hallows 150000
Gold Sugar 150000
Gold EW Revolver 150000
Gold LogChopper 150000
Gold Minty 150000
Gold Vampires Edge 150000
Gold Icebreaker 150000
Gold Iceblaster 150000
Silver Candy 125000
Silver Hallows 125000
Silver Sugar 125000
Silver EW Revolver 125000
Silver Minty 125000
Silver LogChopper 125000
Silver Vampires Edge 125000
Silver Icebreaker 125000
Silver Iceblaster 125000
Bronze Candy 100000
Bronze Hallows 100000
Bronze Sugar 100000
Bronze EW Revolver 100000
Bronze LogChopper 100000
Bronze Minty 100000
Bronze Vampires Edge 100000
Bronze Icebreaker 100000
Bronze Iceblaster 100000
Blue Candy 15000
Red Hallows 15000
Blue Sugar 15000
Blue EW Revolver 15000
Blue Minty 15000
Blue LogChopper 15000
Blue Vampires Edge 15000
Red Icebreaker 15000
Red Iceblaster 15000