How to Play Goat Simulator Multiplayer in Split-Screen Mode

Even  though Goat Simulator is not much of a game, but this game seems to give you a good time to explore a very dense map with hundreds of jokes and also bugs. In the case of controlling a goat, you will do a bunch of actions including run, jump, lick and even bash things.

To share the jokes with your friends, you definitely can play Goat Simulator with your friend in local multiplayer mode on only one PC, as this game does not have multiplayer online mode. How can you play this game if it is only on one PC?

How to Play Goat Simulator Multiplayer in Split-Screen Mode

No worries! You just need to split your screen into two screens, so you and your friend will be able to play Goat Simulator at same time on one PC. If you need a guide to split screen while playing Goat Simulator in local multiplayer mode, we’ll show the guide for you below!

Here’s How to Play Goat Simulator in Split Screen?

Playing Goat Simulator multiplayer in Split Screen may be a little bit hard to do, as a lot of players have attempted to play the game in split screen, but they can’t. They revealed that though they use two keyboards in a game, both keyboards still control one goat, not another goat.

In other words, it’s just the same as when you play one game with two players. You should know, to play Goat Simulator in split screen mode, you have to ensure both keyboards are as a controller. So, two players will be able to control another goat, not the same goat.

So, how to split the screen to play Goat Simulator? According to Steam Community, a forum of Goat Simulator, some players gave the solution if one keyboard does not work as a controller. Generally, both keyboards will control one goat and another keyboard does not show up in the player slots in custom games.

They stated that you should recognize another keyboard as a controller. As a solution, you may need to use the Xbox 360 controller, not PlayStation controller. If you use a controller, you should ensure that the controller is compatible with the PC. In fact, the console controls will not install or play any games at all.

If you find the controller not compatible with your PC, you may need to replace the controller instead. Another solution, you may also need to update your keyboard driver, or if you can only use the keyboard to play Goat Simulator on PC in Split Screen mode.

The point is, you may need to use one keyboard as a controller and one Xbox 360 controller or other Xbox controller that must be compatible with your PC. Additionally, you should also ensure making the controller, so W=move joystick up, etc.

Once again, the way that we showed above is obtained from Steam Community, so we cannot guarantee whether this way can  solve your problem or not. If it does not work, you may need to look for other sources that will give you a clear guide to make your screen splitted into two screens on one PC.

What Is a Goat Simulator?

What Is a Goat Simulator

The game ‘Goat Simulator’ is the latest breakthrough in goat simulation technology. With a third-person perspective, this game really brings next-generation goat simulator to every player.

Goat Simulator was developed and published by Coffee Stain Studios that was released in April 2014 for Microsoft Windows and ports for OS X and Linux were released in June 2014. In September 2014, Goat Simulator was released for Android and iOS.

For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Goat Simulator was released in April 2015. In August 2015, Goat Simulator was also released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, ports were developed by Double Eleven. Last, Goat Simulator can also be played on Nintendo Switch since it was released in January 2019.

The game of Goat Simulator aims to deal damage as much as possible around an open world map, without any other larger goals. Goat Simulator was initially developed as a joke prototype from an internal game jam and had a lot of impressions from many players. So, it encouraged the Studio to establish the game into a releasable state while still maintaining a variety of non-breaking bugs and glitches.

How to Play Goat Simulator?

In the game of Goat Simulator, exploration is the main point of what you should do. In the case of discovering the world, you will be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want. You may also need to search for secrets, use skills, discover easter eggs, etc. However, you will own a few hours of entertaining gameplay.

To control a goat, you can also lick everything you can. In this game licking is just that the tongue serves as your hands. Sure, you will be able to grab anything you want with your tongue. Then, you can destroy it in a spectacular way.

You may also need to use your special skills and moves. In this game, you are not just an ordinary goat, but you can use it to your benefit. It would be better for you to check where you can get to and what you can do.

Testing the limits of your imagination is what you should do in this game. Need to know, there are no barriers in Goat Simulator. So, you can do anything which comes into your head and everything that goats dream of. You can also run to the scaffolds and jump from a height. Summoning Satan is one of the activities you can do.

You can also break down the people who try to threaten your peaceful existence. In this game, you may also need to collect the golden goat statues on the map that you will receive special mutations. However, they will affect your character appearance and available skills. Here’s for detail:

    • 5 statues: Tall Goat
    • 10 statues: Feather Goat
    • 20 statues: Giant Goat
    • 30 statues: Space Goat

The point is, you will find a lot of mini games in Goat Simulator. All you need to do is to explore the map and use the keys that pop up on your screen. However, this way will quickly get to the next hidden mini game.