How to Find Fossils in Animal Crossing

Just like in real life, fossils in Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH are described as the skeletal remains of what once lived on your island. In this game, there are a total of 73 fossils that can be found and all of them are different. They include 14 stand-alone fossils and 21 fossil sets that contain between 2 to 6 individual fossils and when they are placed together, a dinosaur skeleton is made.

Here are all the fossils in Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH:

Fossil Name Price Set
Acanthostega 2000 Stand alone fossil
Amber 1200 Stand alone fossil
Ammonite 1100 Stand alone fossil
Ankylo skull 3500 Ankylosaurus
Ankylo tail 2500 Ankylosaurus
Ankylo torso 3000 Ankylosaurus
Anomalocaris 2000 Stand alone fossil
Archaeopteryx 1300 Stand alone fossil
Archelon skull 4000 Archelon
Archelon tail 3500 Archelon
Australopith 1100 Stand alone fossil
Brachio chest 5500 Brachiosaurus
Brachio pelvis 5000 Brachiosaurus
Brachio skull 6000 Brachiosaurus
Brachio tail 5500 Brachiosaurus
Coprolite 1100 Stand alone fossil
Deinony tail 2500 Deinonychus
Deinony torso 3000 Deinonychus
Dimetrodon skull 5500 Dimetrodon
Dimetrodon torso 5000 Dimetrodon
Dinosaur track 1000 Stand alone fossil
Diplo chest 4000 Diplodocus
Diplo neck 4500 Diplodocus
Diplo pelvis 4500 Diplodocus
Diplo skull 5000 Diplodocus
Diplo tail 5000 Diplodocus
Diplo tail tip 4000 Diplodocus
Dunkleosteus 3500 Stand alone fossil
Eusthenopteron 2000 Stand alone fossil
Iguanodon skull 4000 Iguanodon
Iguanodon tail 3000 Iguanodon
Iguanodon torso 3500 Iguanodon
Juramaia 1000 Stand alone fossil
Left megalo side 4000 Megaloceros
Left ptera wing 4500 Pteranodon
Left quetzal wing 5000 Quetzalcoatlus
Mammoth skull 3000 Mammoth
Mammoth torso 2500 Mammoth
Megacero skull 4500 Megacerops
Megacero tail 3000 Megacerops
Megacero torso 3500 Megacerops
Myllokunmingia 1500 Stand alone fossil
Ophthalmo skull 2500 Ophthalmosaurus
Ophthalmo torso 2000 Ophthalmosaurus
Pachy skull 4000 Pachycephalosaurus
Pachy tail 3500 Pachycephalosaurus
Parasaur skull 3500 Parasaurolophus
Parasaur tail 2500 Parasaurolophus
Parasaur torso 3000 Parasaurolophus
Plesio skull 4000 Plesiosaurus
Plesio tail 4500 Plesiosaurus
Plesio torso 4500 Plesiosaurus
Ptera body 4000 Pteranodon
Quetzal torso 4500 Quetzalcoatlus
Right megalo side 5500 Megaloceros
Right ptera wing 4500 Pteranodon
Right quetzal wing 5000 Quetzalcoatlus
Sabertooth skull 2500 Sabertooth tiger
Sabertooth tail 2000 Sabertooth tiger
Shark-tooth pattern 1000 Stand alone fossil
Spino skull 4000 Spinosaurus
Spino tail 2500 Spinosaurus
Spino torso 5000 Spinosaurus
Stego skull 5000 Stegosaurus
Stego tail 4000 Stegosaurus
Stego torso 4500 Stegosaurus
T.Rex skull 6000 Tyrannosaurus rex
T.Rex tail 5000 Tyrannosaurus rex
T.Rex torso 5500 Tyrannosaurus rex
Tricera skull 5500 Triceratops
Tricera tail 4500 Triceratops
Tricera torso 5000 Triceratops
Trilobite 1300 Stand alone fossil

What should you do to find Fossils in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Fossils are everywhere on your island. What makes them different is that some of them are new while some others are not. In order to find them in this game, the first thing that you need to do is to equip yourself with a shovel. After getting one in your hand, it is time for you to explore the island until you find a crack in the ground with a shape like an X. Similar to any good pirate story, there is something beneath the X. in the end, you will be able to find a fossil by using your shovel. However, there is no way for you to know the kind of fossil that you have found until you have it assessed by the Blather.

How to Find Fossils in Animal Crossing

Every single day, at least four fossil cracks for you to find. In case you do not collect these four, then two more cracks will show up the next day. It means you are able to find a total of six fossils on your island at one time.

If you dig all the four, keep in mind that a new set of four will show up at the island reset time for every island, which is at 5AM.

Apparently, the fossils in Animal Crossing New Horizons are also able to be found on the Mystery Island tours. If you are interested in these tours, you can purchase the tickets at the Nook Stop located in the Residential Services with Nook Miles. Before purchasing the tickets, it should be noted that the chance of finding a fossil on a Mystery Island is totally random. Due to this fact, you are not recommended to use the Mystery Island tours exclusively to hunt the fossils. Instead of purchasing the tickets for the mystery Island tours, it is better for you to save your Nook Miles and focus yourself on the fossils that are found on your island.

After discovering a few fossils on your island, the next thing that you need to do is to assess them. This kind of activity can be done by meeting Blathers, which can be found in the museum. When you are there, choose the Assess fossils option and then pick the one that you want to be assessed. Then, Blathers will tell you the exact ones that you have found. In addition to that, you will also be told whether or not the museum currently has the fossils in their collection. If a fossil collection of the museum is missing, then you can donate it. If you want to donate it, you can do it by choosing Make a donation option when you get a chance to speak with Blathers again.

Apparently, there is no guarantee that you will get a specific fossil as it is stated that the fossils that you get are chosen randomly. All that you have to do is to not stop collecting fossils and then assessing them until you get the one that you want.

Apart from donating, the fossils in Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH can also be sold and be kept in your place. If you want to sell them, especially the ones that can be donated to the museum, you can go to Nook’s Cranny. If you want to get a huge amount of cash, the recommended ones to sell include T-Rex, Triceratops, Quetzalcoatlus, Brachiosaurus, and Diplodocus. If you want to make something from fossils, you can think of making a fossil doorplate. This one requires x1 Unassessed Fossil and x2 Stone.