How to Stop My iPhone from Getting Hot

You may find that your iPhone is hot and you are afraid that there is something wrong with it. If you find this condition, you are able to stop it by using the methods that we are able to inform you below. What are they? You are able to check them now.

Turn Off Your iPhone

When you feel that your iPhone is hot, you have to turn it off. By doing it, it will prevent further overheating and it can reduce damage to your internal components.

Turn Off Your iPhone

Do not Put It Under Direct Sunlight

You have to make sure that you always put your phone out of the sun. It is done to prevent overheating. If you put it under the direct sunlight, your iPhone will catch light and heat from the sun and even retain it. Not only keep it out of the direct sun, but you also do not put it in an area which has high temperature such as in a car in summer. It is recommended for you not to operate your iPhone in temperatures above 103. If you put your iPhone in the wrong place, the glass or metal of the place will heat up your iPhone as well.

Do not Put It Under Direct Sunlight1

Close Your Apps

If there are a lot of applications which are running on your iPhone, especially when some of them need advanced graphics or location services, it is able to strain the processor and it makes your iPhone overheat.. So, no wonder why your phone may shut down when you try to run SnapChat, Maps and Pokemon Go at the same time.

By running unused apps in the background, it will cause your phone to work harder which leads to your iPhone getting hot. So, the thing that you have to do is to press the home button twice and then you have to swipe the apps away. By doing this, it will also increase the battery life of your phone.

Check Your Apps and The Battery Life

You are able to check the apps and the battery life of your iPhone. It is because these things can be the reasons why your iPhone is getting hot. How to do that? You have to access the Settings and then you have to tap the Battery. After that, you need to take a look at the applications which are using up the most power. For your information, applications use battery power and some of them take up more than others particularly when they are using location services. There are also a lot of apps which use background refresh which uses up unnecessary battery power even when the application is closed. So, you are able to turn this option off in the Settings.

Turn Off The Bluetooth Mode

Turn Off The Bluetooth Mode

If you are not using a Bluetooth device, you are able to deactivate your Bluetooth. By doing it, it will save your battery and it will help you to keep your phone cool. If you want to do this, you have to swipe up from the bottom of your home screen and then you have to deselect the Bluetooth icon. If you have an X-series iPhone, you are able to do the same steps. You can start off by swiping from the top right instead.

Take Off Your Case

Take Off Your Case

If you find that your phone is very hot, then you are able to try to remove the case. By doing it usually will decrease the hot temperature in your iPhone. It is because the metal casing of your iPhone is created to dispel heat and it will do more effectively without an extra covering.

Make Sure Not To Charge and Use Your Device Simultaneously

If you run applications, turn up the backlight, and let your hands keep the screen from cooling while your phone is plugged in, it will be able to overwhelm an older battery.

Do not Turn Your Screen Brightness Up

It is the same as when there are background apps running on your phone. If you turn your brightness up, it will force your battery to work harder and it will produce more heat. You are able to look for an anti-glare cover for your device. It is a cheap solution which can help you to see your screen in the sun.

Turn Your Phone to Airplane Mode

Turn Your Phone to Airplane Mode1

If you turn your iPhone to an airplane mode, it will permit you to be able to continue to use the basic functions on your phone. However, if you can turn off other non-essentials which can consume your battery.

Make Sure To Keep Your Applications Up To Date

It is important for you to know that there are a lot of application updates which include bug fixes and it results in improving the efficiency of your phone. It means that they will use up less of the energy of your device.

Separate Your iPhone From Other Devices

If you put your running tablet, phone and computer together in a bag, it will make them more susceptible to get hot. So, you are able to make them separated to help keep their cool.

Do Not Change the Temperature All Of Sudden

If you think of putting your hot iPhone in the refrigerator or freezer for some minutes to make it cool, it is better for you not to do that. It is because if you expose your phone to extreme temperatures, it will strain the components and also put it at risk of collecting moisture which can break your device.

Take a Break From Playing Games

If your iPhone is getting hot when you are playing games, it means that you have to make your iPhone cool by taking a break from playing games. Also, you have to make sure that the game is not still running in the background after you have finished playing it.

Do Not Charge Your Phone To 100%

Do Not Charge Your Phone To 100%

If you do a full recharge, it will shorten the lifespan of the battery. Your phone will overheat if it is at a full charge. So, you are able to unplug it when it reaches 80% of charge. When you charge your phone, you also have to make sure that you do not put it on a pillow or bedsheet.