How to Open KUX File

The KUX refers to a file extension that is usually related to the Multimedia Data Format files. Each file with this extension may be used by programs distributed for Windows platform. Files with this extension are included in Video Files files. The Video Files subset divides into 509 different kinds of formats. The most well-known software that supports the KUX files is called FFmpeg.

Actually, since KUX file is the name of the video downloaded from Youku, a Chinese online video sharing platform, you can also open and play KUX files in this app. Converting a KUX file to a more common video format by using FFmpeg is the way if you do not want to install Youku on your computer or mobile device.

How do you open the file with the KUX extension? There may be some reasons why you face issues with opening the KUX files on the given system. The most important thing is that each common issue related to the files with KUX extension is able to be fixed by the users themselves. The process of fixing is really easy and quick and does not involve an IT expert. Here is the guide that you can follow to fix it.

Method 1: Download and install FFmpeg

Download and install FFmpeg

The lack of proper applications that support KUX files installed on the system is the most popular cause for such issues. If you want to address the issue, you can go to the official website of the FFmpeg developer, download the tool, and install it. It is really that easy. On the top of the page, there is a list that contains all programs grouped based on the operating systems supported. Once again, the best way to download FFmpeg is by going to the official website of the developer and downloading the software using the provided links.

Method 2: Update FFmpeg to the newest version

If you still cannot access the KUX file even though you have the FFmpeg installed on your system, please make sure that the software is up to date. The developers of the software may implement support for more modern file formats and the updated versions of the products. It means the older version of FFmpeg may not support the KUX format. Each file format that was handled just fine by previous versions of the given program should be also possible to open using FFmpeg.

Method 3: Set the default application to open KUX files to FFmpeg

If the issue has not been fixed in the previous method, you need to associate the KUX files with the newest version of FFmpeg that you have installed on your device. This way is really simple and varies little across the operating system.

If you want to select the first choice application on Windows, first of all, you will need to click the KUX with the right mouse button that will bring a menu from which you need to select the Open with option. Next, choose Choose another app -> More apps. After that, select Look for another app on this PC, point to the folder where the FFmpeg is installed, check the Always use this app to open the KUX files box, and then confirm your selection by pressing the Ok button.

In order to select the first choice application on Mac OS, the first thing that should be done is to right click the KUX file and choose Information. Then, find the Open with option and click the title if it is hidden. The next thing that you will have to do is to choose the appropriate software and save the settings by clicking Change all. Lastly, a This change will be applied to all files with KUX extension message should be displayed. Upon seeing it, please click the Continue button in order to confirm your choice.

Method 4: Check the KUX for errors

If you have followed the guide from the steps above but the issue is still not fixed, you need to verify the KUX file in question. It is possible for the file to be corrupted and thus cannot be accessed.

The KUX file extension is a sign that your device which app can open the file. However, it is possible for different programs to use the KUX file type for different kinds of data.

As stated before, the KUX file refers to a video downloaded from a Chinese online video sharing platform called Youku. This one contains a video that had been posted to the platform before being downloaded and saved using the associated desktop of the mobile applications of the platform. It is able to be saved using either the Youku desktop or the mobile applications and this file is also able to be converted to more common video formats using FFmpeg.

  • File type: Youku KUX video
  • Developer: Youku Tudou
  • Category: Video Files
  • Format: N/A

For those who are not really familiar with Youku, it is the Chinese’s version of Youtube. This platform allows you to download most videos that have been posted to the platform by using the associated desktop and mobile applications of the platform. When you download a video from Youku, the video will be saved as a KUX file.

KUX files are actually similar to .FLV. The difference between these two is that KUX files have a unique header designed to make the files playable only in the video players of Youku. However, the developers of FFmpeg have added support for the KUX format, making everyone enable to convert KUX files to more common video formats and play them in the other media players.

Talking about the thing called KUX files, they are often misspelled as kix, kud, kx, lux, mux, oux, ukx, ux, and many more. For some people, especially the ones who live outside China, KUX files may sound so strange and weird in their ears. The main reason is probably Youku is Chinese’s version of Youtube, which was made specifically for people in China.

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